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Go! Princess Precure Episode 38 Img 0030Remember how I was gushing at the ideas and theories of Dark!Kanata because I am sucker for that TV Trope, well guess what- they executed that in the most creative and innovative way possible. I think many were expecting Kanata to be the one to step in and help out, or Haruka fall into despair on her own (even more unlikely because as we saw, she is a resilient girl)– but instead, the execution was done by no other than Kanata himself. And damn, the way he delivered the finishing blow- my god, it was deliciously cruel. Of course don’t misunderstand, as a fan, I was devastated for Haruka and furious at Kanata, but as a writer, I couldn’t help but grin because I love it when characters have to go through a struggle, and now the forest of despair will take on its true form, and it is Haruka of all people who is the providing the amount of despair it needs to thrive. And honestly, during this scene I was half wondering if Close would go, ‘Oh he just one-shot Cure Flora, I bet he’d be a useful member’ and was going to pick him up to join the team, or he would turn dark on his own due to his negative perspective on dreams. Either one would have been a sweet bonus.

It takes a lot to make Haruka fall into despair, and despite executing the perfect plan of ensuring Haruka was completely alone- even Close couldn’t quite get to the breaking point he needed her to hit. Most of the audience probably thought Haruka would be okay after that since Kanata was there and Towa was on her way, but I don’t think anyone expected it would be Kanata of all people to be the one to pull the trigger (and worse of all, he has no idea what he has done).
Kanata was in distress seeing Haruka being beaten senselessly by Close, he couldn’t stand seeing her continue to fight despite her injuries. After having heard her constantly remind him it was because of him she is able to continue pursuing her dream- he came to the conclusion, he is the one to blame. He felt as if he had done something bad, had been the one to encourage her to fight in this what he sees as a mess, how dreams only bring hurt and pain, how he doesn’t need it and neither does she- and ultimately told her to give up her dream in the cruelest way possible.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 38 Img 0033Some may debate why is Kanata alone, was enough to make her lose sight of her dream, make it feel as though she can’t do it without his support. Now while there is no concrete rule claiming it is impossible to achieve a dream if there is no support or someone stops supporting it, for Haruka and many in general- receiving support is something that helps makes the dreams thrive. It helps the dreamer because the more people who show they have faith the dreamer can achieve their goals, the more real and more possible it appears to be, re-enforcing a positive path glimmering with hope and endless possibilities. But the minute someone (who many have been the biggest support) pulls out or tells them to give up their dream- and in this case, it’s Kanata- it is hefty blow, both psychologically and emotionally- and yes, it is perfectly natural to fall into despair. I have been there, it freaking hurts,  but it is up to the individual- now Haruka to determine whether or not that person has the final say. Considering next week’s episode is called the Revived Princess, I am expecting Haruka to find her resolve and overcome the despair. I am hoping she will remember that regardless of losing or having no support, she can still achieve her dream, but I am not quite sure if they will choose to execute it in that manner due to the friendship being a key role. If they don’t I will probably repeat this because it is important for anyone who is going through this struggle to remember.

Man, I am sure the minute Towa hears about what Kanata had told her- she is going to kick his ass (or at least I hope so because Towa is tough like that). Towa was on top of the game today, her instincts told her Kurosu was a shady character and not to be trusted. The only mistake she made was to leave Haruka alone, not realizing at the time she was the target.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 38 Img 0001And finally, I am proud to present the award for the Most Successful Infiltration Mission to Close. He absolutely nailed it! He had seamlessly merged into the student body, acted as an enthusiastic supporter for dreams- which appealed to Haruka immediately, and had all the knowledge he needed to make it look like he had been a student the entire time. He also took a hold of the golden opportunity of ensuring Haruka was isolated and alone, with no one’s support. He was able to capture Pafu and Aroma with perfect success, and set up a false event to invite Yui to join him and eventually Towa who decided to tag along due to suspicions towards Kurosu. And finally, by determining who was the heart of the group and executed a plan to take them down. Congratulations to Close for a successful mission!

The only thing Close missed out on was Kanata himself. As Kanata has no dreams, he couldn’t sense him or presence since he has no memories either, and left without further investigating his unsuspected assistance. We will find out whether or not that will remain the same in the next episode, since it looks pretty chaotic.


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15 Responses

  1. littleshogun says:

    First of all, I’m extremely apologize for bringing this bad news. Actually, instead of next week, you better write next 2 weeks to be exact though(Damn, for now 12 days is very long), because at November 1st there will be no PreCure.

    Anyway, good review, and I still following it okay. Some people said that Kanata likes Blue, but I said Kanata at least have valid reason to fear that Haruka get fatally injured. First because Haruka is take care of Kanata(Will you want people that help you the most got injured? Obviously not), and second so far Kanata never saw Flora fighting with lackey like Close, only zetsuborgs. I would like to think that Kanata extremely worry about Haruka right now if she keep fighting with Dysdark. Either way, I would not worry about Haruka will recover or not(Of course she will), but I’m still very interesting how Haruka will recover though. And once again damn 12 days is very long.

    On side note, I’m also more interested of how Kanata got amnesia. Is the culprit Dyspear by the way? If so, I think Dyspear would be the most successful PreCure villain to break the main target(In this case Princess PreCure) by wiping Kanata’s memory. I suddenly remember episode 35 when Towa cried for amnesiac brother, but Haruka manage to help Towa through it, although for now Haruka need the encouragement. Let’s see how it will solved now.

    That’s all from me.

    • Eva says:

      NOOOOOO! WE HAVE TO WAIT TWO WEEKS?!?! Darn I must have missed the notice, thanks for informing me.
      I think Kanata gotten the amnesia during that blast when he sealed the door to prevent Dyspear from following the girls into their world, what happened afterwards- we don’t know.

      The Dyspear Team is defiintely one of the stronger and more intelligent villains of the Precure series, and I would love to see more of that in their future titles. It just shows you can have a strong and intelligent villain, and by doing so, it makes the Precures’ victories a lot more rewarding. :3

      • So true about these villains, Eva. :)
        They are so different than the others from the previous series of this franchise. They are not just cool, they are astute as well!
        In Smile Precure there’s only one intelligent bad guy: the Joker. But in this series, there are more than one, which makes the Dysdark villains more interesting, dangerous and most of all, very good villains.

      • elior1 says:

        good news eva a new precure season has been anoucced it will be called maou tsukai precure and this season theme will be about witches

        • Eva says:


          so much for taking a break from covering precure

  2. Oh My God… This episode is powerful, shocking and painful!! Poor Haruka…

    I must write, Close made his best evil setup yet! I almost thought that Flora would lose, because she was indeed alone in that battle and yet being fooled by Close in disguise, but I was wrong. And I…
    I never NEVER thought that Kanata, especially him, would make such an horrible and grave mistake to Haruka! I even said outloud in front of the screen: You FOOL! You IDIOT!

    This episode really hurts me, especially to Kanata has done to Haruka!
    After watching the episode I was like, as if I was really saying it to him: “Oh, and now she’s better?! You imbecile!! She would sacrifice her life to save yours, Kanata! She really would! And you? You helped our enemies instead of her! And worse, you dragged her to the bottom of despair and darkness! Is that what you wanted for her?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… I can’t believe this… Listen Kanata, you should go after her and fix the mistake NOW. And FIX IT, if you really care for her in the way she REALLY IS.”
    Sorry for this drama, Eva and viewers, I know that Kanata is like that because of his amnesia, but I was so angry for that to happen.

    As for Towa, I was so happy that she is very observant and felt the strange or bad aura on Kurosu, too bad she left Haruka alone though. Still, she made a perfect and correct move in not sharing her dream to Kurosu! Hahahahahha, smart girl!
    Wait to go, Towa! :D
    I would like to say for her after episode 39: “I must say, Towa, you have good instincts. As if you have an aura sensor in you”. :)

    This episode sure presents a devastating event in this series, but I admit that the plot is amazing, surprising, shocking and painful. And I agree with every detail you wrote of it, Eva. Especially about friends supporting one friend’s dream. :)

    Can’t wait for the next episode, but I must, because of their film release arriving soon, I and the viewers must wait two weeks for the Revived Princess. TWO WEEKS!!
    I wonder how its plot will be, especially for Haruka.

    PS: I thought Shut would appear more in this episode, but no. Maybe next time.

  3. To be honest Marcos Pinheiro, I was stunned too that it was Kanata (out of all people!) who actually told Haruka to abandon her lifelong dream, the dream that she cherished when she was still a child! No wonder Haruka was utterly DEVASTATED and HEARTBROKEN because the one who encouraged her to live on her seemingly impossible dream actually stabbed her back, but I don’t blame Kanata at all (even if he’s still in amnesia). Many people might be VERY ANGRY about Kanata’s remarks, but as I’m never a fan of Haruka, I must point out that her dream is SHALLOW & UNREALISTIC. Like a certain Emiya Shirou who barked about his “hero of justice” ideal forever, Haruka was also too blindly committed to one single dream until she couldn’t bear receiving even one person denouncing her dream like that. Close, man he’s such a smart and cunning bastard, keeping all other Cures and the royal mascots away from Haruka under the guise of “Kurosu” and swiftly earning her trust before handing her a demoralizing beating, leading to the sprouting of a new Forest of Despair even more! Kudos to Towa though, she’s sharp enough to realize how shady this “Kurosu” dude is, but Eva no “sibling fighting” between Towa and Kanata (the outcome would be Scarlet torching Kanata to toast with his violin a.k.a. Scarlet Violin), Haruka should be the one silencing Kanata!

    • Well, that’s your honest opinion, Wilfredo Clear Wilfred.
      And I have to admit that Close really changed into a better and intelligent villain of the Dysdark forces.

      Now we all viewers must wait and see what will happen to Towa and Kanata, and especially Haruka.
      In this moment, I have a bad feeling of how Close will act and fight.

  4. Keiko says:

    I think that GPPC ep. 38 for me was one of the most devastated and most heartbreaking episodes/moments I’ve ever watched for the franchise show. I thought Blue-sama had ruined something on the last year’s Cure leader (Hey Lovely, I’m looking for you!) cared about AND his real lover but HECK NO!!! Damn that Kanata and the damn real culprit of all those stupid heck mess that’s Close (though right now I am greeting kudos for his seiyuu for his brilliant work BTW), ugh! >_< And I am definitely feel sorry for Haru-Haru because of this stupid treacherous act. :( Then, I was so mad and screamed on the last part (and after watching the episode) and almost not having lunch because of it. There's more, Yui-Yui's got tricked too by Close/Kurosu by taking a fake picture book exhibition poster (probably since yes, she was Dys Dark's first target) and I was suspected at first that Close himself had some sort of revenge against Flora. And the debt has been paid off with a matching kickback! At the same time, it's like a city hitting by a deadly super typhoon when I watched it so hard plus oh yeah, I was so, so pissed off and used some heck bad words in Filipino on the monitor screen like: "PUNYETA!" "PESTENG YAWA!" and so on. A lot worse than watching a primetime drama show that I am currently watching.

    On a quite bright note, Towachi's mind got sharp when that human!Close was asking about her dream and it found out to be annoying. Then, the opening part that Shut has summoned a Roboter Zetsuborg (I actually named that due to some little resemblance of Yayoi's favorite show back in Smile) but gets purified and the usual rant. All I can say for Kanata that he's just a one hell of a damn dream crusher, tsk (sorry to Mr. David Foster, it looks like he has a competitor in this)!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Haruka breaking down into despair was by the best to happen in my life for this series. To be honest, I was very annoyed with bright, cheery, and happy go-lucky attitude which always made me cringe everytime and I was praying to the Dark God to at least put her into despair. So when I watched this episode, when prayers have finally been answered. So thank you Close but more importantly, Dark Disillusioned Kanata, for destroying her dream and belief in you. And yes this was “deliciously cruel” indeed xD

    I also am not a fan of heroines who persist on and on with strong tenacity about justice, friendship, and all the whitewash without seeing beyond it and understand the suffering of others thinking they can solve everything with just their own ideals and beliefs alone.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode when it will be aired and continue to indulge watching her in despair while it lasts ;)

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