Junjou Romantica 3 ~ Episode 7 [Isaka Time]

Todays couple is none of the usual pairings, it is instead, the side couple from the mini chapters. The Junjou Mistake couple, consisting of Isaka and Asahina. Isaka is a character that carries importance through both of Nakamura-sensei’s series as he’s the head of the publishing company that most of the characters in the series work for. Asahina is his childhood friend/caretaker/secretary/lover.
Both parts of the episode are various chapters where one or both of them are being stupid and not communicating properly with the other. Leading one or the other to think that they are cheat/wanting to break up with each other.


To be fair in the first part, Usagi, you’re a jerk for telling Isaka that maybe Asahina found a girl. Even if he was invading your home and you wanted to kick him out, how would you feel if someone said that about Misaki to you!? You wouldn’t like it in the least, do even if Isaka is being annoying. Don’t be a jerk.

The largest misunderstanding of the episode is the matchmaking meet up. I can understand why Isaka reacted the way he did, and I can understand Asahina’s line of thinking throughout the entire thing. Though if they’d just communicate more this wouldn’t of been a damn problem. Though, as a wealthy heir to a company, you do have to think about these kinds of things.
What’s right for you, what’s right for the company. Personal feelings against feelings that benefit the company.


I like that they included this couple, this is probably one of my favorite side pairings in either series. I mean, Isaka is just such a troll to the main characters of each series. It’s kind of fun to see him be a little more serious and know that there is more to his character then to be there to agitate the moods of Misaki and Ritsu. OH speaking of Ritsu, MY CAMEO!
Oh Sekai cameo, how I have waited for you all season. I mean, I sort of got one with Kirishima last episode but i actually got a frame of Takano and Ritsu this episode. SCORE!


I’m glad that we got to go to this pairing, however, I’m feeling a void of a severe lack of Egoist this season. I hope there are some episodes dedicated to them soon…I mean, if Terrorist can get an episode. Egoist can right?



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2 Responses

  1. tcpcat says:

    I love junjou romatica and sekaii so much!!!! Watched all of them in week which is pretty sad!

    • MidnightDevont says:

      pfft, nothing sad about it. I just bought the second volume of the manga for Sekai and ordered the first one. I’ve been re-reading it since i got it, and of course, covering this. So I know exactly how you feel.

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