Go! Princess Precure Episode 29

This is probably the first episode of Go! Princess Precure where I am very uncertain about how I feel about the episode. What happened was Pafu had a dream about the Legendary Princess Precure keys, then woke up and said she could smell them, and led the girls through the woods and to the beach. However Yui and Towa were the only ones who came out as Haruka, Minami and Kirara found themselves walking into a mysterious place where there they meet three mystery girls who are later revealed as the previous Legendary Princess Precures.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 29 Img 0021Ultimately, I think the best way to describe this episode was how it was slightly on the bizarre side. I have wondered to myself if the execution of the episode had anything to do with it, but the more I thought about it, I finally came to the conclusion it was only me who found it to be confusing. Looking back, the build up had at least a foundation to explain how it got to Point A to Point B. Pafu experiencing the dream was what should have made it clear to me from the get go: the girls were about to experience dream/illusion. Although last week I have speculated perhaps the girls were the previous Legendary Princess Precures, today it appeared to be far from my mind. