Wakako Zake Episodes 9 + 10 [Crab and Asparagus]

Now I know everyone here was just as excited as I was to watch these two 1 1/2 minute episodes about a girl trying different foods, with it’s epic storyline, character development and deep emotional commitment. Pfffff. Yeah, okay Hideki, sure. Anyway, let’s see what foods she trying this week.

All right. Episode 9 has her trying this part of the crab which the dish is called Kani Miso. Eww. And I just looked up what it is on google. It’s crab brain. Well, that’s disgusting.

Welp, there goes my appetite.

Welp, there goes my appetite.

However, she doesn’t seem to think so as she drinks it with hot sake saying that it has an elegant taste. She also sees how small of a dish it is and only eats a little bit while drinking her sake, and since it’s so little food, she ends up getting a bit tipsy.

Drink Wakako is derp Wakako

Drunk Wakako is derp Wakako

She also talks a bit about how other countries wouldn’t eat it, but she feels that you should eat every part of the animal. That’s admirable but…you can have my share Wakako.

And that’s basically where the episode ends. I know, riveting, right?

Episode 10 (which I found to be the better of the two) starts off with her sitting in a restaurant looking over embarrassed at the couple next to her because she wants to order what they’re having.

I'm staring at you, watching you eat.

I’m staring at you, watching you eat.

What they ordered happens to be deep fried asparagus. I’m not a fan of asparagus, but I have to say, it looks pretty good.

Damn it deep fried things. Why are you so delicious?

Damn it deep fried things. Why are you so delicious?

She drinks it with beer and says that she doesn’t feel too bad about eating it because since it’s a vegetable it’s probably healthier. (not too sure about that considering the deep fried thing),

She tries it with salt and then with the sauce and likes it both equally. Eventually someone else sees her enjoying it and orders it themselves.

I love the look on that guy. It looks more like an "oh baby put that phallic thing in your mouth" kind of look

I love the look on that guy. It looks more like an “oh baby put that phallic thing in your mouth” kind of look

And that’s where the episode ends.

Yeah I know not a lot happened, then again, these shows are 1 1/2 minutes long. What do you want from it? And the thing is, that’s the perfect length. If these episodes were any longer it would overstay its welcome. And that’s exactly what happened to Koufukku Graffiti. It took a premise like this show’s but turned it into 25 minutes. There’s not enough content for that. This show is short because that’s all it has going. It CAN’T be longer or it would be painful and boring.

Still, when it came to these two episodes, the first episode…I really wasn’t a big fan of it. It was kind of weird and I didn’t like the food they were portraying so it kind of lost me. The second episode however was a lot better and I could definitely see myself trying it.

She seemed to be a little more philosophical in the first of the two as well which also felt a bit off to me.

Hmmm....that's not creepy at all

Hmmm….that’s not creepy at all

The second of the two was a lot more light hearted and fun and I definitely liked it more. All in all, I’d say skip episode 9 and watch 10.

Episode 9: 4/10

Episode 10: 7/10


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