Wakako-Zake Episodes 5+6 [Kabobs and Clams]

Now we’re back with what i’m certain everyone was waiting for. That’s right, 3 minutes worth of a girl sitting down at a restaurant eating stuff. You know, as i’m typing that, it makes me laugh, because seriously…that’s all this is. There’s NOTHING else to this show. But…that makes it very easy and relaxing to watch. To find things to talk about…not so much. But hey, even if I have to do this bi-weekly because if I did it weekly the reviews would be about 250 words, I’ll do it anyway. So here we go, Let’s start this up.

So episode five starts up with her just having taken time to finish some exercise in the park. She decides to reward herself with beer and kabobs. Now…correct me if i’m wrong, but drinking all that beer and eating all that meat…isn’t that defeating the purpose of your exercise? Aw well. She’s skinny enough as it is.

However, i'm not quite sure how great of a message that is

However, i’m not quite sure how great of a message that is

So sitting down she basically orders all the kabobs and start to chow down. She makes an observation how the guy next to her is taking the pieces of meat off with a fork because they’re sharing and she comments on how she’s happy that she doesn’t have to share with anyone.

She eats them double fisted but then looks over to another guy next to her who left the plate immaculate and supposedly ate them correctly as she tells herself that she has much to learn.

food owned

food owned

And that’s the end of episode five. (I tell you, there’s only so much that can happen in 1 1/2 minutes)

Episode six takes place after our titular character had a particularly nerve wracking day where she had to talk in front of a bunch of people. So she’s relaxing with clams and warm sake. She talks about how the broth is great and how it’s extremely relaxing.



To end the episode, she talks to somebody having relaxed and thinks to herself maybe she should drink before going in to give a presentation. She says “Just kidding” and that’s where the episode ends. (yeah there wasn’t a whole lot to this one)

cool story bro

cool story bro

Ok, so let’s start with episode 5. So this episode had a little more going on (if there is such a thing with this show) I liked this episode as it showed for once that maybe Wakako isn’t as perfect with her eating habits as she usually thinks she is. She realizes that she isn’t as much of a connoisseur as we were lead to believe which shows a bit of imperfection and character growth opportunity which I like. The food also looked good in this one as I do happen to like Kabobs myself.

Episode 6 I would say I didn’t enjoy as much because nothing really happened, and also because I’ve never really been a big fan of clams, so that food didn’t look all that appetizing to me. She didn’t really do anything other than talk about how good the clams are and how she feels relaxed now. I could be wrong, but I just felt like 5 had more going on.

That being said,

Episode 5 6/10

Episode 6 5/10

Not going to change the world, but then again, that was never the point of this series.


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