Go! Princess Precure Episode 37


HOLY SHIT, TOEI YOU FREAKING TEASE!!!! Oh my god, I was SO SURE, SO CONFIDENT that Kanata was going to take Hirano’s place for the play- and to be perfectly honest- I would have died. BUT NO. THEY HAD HARUKA, OF ALL PEOPLE INTERFERE WITH THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE TWO TO PERFORM TOGETHER ON STAGE. Not to say I don’t agree with Haruka’s sentiments of wanting to perform with everyone, including Hirano who had gotten injured while trying to run from Stop and Freeze. In fact, what she said made perfect sense and it did pay off in grand way (including covering for Hirano when he fell by adding an ad-lib to continue the flow of the scene). But this is where my shipper bias got the better of me. My heart was melting during the scene where Kanata was helping her practice with her lines and expression. I was flailing non-stop and I was just so happy okay? It was such a precious and beautiful scene. Seriously, I mean I probably should have expected Kanata to play a role in this episode, but for some reason I didn’t- but it was actually a good thing because it just made it all the more exciting!
But Haruka’s deep convictions of supporting those around her is truly drawing Kanata’s attention towards her. He is in awe of what she is doing, how strongly she believes in protecting and nurturing dreams, and making sure no one loses out on an opportunity they had worked hard for.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 37 Img 0027

Do you see my bias?

It was awesome to see Stop and Freeze cause even more of a riot today by capturing two dreams. Hirano’s Zetsuborg’s form was insane, and was quite a handful- had it not been for Haruka’s absolute resolve to make sure they get back to the performance on time with a complete attendance, they would have been in deep trouble considering Minami just BARELY stopped Furuya’s Zetsuborg’s stopwatch bomb. They literally only had 70 seconds to fight.

Although it was relatively minor, it was still good to see Yui engage in an actual role today and be excited about her contributions. She was in charge of writing up the screenplay for Romeo and Juilet that their class were going to perform. It was fun to see her so enthusiastic about the project. As for Minami, her class performed Kaguya Princess, and Minami and Towa performed in Cinderella.

The preview, holy shit- I was not expecting this whatsoever. I was literally shouted out loud, “Oh my freaking god, don’t tell me Close is actually going to infiltrate the school. OH SNAP, HE IS.” Wow, I am really excited to see what kind of plot he is setting up. For Close to actually be engaged in this new development, this might be a sign that the Forest of Despair will soon be revealed. (Frankly I am shocked that no one has seen the thorns yet!)


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9 Responses

  1. Kamil says:

    I agree, it was really good episode, out of curiosity, will you also post some thoughts/predictions for Mahou Tsukai Precure?

    • Eva says:

      I was actually going to, but due to the lack of information I thought maybe it might be better to wait a bit. But since you have requested my thoughts: Omg, I hope it has something to do with Witches and Sorcery because that would just make me squeal (I just love that stuff) and I am very curious of how they would do that with Precures as our Precure Warriors tend to do more mixed martial arts. I am sure that will continue to be the core factor of the series, but perhaps they will be wielding Wands like the Rods. xD

      • I’ve read about that too! And yes, there are only a few info about Mahou Tsukai Precure. I agree that we must for more info to come.

        To be honest, I wished that would be a second season of Go! Princess Precure, just like Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Oh well, I hope Mahou Tsukai Precure presents a good plot and good episodes too.

    It shows an amazing script, touching heart scenes and unexpected moments! I thought this episode would be another good filler, but NO, it’s a powerful episode and became another to be one of my favorites of this series (not forgetting ep. 28)! :D

    I was impressed and happy that Yui made the screenplay, an important step for her to become a children’s book author. And I was very happy to see that she recommended Haruka to play Juliet! I laughed with happiness and Yui made a VERY great recommendation too!

    I really enjoyed to watch Haruka and Hirano-kun practicing with Furuya-san, even though Haruka first actings didn’t prove good enough for the director. And wow… Kanata talking with Haruka and cheer her up and then she asks him to help her to practice the play together is so wonderful to see!! Later on, she played with confidence and much better with her team! :D
    Hihihihihi, I want to write this and I did. “How delightful” (I give thanks to Shere Khan from the 1967 Disney film). ^^

    To me the battle of two Zetsuborgs was interesting and awesome. That timer of 70 seconds made me nervous and anxious for the princess warriors to stop the bomb before its “boom”!

