Garo: Guren no Tsuki Episode 3: Curse

I am pretty happy to see that even though we do have Raikou, Seimei is still more of the main character. Through this episode we were able to learn a little more about her past, that her real name is actually Kiyome Abe, the princess of the Abe family. We still don’t know why she left the Light Palace and her family, though I’m sure we will sooner or later. Seimei is still awesome and funny.

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As for this episode, it was okay. It still didn’t move the plot, a plot that the show still hasn’t established yet. I know it wants to do something with Raikou but it’s been going really slow. Raikou really wants Seimei to break the seal on his armor, which I agree with because he’s gonna need to learn how to use it sooner or later. Also, if he encounters Horrors by himself he’ll be sure to die as he’s not strong enough to fend them off without the armor.

[HorribleSubs] Garo - The Crimson Moon - 03 [1080p].mkv0008As for what happened in the episode, simple. Michinaga’s daughter’s wedding is approaching and while they’re making the preparations, a stray dog wanders in and suddenly acts weird by a rock and all of a sudden dies. When the men inspect the rock, they uncover a curse underneath it. They also find other cursed objects around. Like any official and important person, they have to watch their back as there are people around them that want to steal their power. So Michinaga orders all of the onmyouji to be captured and inspected as they’re the only ones to place curses, and Seimei has to be captured. All the onmyouji are rounded up and taken to the Light Palace’s prison. But really the main target was Ashiya Douman. All the onmyouji were purposely captured just to find him and Douman was accused of being hired by Michinaga’s nephew who is jealous and power-hungry, though that wasn’t true. Anyway, to keep things short, curses were never layed on the grounds. The dog that died had actually been poisoned by Michinaga who had placed poison in the garden beforehand. He actually wanted Douman to get in the palace and open a gate, connecting the regular world with Makai to dispose of his political enemies. And I found it so dumb that no one tried to stop him?

Like, “Ahh oh no he’s gonna open up a gate and summon Horrors we gotta stop him” but no no one did anything and Horrors were summoned and innocent people were killed. And no one seemed to care except for Raikou and blue hair that actually stepped in to fight the Horrors. And again, no one did anything to stop Douman. What’s his deal, really?

Also, of course they’re not going to try to reveal this fake curse plot to the world, the trio leave. And everything is back to normal. Great.

I still don’t know how to feel about this season. There is no plot right now and so far these episodes haven’t been very exciting. With Honoo no Kokuin, I knew what the conflict was and the black and white of the regular people and the Makai (the witch hunts). Here, I don’t really know anything about the world, so the setting is lacking right now too. And again, other than Seimei, the characters are boring. Blue hair looks like he’s going to become important later but I can’t even remember his name. I don’t know what this show is trying to do, but I hope it takes a more exciting direction soon.


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