Dragon Ball Super ep 9 [ Hair colors are srs bsnezz ]

This entire episode is focused on finally revealing the ‘Super Saiyan God’ and they do by the end of the episode: but that is not what I am interested in. I could write an entire post on the build up they give but here it is simply: It takes the whole episode to get down to it, but a Super Saiyan God can only be born when 5 Saiyans pour their spirit into a 6th Saiyan to create it. It gives you the true measure of Beerus’ power to see Shenron himself cower in fear and disappear after telling everyone that- but all it does is drive home extra careful that Beerus is the most disgustingly powerful thing in the series.

Dragon Ball Super - 009 - Sorry for the Wait, Beerus-sama. The Super Saiyan God is Finally Born! [DragonTeam][CEF094C1].mkv_20150911_161841

Actually, the entire mythology of the Super Saiyan God makes the whole destruction of Planet Vegeta absolutely make sense. If only 6 Saiyans are required for the process of creating a Super Saiyan God then think of how forceful and destructive an army made of elite Super Saiyan Gods could be? I’m sure all the Saiyans knew about this it could mean hell, so what do you do? You fucking kill all the Saiyans very swiftly so those left over don’t know or have no idea. If there is almost no one left who can make the Super Saiyan God then it doesn’t freaking happen!

Dragon Ball Super - 009 - Sorry for the Wait, Beerus-sama. The Super Saiyan God is Finally Born! [DragonTeam][CEF094C1].mkv_20150911_163942

Really my point of excitement comes because of how Videl comes through. As it stands there are only 5 Saiyans on the planet so what does that mean? Welp, it means Beerus is going to kill them all until Videl admits she is pregnant and decides to participate using the Saiyan inside of her. Can I just reiterate what this means? The GT curse on Pan is essentially gone. Pan does not exist solely through the means of GT and has now influenced a plot made directly by Toriyama. Finally the first female Saiyan has a positive impact on the series and is an exciting idea. We actually see Videl being pregnant and really connect the dots that yeah, these are her parents.

Dragon Ball Super - 009 - Sorry for the Wait, Beerus-sama. The Super Saiyan God is Finally Born! [DragonTeam][CEF094C1].mkv_20150911_164027

I’m happy. As a kid the only reason Dragon Ball didn’t fully appeal to me was, where were the girls? There was 18 but once the android saga was over she only had a few, still AMAZING, scenes. Videl was awesome but her part in the Buu Saga was over once she broke someone’s neck (essentially). Now she gets to be cool, even if it’s by merit of being a mother, once again and it really signals ‘hey this isn’t GT and Pan’s going to be frackin awesome’ not to mention HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A GIRL TO HAVE SUPER SAIYAN HAIR EVEN IF IT ISN’T LEGIT SUPER SAIYAN? GIMMEGIMMEGIMME I’m just fangirling because it’s Videl. I really, really, really, like Videl.

Dragon Ball Super - 009 - Sorry for the Wait, Beerus-sama. The Super Saiyan God is Finally Born! [DragonTeam][CEF094C1].mkv_20150911_221440

Anyway, Goku eventually does become the God and it essentially changes his hair, eyes, age, and makes me almost laugh because of course I’m expecting some crazy differences. It was enjoyable nonetheless! I’m excited to see the fight and all the stuff we are in for, but damn. Somehow just having Videl be like ‘I’m relevant’ made the whole episode for me. DON’T JUDGE ME I JUST WANT TO FEEL IMPORTANT!




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4 Responses

  1. BodaciousSpacePirate says:

    Pan actually shows up in the second-to-last chapter of Toriyama’s Dragonball manga, as a 4 year old (the last two chapters of the manga take place after a 10-year time skip).

    She enters the 27th World Martial Arts tournament, and punches some dude named “Wild Tiger” through a wall, before challenging Goten to a fist fight.

    Great kid.

    • BodaciousSpacePirate says:

      It looks like they’ve retconned this chapter, though, because if Videl is already pregnant with Pan, then Pan would be 9 after a 10-year time skip. Weird.

  2. goi says:

    “having Videl be like ‘I’m relevant’”

    but not in the way of the mens club and their spotlight
    not satisfying for me.

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