    The moment when Hirano-kun had his foot injured really brought despair to everyone, but Kanata stepped in to help! I thought that Kanata would play in Hirano’s place too, Eva! Well, I guess most of us viewers did! Still, Haruka was completely right and honest for her classmates, especially for the sake of the dreams of Furuya-san and Hirano-kun.

    I really loved to see Minami, Kirara and Towa playing their awesome, perfect and beautiful roles! I laughed with happiness again watching them doing their plays (despite they’ve been showed so little in this episode)! KAWAII!!! XD

    And Dragon’s caramba! The play of Juliet and Romeo was fantastic, beautiful and touching! Congrats to Haruka’s quick move and thinking to save the play right at the critical moment! And everyone got very happy for the play’s success and me too! :D

    The ending of the episode is beautiful too. Haruka and Kanata = the Princess and the Prince. I’m glad to see Kanata smiling to Haruka, and he really helped her in this amazing episode! ^^

    Now then, I can’t believe about the next episode! The Noble Academy will have an intruder, and not just any kind that’s for sure! I’m so worried about Haruka and the possible moment for the rise of the Forest of Despair! OH NO!!

    • Eva says:


      I’m not going to lie, I have been waiting for the “intruder” trope to happen at some point! Initially Wayyyyyyyy back I thought maybe Dark!Kanata would be bearing that role, but they threw us another pleasantly surprise twist with Crow taking on that role! Looking forward to seeing what the Dyspear Team’s has in mind for this infiltration.

      • Yeah! And me two, Eva! :)
        I’m very curious of what will happen in the next episode and worried at the same time! I can’t help it! XD

        And Eva, your predictions you share with us, like the one you just mentioned, are very cool to know. And you sure get them REALLY CLOSE to the right ones in this series. As if you have an “Anime foresight”. :)

  3. Sapphire says:

    I was more flailing about Close becoming human in disguise than Haruka and Kanata. I know a lot of people are gonna hate me for saying this but I just don’t think Kanata is interesting. Sure he does more than Blue did in Happiness Charge but that doesn’t change the fact he has a personality of a washboard. To me, Kanata just plays as a Ken doll for the 8 year old Japanese girls to flail about. (Not saying you are one of them for flailing. Everyone has their own thing.) I mean, I could get into Coco and Nozomi from Yes! Precure 5 because at least, Coco had somewhat of a personality. He generally felt like a character and thus his relationship with Nozomi felt genuine. Kanata, we barely had time to see if he even has a personality and for the first time since Towa’s reformation, we get to see him stay with them and he still lacks personality. He maybe helpful, has talents and does stuff, but that doesn’t mean he’s interesting. Least in my opinion. Again, if you like him. That’s fine. He just doesn’t cut it for me.

    My friend and I are CloseXHaru shippers, so we were flailing about the fact that Close and Haru were smiling at each other and Close at some point blushed because he messed up! XD Though yeah, it’s never going to happen. Close is just trying to trick Haru. There’s nothing sincere or shoot, part of me thinks that “human form” is a clone of Close. Like he gathered up what use to be his old self and gave it life, hence why the human Close acts more like old Close than new Close. Though, it’s left debated as when we first see New Close, there was a bit of his old self seen as he was talking to Haru.

    As to why my friend and I love CloseXHaru despite it’s never going to happen, is because at least Close is interesting and he’s the perfect character flaw for Haru. He’s a rebel and wild and Haru is trying to be this polite,elegant, little angel that she is and she’s most likely gonna forgive him even when others may not be so sure. If this is Close disguised as a human, it’s perfect for Haru to reach out and see if there is some good at least in him. The relationship, not going to happen I know, but Close and Haru alone, getting a chance to finally talk and Close getting a taste of kindness, it might be a small step towards his reformation. Even if he’s a clone, like Lock’s clones, I’m sure it would still gain memories that would become a part of Close as well. Least I hope they’re gonna give him some redemption. It’d be a waste if they just kill him off again and Haru was the only person that showed remorse after he was first defeated. There’s a chance that Haru would want to save Close instead of doing that again especially since they saved Towa and Lock.

