My name is Eva, I've been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005. I am a passionate writer, so it's a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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17 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Anything moe and/or slice of life I will watch (I am SO here for the bunny show: if you people haven’t watched the first season of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka you do not know what sort of warm peaceful fluffy friendly happiness you are missing!)

    I would watch the Monogatari thing, except I’ve never even finished Bakemonogatari, and from the sound of it I’m better off that way, because lots of innocent girls end up going through some sh… bad stuff for no good reason.

    Shinami Maou… oh right, that was the one I gave up on a few episodes in because I decided to wait and watch the uncensored version, and then I never had the motivation to actually track down such a version. I’m not sure it’s worth my time.

    Valkyrie drive gets attention just for flashiness and yuri. I’m contractually obligated to at least give it a look.

    How many “generic school setting but with a slight twist” series are there this season? (I include “magical high school” series in that.) I swear the things are an infestation. Really, I think someone, somewhere, created a “light novel writing made easy” form set in high school where you just fill in the blanks with character names and a few bits of details here and there, and hundreds of so-called authors are using it as their template. Some of them actually do turn into something decent, but there are just SO MANY of them that are just SO SIMILAR that we just get sick of seeing them altogether. Or at least I do.

    • Vantage says:

      Shinmai Maou isn’t worth going out of your way to watch – only about two of the characters are interesting, the rest are fairly bland. I did it just because it was there – it was a good warm-up before blogging Kancolle every Wednesday.

  2. BodaciousSpacePirate says:

    Pretty much just Gundam, Seraph, and Heavy Object for me so far, which is weird, because all three are pretty much guaranteed to be popcorn shows.

    Also, I miss those halcyon days when yuri shows were subtle and classy, and not booby lolis as far as the eye can see. Not that I didn’t enjoy Kiniro Mosaic, but come on, Japan, can’t you adapt Citrus or Girlfriends or SOMETHING that isn’t just for the dudes?

  3. Shiki says:

    Since I hang around here pretty often i guess i will write here as well
    I dont mind a bit harem as long as its not the overkill thingy were all the plot gets replaced for more fanservice, unless intended and focused on it

    Comet Lucifer: loli, mecha, nice artstyle.. definitely going to check it out (and I love loli so sure why not)

    Concrete revolutio: looks confusing and i am not too much a fan of that artstyle but if they can manage it and the flashy randomness wont kill me i will take a look

    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk: took a look at the manga and i kind of enjoyed it and with A-1.. one of the shows i am looking forward seeing

    Garo: first season was enjoyable even with some problems so taking a peek wont hurt.. i guess.. hope?

    Usagi: cuteness overlord, garantee for diabetis.. and since my shows are often overlapping what vantage likes, i maybe should start with season1

    Heavy Object: heard good things and am smelling some hype around this so i will at least watch the first few episodes even though i am not too much of a mecha fan

    Hidan no Aria AA: dont really understand why making a random spin-off when there is still plot left.. but well nevermind.. first few ep wont hurt

    K: for the completeness after watching the movie.. though the pv does not say or show what this one really is about so i dont know if its necessary to watch the movie or not, but seeing its about jungle, i conclude yes its would be wise to watch the movie

    Lance: battle,action,novel,moe, i can take it and some more (wow i should not write everything down whats on my mind just because it rhymes)

    Noragami: 100% watch for bishamon arc

    one punch man: after watching the first episode and all the hype with madhouse as well, yup why not, looks like fun

    Owari: as a mangareader mysefl i definitely have to watch it

    Owarimonogatari: love the monogatari series and since i already watched every part, i think its a must for me

    rakudai: going to watch it, since i know he wont just gather girls for the sake of harem but gets a girlfriend really quick (sorry for spoiling?)

    sakurako: nice artstyle and like mystery so yeah

    shinmai: oh gosh i feel a bit ashamed and embarassed but i enjoyed it

    the perfect insider: because its a mystery so i must check it out at least

    taimadou: because it looks ok and because vantage is vouching for it

    valkyrie drive: that escalated quickly with all the yuri overkill and the bdsm and the middle of the pv, so i might take a look to let my brain go and take a break (nice joke midnight)

    overall it looks like a pretty nice season with a shitload of shows worth to take a look at. CometLucifer, GTA, Noragami, OwariNoSeraph, Owarimonogatari and rakudai the show i am looking forward seeing the most. And like always i hope there is going to be less of the “lets drop some plot for more fanservice, because people like fanservice”
    feeling so sorry for writing so much (-_-‘)

  4. gorgonzola says:

    One Punch Man is all I read here;0

  5. kinghumanity says:

    I’m happy that you guys are going strong, but I think you should give Rakudai Kishi a chance. No it’s not a harem; it’s a romance series, which is done very well in the LN, with actual progression instead of a MC with the density of a neutron star. Give it a shot.

