Dragon Ball Super ~ Episode 8 [Rock-Paper-Scissors]

Has anyone ever wanted to see a pig and a god of destruction play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide the future of the planet? Well that’s pretty much what happens this episode. This did happen in the movie, but in a much less dragged out way. Because in the movie, Beerus overhears a plan that Yamcha whispers to Oolang on how to win against Beerus.
Instead, we go through two rounds of them being tied before Beerus wins by using rock when Oolong uses scissors for the third time.


Other parts of the episode that aren’t dedicated to this match of cat beast vs pig, include Vegeta going Berserk on Beerus for having hit Bulma in the previous episode. He beats on him for a little bit but in the end doesn’t make even a scratch on him.
A talk between Pilaf and his group about maybe going back to the ship to get the left-overs that they left behind.

Lastly, Goku coming in and asking for Beerus not to destroy the planet because he has one last plan on how to track down the Super Saiyan God. His idea? Use the Dragon balls which were originally collected as prizes for the bingo tournament to summon Shenron and ask him about the Super Saiyan God.
So Beerus decides to give them enough time to get that done.


This episode was pretty boring honestly, they took what was honestly just a throw away moment in Battle of the Gods and made a full episode out of it. The only real thing this added on was the funny comment that Beerus made about Oolong and Buu being the same race. That was rather humorous. I can’t say much about this episode because I have literally said everything that happened. I could say how the animation was sort of nice, how Goku arrived with oddly convenient timing. Too the point he was even asked how long he’d been watching.

Next episode should prove to be a lot more interesting as it has the summoning of Shenron and the appearance of the Super Saiyan God and some good news for Gohan if it’s the same as the movie! Should be awesome.



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