    Also fun fact, Close’s human form is name is “Kurosu”. I’m beginning to see a pattern here…First we have Kururo (Lock) and now we have Kurosu (Close). My friend said maybe Shut would be “Kurout”! XD Sounds like a sound a frog makes when it’s being run over. Aww and speaking of which, looks like Shut is being pressured again in the next episode. Poor thing…

    • Eva says:

      Nahhhhh I can see where you’re coming from about Kanata being boring. LOL. I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t a flat character. He needs to be fleshed out a bit more, and having an amnesia isn’t helping whatsoever.

      I am very curious to see what the dynamic will be between disguised-Crow and Haruka. He is pretty loyal to Dyspear, so I do question how much of an impact Haruka will have on him. I am excited to see what sort of plot he will be unfolding!

  4. Keiko says:

    After more than a decade, the Cure series edition of Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, has once again brought to life in another season yet this time, it’s full of splendid preps and memorizing some immortal words possessed by the two lovers. One thing I heard from it was: “Romeo, o Romeo! Wherefore art thou?”

    Ahem! Off to another topic, I was actually surprise that Yui-Yui was in charge of the play’s whole script scenario in which for me was a good stepping stone for her dream of becoming a storybook author. Then, Kenta Hirano stood up voluntarily thus making a role as Romeo since he’s part of the theater club, the others like Yuuki-kun and his not-too amazing fangirls were in charge of the costumes and props and lastly, Riko Furuya being the director (quite surprised that she’s actually having a stage fright just like Haru-Haru). On the other bright side, I was super duper happy that Yui-Yui was the one recommending Haru-Haru to be Juliet and as much as I can say that the closeness of the two was getting stronger so far. In other words, both Haru-Haru and Yui-Yui are free-spirited in my point in contrast to the quite conservative-styled relationship between Megumi and Seiji from the last year. Also, super glad that Kanata is still on the track to support the team’s respective plays.

    The first day of practice was heck funny because yes, our mood-swinging flower princess has tried so hard for countless times until she has had enough on it. But, it was the part when Kanata was helping Haru-Haru in delivering Juliet’s feelings with those two important words: direct and honest, and the next day that she began to improve even more for the rehearsals. Finally on the day of the real thing when Hirano clears for free walk until noticing Stop and Freeze before tripping his right foot. Furuya then came and yet her dream has been trapped, though I was surprised that Hirano was firstly turned into a Zetsuborg. The 70-second fight for me was damn too nervous for our dear Princess Cures, but on the lighter side that Yui-Yui, Kanata and the Royal Fairies did the usual monitor thingy. I was counting down for 20 seconds and when Flora shouted Mermaid to do hit using her water powers before the bomb reaches to zero, I then used the say “save by the bell” and poof with the Eclat Espoir all over again to both Hirano and Furuya.

    I was expected that either Yuuki-kun or Kanata to take Romeo on behalf of Hirano, but damn heck no! *sighs* All the hard things and efforts would put into waste if they did, yet I was quite amazing to see Haru-Haru for being honest and directly to the point and the realization about handling a certain situation in our own ways. The Cinderella play of Kirara and Towachi was very nostalgic for me (and Kirara has already joined the bandwagon that a yellow Cure has to be dressed in a witch costume), Minamin’s take of Princess Kaguya had made the fan-girls thrill plus oh boy! She’s using “watakushi,” probably passed from our warming Towachi I guess. While watching the Romeo and Juliet take of Haru-Haru, at first I was intensively nervous when Hirano’s right foot got injured (and the thing is, Ichigo Moesaki from Sore ga Seiyuu! already came into my mind while seeing it) but as the saying goes that the show must go on. After all, it was a huge success and yes, kudos to Haru-Haru for it and so do I. It reminded me of a musical play that I and my schoolmates recently did has quite huge flaws but we have to get in the flow no matter what.

    And… SHIMMERING MY NERVES! The HaruTa ship is getting better than ever as it still sailed in full bloom, MY GOOOOOOSH!!!! >//////< Forgive me on the intense caps lock for I am STILL rooting for them!

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