World Trigger Episode 40 [Round 2 of the B-Rank Wars. …Hopefully Something Will Happen Next Time]

Well, it’s a good thing that unlike last week, they get through the entire battle in this episode since this battle is pointless and inconsequential in the long run. Wait. What’s that? Oh, they only START the battle this episode and they’re nowhere near finishing it? Oh..oh that’s just fan-fucking-tastic. (Sigh) fine. Let’s…let’s just start the recap.

So the episode starts with, no joke, a one minute recap of the entire series up till now, then immediately following that, three minutes of stuff we saw last episode. So yeah. Four minutes of the episode already gone. Amazing right?

When it FINALLY starts up with new content, the announcer girl talks about how team Takahoma will select the location of the battle, and, to everyone’s surprise, they pick a location that is heavily favorable to snipers.

It's a good thing they didn't pick Cityscape D seeing as that's the red light district.

It’s a good thing they didn’t pick Cityscape D seeing as that’s the red light district.

Oh, I lied actually. First the people in the audience spend three minutes talking to each other about nothing. THEN they talk about how that was a weird choice for them to make.

Finally, at the eleven minute mark, they begin the battle. Yes, that’s right, we don’t start this battle until 11 minutes in. Apparently everyone gets dropped off at random locations so it’s more fair to everyone. As our trio runs to rendevous with each other, we get the opening theme song. Yes, that’s another 1 1/2 minutes.

The snipers seem to get in position and almost take out brown haired ron weasley but he’s saved because that would make things go way too fast in this battle.

Goddamn it brown haired Ron Weasley! You're why we can't have nice things!

Goddamn it brown haired Ron Weasley! You’re why we can’t have nice things!

The three main characters meet up and openly give away their position to the snipers who begin to shoot at them. While they’re doing so however, this gives the other team a chance to sneak up on them themselves and engage in a close up battle, something that snipers are not well equipped for.

Sniper: hey, could you backup about 100 yards? guy: why sure...hey...wait a minute

Sniper: hey, could you backup about 100 yards?
Guy: why sure!…hey…wait a minute

and then, you guessed it, it’s time for a flashback this time to cut up the action. This time we see that Wet Blanket spent a lot of time studying the other teams. Which…is weird because that was basically ALL of last episode. We don’t NEED to know that he spent a lot of time doing this as they told us all about last episode. So there’s another time waster of about a minute.

But...if people don't see me try REALLY REALLY hard THIS episode, they won't be as invested! right?

But…if people don’t see me try REALLY REALLY hard THIS episode, they won’t be as invested! right?

Then one of the guys get shot in the face by a sniper, but he’s fine because he had a shield up

See, that's what happens when you're trying to go for the headshot achievement. Everybody knows what your strategy

See, that’s what happens when you’re trying to go for the headshot achievement. Everybody knows what your strategy

So what’s the payoff of this episode?

Yuma gets to one of the snipers but doesn’t get a kill shot, but gets his kill stolen by a member of the other team.

Dude. Seriously, the fuck bro?

Dude. Seriously, the fuck bro?

And with Yuma about to wreck this guy’s shit, the episode ends.

So yeah…out of the 9 people in this group (6 of which are not the main 3), 1 gets taken out. It’s a good thing this wasn’t a waste of an episode.

Finally tally count of time in this episode is about SIX minutes of actual fighting. SIX out of TWENTY ONE.

Normally when a series pulls out an episode that is meant to stretch a battle they at least put something interesting in to distract you from this fact. This episode was so obviously stretched it was kind of PAINFUL. Every time the battle got interrupted I looked at the timer to see how much was left. I was thinking “Okay…we get it, get back to the battle” As I thought in vain that maybe, possibly, this battle that doesn’t really affect anything would be over this episode. But of course that was a stupid pipe dream.

Look. At the very least, even though the battle in the city was silly, at least there were SOME consequences. Here it’s just like… come on guys. Just beat these guys so we can move on.

Would you assume this screenshot were from an episode where these guys are supposed to be mired in a battle? No, no you wouldn't.

Would you assume this screenshot were from an episode where these guys are supposed to be mired in a battle? No, no you wouldn’t.

That’s the biggest problem with this episode. It isn’t that the battle doesn’t interest me, it’s that there’s not nearly enough of it. They’re trying to stretch this battle out so long when it doesn’t need to be that it was actually pretty painful. This is one of the worst episodes I’ve seen in a while. Even the previous episode of him THINKING was more interesting because at least I didn’t THINK they WERE going to finish the battle last episode. Oh well, at least World Trigger has used one of the most important tropes of shonen shows in these past episodes and that is the time tested tradition that is “The Tournament Saga”. Because you can’t have a Shonen show like this, without a tournament saga.

Hopefully next time this battle will end. Because honestly, for this episode, I recommend skipping it.

Here is my recap. They pick an area that’s favorable to snipers, one of the snipers gets defeated so there are 8 left.

There you go. There’s the entire episode.

Episode 3.5/10


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