Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 41: The Ace of F


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Plinfan says:

    Well, this chapter profess that Kanae is really not thinking stuff through. Now the CCG things he has connections to Aogiri and he tried to kill a squad. I swear to god, I really hope Tsu bitchslaps him when he lerns about this, no only is Kanae risking himself but everyone he knows as well, including his beloved Tsu. Other than that Urie and Mutsuki relly prove why they are rank 1 investigators. It also shows Urie`s development when he saved Mutsuki without thinking about promotion or other stuff (cough, I ship it). And while I also don`t want Urie`s envy return, I guess he still has to develop more and a complett 180 would be unrealistic. About Amon, I think Kanou maybe modifided the Arata that it doesn`t hurt him. I mean we saw that the Ghoul Mutsuki fought has a hole collection of Quinqes so this is not to unrealistik. I also think Floppy is probly spying on Aogiri to have suprice attacks on them. And when he saw Saiko in trouble his old sence of justice activated and he rescuted here Batman style. But let`s see how next chapter will go.

    • Vantage says:

      Urie might have even recognized him as the guy who was lurking outside CCG HQ with Tsukiyama in a wheelchair. Now he knows those men were ghouls! Hooray!

      But yes, it probably makes more sense for Amon to be spying on Aogiri instead of the Quinx, since that’s who he escaped from.

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