    • Vantage says:

      That’s exactly why I started off my bit with ‘I haven’t read the novels, so…’ because my reaction to both Asterisk War and Taimadou Gakuen would have been exactly the same (‘lol ecchi harem’) had I not been familiar with the source material. I’ll give Rakudai Kishi a few episodes at least (although sometimes the adaptation screws things up, and it loses a whole lot of new viewers).

  6. I feel like every season looks lackluster at first glance, but hopefully it’ll rise to the occasion. I think the summer season was actually rather weak, so it would be nice if fall’s season is more enjoyable. I’m REALLY excited for Haikyuu!! 2 though; I never thought a sports anime would make it into my top 5, but Haikyuu!! did. It’s realistic and hilarious, and the ALL characters are lovable. :)) Like you all said, Owari no Seraph season 1 was a disappointment, but I’m still hoping for something good from season 2, hopefully something unique to distinguish it from every other “kill them all” series. The rest of this season is unfamiliar to me, but I’m trying out all the reverse harems/bishounen anime (even though I’ll probably drop them all as well) and all the slice of life/comedy shows.

    Thanks to Arslan Senki, I feel like I need one action series every season. I really want to watch Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, but I don’t know if the alternate setting prequel is necessary. Hopefully it’s not!

    • Charibo says:

      I couldn’t agree more Haikyuu is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙. All the characters have to deal with their own problems (special mention to Sugawara) reinforced by the fact that they are a team and therefore they need to work together putting their differences and problems aside. And of course, it’s a Comedy Gold Anime . I’ve watched other generic sports anime but I couldn’t find the same vibe that made me love Haikyuu !!! Not really sure why…「(゚ペ)

  7. 15fan says:

    First I like your reviews and visit quite frequently and post occasionaly !

    One thing I have learned that anime PV’s and synopsis are sometimes so far off it’s a joke!

    I remember everybody was down on School Live before it even aired and turned out quite popular and one of the miost talked about shows of summer!

    I watched 48 shows for summer / yes I should have dropped a few but it makes my good anime more of a joy to watch !

    I am going to watch a lot of the sequels because I did watch a lot originally !

    BTW I do a Greenlit forum and do a lot of research and yet I will still have to watch most of them to get a feel !

    I do admit Summer 2015 is one of my all time favorites and doubt Fall would be close at all !

    One final thought the season is a lot closer than you think and yet the tired old game of waiting to see where the shows will be ! ( This is one of biiggest complaint about anime ! )

    • Berry says:

      Oh yeah definitely PV’s and synopsis can be off. I know I was one of the people that turned down Gakkou Gurashi when we did the preview but I regret it because my curiosity got the better of me and I actually started watching it last night and I’m hooked. I’m almost caught up with the new episode right now! And haha it makes me sad. :)

      That’s why now I’ll usually just check out the first episode of something I wasn’t interested in just to see if it’ll change my mind.

    • Eva says:

      ;) This is why tuning in for the first episode is always worth a while!

  8. littleshogun says:

    Okay, to be honest I’ve didn’t watch too much anime continuously other than PreCure. But hey one could still give some impression, right. Okay, let’s see:

    – Gochiusa – Same as Kiniro Mosaic, except with maid instead of foreigner. Let’s see it later. Actually first anime that I watched every week after Go Princess Precure. I mean Kiniro Mosaic(Kinmosa).

    – Aikatsu 4 – I’ve read that back in Precure LJ there was an info that Toei will take care of the animation. My impression that the dance is already improved compared to season one, which frankly 3D Dance is very ugly back then. And looks like our new focus will be 2 new idols instead of Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki. By the way I’ve watched some episode of Season 3 and almost no plot going on, only SoL and dancing and singing. Compared to another same kind of anime Pripara, Aikatsu is less quirky, because Pripara tend to add catchphrase and quirk to all of main idol.

    – Kamisama Minarai – Looks like Bandai attempted to make new toy franchise. But hey, nothing wrong with diversification in industry, right. The important thing should be story anyway.

    – Ore ga Ojousama – I’ve had some comments. First, the girl in the middle looks like Honoka from Love Live. Second, will we had headmistress of the school as the antagonist(Princess Evangile VN refrence by the way, with same plot)? Third, why they must kidnapped homosexual with muscle fetish anyway(I’d recommended Masato from Little Busters if you asked me. But he maybe not the best candidate as his look is very intimidating).

    Sorry for Evangile comparison, but in Evangile there was an interesting twist that if the boy is fail to impress the girls, he must be kicked out. You see there was 2 factions in Evangile debating if the school should be integrated or not. Leader of one faction decided to scout a man by herself, and she find protagonist who his condition remind me of Hayate from Hayate no Gotoku. Back to topic, I think the school should not pass the boy as homo if they want to adapt to modern world. I mean first step of normal world should be interaction between man and woman, right? If they so desperately need to pass a boy as homo, then I would like to ask just how much isolated the girl in the school anyway? Is one of their graduate a culprit of murdering a man just because he about to say hello to her?

    – Kindaichi – No Kindaichi and Akechi are not yaoi. Although you may ship them if you interested though lol. Anyway, usually for anime it will have 3-4 episode for one cases, and hell surely will be busy for accepting at least 2 people from one cases, because Kindaichi usually involving asshole victim and serial murder. And the mystery involving tight alibi and closed room. Why I know? Because I’ve read almost all of Kindaichi manga online. It may hard to find mangascan in English though. Just think it like Conan if you confused though(Although you my already know it anyway).

    – Osomatsu-san – I though I saw 4 Nobita alike and thinking it must be Fujiko F. Fujio work, until I saw the writer is not them, but Fujio Akatsuka. Guess he was inspired by Fujio work.(Or maybe at 1960-1970 they use almost same art style, I didn’t know) And by the way RIP for all of these author, since Both Fujio already leave us. Akatsuka is die at 2008, while Fujiko at 1996.

    – Rakudai+Shimai Maou+Taimadou Gakuen – Why we must have a boy with hidden power tossed to a group of girls with super power(or military), may I asked? I know from LN it may be good, but please, I prefer the girls working together instead throw a man too. My reaction it may be good later though, but the preview text may throw off the people who interested in these anime like me though. I’m a man by the way in case you think that I criticize the show like this because I’m a woman.

    – Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou – Attack on Titan AU High School. That’s all. Although usually another anime use high school one instead of junior though for AU settings.

    – Utawarerumono 2 – Started from VN of Utawarerumono 1. To think it become like this. I read that they will make VN based on this anime. But please don’t make it for PS3/Any console system like Tears to Tiara 2 again(Or maybe my plea is already useless). Because to be honest people will always throw an old console everytime a new console arrived and people nowadays most likely using PC to do anything anyway. And let’s face it, will you buy a console to play your favorite game and you know how to connect it to PC? My answer is no. Sorry for my rambling. The story is actually quite good, and even if the protagonist is thrown into harem situation, at least the girls more mild compared to the usual harem situation like Rakudai above.

    – Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! – Will see it later. Like Kinmosa and Gochiusa from the preview though.

    – Valkyrie Drive – Is these woman nutrition in that anime going to the breast? Looks like we might have yuri fanservice action mecha anime here though. I mean every anime must have some fan to certain genre, right? Well, let’s see it later too.

    – Young Black Jack – I remember watching the show back at 2007 when my age is at 17. Black Jack is one of interesting doctor. If you really determined to be cured by him, you better prepare for deep pocket, because Black Jack always charge very high fee to see the patients determined to be operated or not. The cheapest could be around 30 million yen iirc. And one more thing, he may be most skilled surgeon in the world, but medical association decided that he is illegal doctor(probable because politic in medical world thing, since Black Jack at the time accept the operation for the one who the hospital refuse iirc). It will probably had patient of the week pattern though, judging from what I watched 8 years ago.

    I think that’s all from me. Sorry for a wall of text.

  9. Lichtbringer says:

    Ugh, really meh season.

    Only really interested in One Punch Man! The Manga was funny because it had such good drawings, the Animations seems to be good enoug also to convey the comedy.

    Moeshows I am absolutly uninterested, and it seemed to be alot of them.

    Harems… I liked them at one point when they were new for me. But now… I can’t see them anymore. And they always ruin the good other genres like Fantasy or Romance )=
    Oh, that sounds interesting…. wait, Harem, nevermind.
    Well, I will look into them, I enjoyed Seiken Tsukai no World Break as a gultiy pleasure. The music was really speaking to me.
    I guess actually I am sorta OK if they keep the Harem light and the Maincharakter is no Pussy. If he is aware, but doesn’t care thats kinda fine for me.
    Well, I am also watching the thing with the Skywizards right now… but that feels like a Parody. (And I like the Music, I never skip the opening or ending). +I like the mainchar :D He knows whats going on, but doesn’t care and is just a chiller.
    Oh well, I guess I still kinda like Harems… NO! I only like the Music and the other themes of the Story. Would be so much better without Harem, but what can you do.

    Hm whatelse….

    The mechas look like my only options, even though I am not really into the Mecha genre. It just often has nice storys besides the Mechas, and the Mechas I can accept.

    *cough* some of the other shows maybe if I find uncensored Versions…. *cough*

  10. Niko Niko Nii says:

    Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan is awesome. I have read all the novels/manga. Completely subverts most of the typical harlem tropes, with a transgender girl, badass powers, extremely likeable characters, and pretty decent comedy. Also the summary really doesn’t explain the show. The only con I have is that, despite all it’s self aware humor, it gets really generic and boring with the introduction of another girl. What I’m trying to say here is that you guys better give this one a chance, if the mc’s/best girls antics don’t get you laughing in ep 1 then drop it because the rest of the adaption is going to be crap. Also to summerise the show, blade dance and ( I forgot the name of the anime with the souls becoming weapons) had a baby with the self awareity of Binan. Don’t make the same mistake you did with Yuuki Yuna guys.

  11. lgg says:

    owari no seraph s2 is bae <3 im too obsessed whoops

    Not much im going to watch this season :3 though dem reverse harems ;D

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