Junjou Romantica 3 ~ Episode 5 [Job Hunt]

After a week of stress with the Terrorist pairing we are returned to the Romatica pairing. The drama for this week is the continued issue of finding Misaki a job. He passes the written exam for Marukawa but he has to under go a three interview process before he’ll know if he was accepted for the job or not. He takes measures such as taking a break at his part time job and trying to keep his connection to Usagi a secret so nobody accuses him of having them play favorites with him.

Usagi runs him through some test questions for the interview. Including using some of his own yaoi manga as a question to make a point that Misaki might have to work on a genre that he doesn’t want too. It’s a good thing he runs him through this one, because Isaka does ask it at the actual interview. Oh SPEAKING of Isaka, this episode I got my long awaited cameo’s at last. Nothing major, but enough to make me happy.
First off, is Isaka of course. Though he’s not really a cameo since he’s a major character in both of Nakamura-sensei’s works. As the owner of the central publishing company in both of them i would imagine he would be important to both plot lines.


However, the second one. a Mr. Kirishima, you know, Yokozawa’s boyfriend from Sekaikai Ichi Hatsukoi shows up for a bit while Misaki is at his part time job. It wasn’t a major cameo, but it was enough to make me fangirl and that is what’s important.
So, in the later part of the episode. After the first round of interviews and Misaki’s stress is at it’s boiling point. We have to pile more stress onto the poor boy by having his brother and his wife both be sick with the flu. So they dump their baby off on Misaki and Usagi.


Who hates children if you recall properly. So now both Usagi and Misaki are annoyed, Misaki says some careless things. He apologizes sooner rather then later and they make up.
THEY’RE SO CUTE, also, Usagi you’re such a child. Being upset that the baby is in the way of you having time alone with your boyfriend. I know you’re a selfish spoiled rich kid, you’re so cute though. The very last part of the episode ends with Misaki getting a letter, telling him that he got hired by Marukawa publishing. Neither Him or Usagi really seem to believe it, they’re both looking for the ‘not’ in front of the accepted. Even thinking that it’s written in invisible ink. Though after Misaki confirms that he tried looking for the ink, Usagi smiles and praises him.


I am so happy to be back to this couple! I was sort of hoping we’d hop over to the Egoist pairing as they are my favorite pairing in this series. Favorite only meaning that when re-reading the manga, i read their chapters first and then Romantica. Then I ignore Terrorist and switch over to Sekai! However, if it wasn’t Egoist i’m glad it was Romantica. Misaki is a much better character then Shinobu by far. The chemistry between the two of them is sweet and while they do have their differences in how they were raised and how they think and feel. It never seems obnoxious or painful, it’s always sweet and well…for a lack of a better word  romantic.
I hope we get more of them next week, or some Egoist. I’ll be happy either way.



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    when I saw Kirshima, I was like ” guess whose back again!”

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