Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation ~ Episode 3 [Grandmother]


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  1. Hmm! So in…

    [Episode 1]:
    Sakurako-san displays a great ability to send the police in the right direction, as well as having a fiancé in the force

    [Episode 2]:
    Sakurako-san displays a superb ability to decipher the clues to an active case, as well as being able to handle dangerous situations with Shoutarou.

    [Episode 3]:
    Sakurako-san displays an almost too precise ability to apply biology, psychology and emotion in handling those who are part of the case

    Frankly, this is a great setup for their future endeavors in view of how all of these elements can and will likely have to be combined to solve more complex cases! Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if her fiancé has taught her some competent self-defense as well. Of course there was a lot more to each episode than this, but I wanted to highlight (t)he(i)r abilities. As you said, a pretty solid episode!

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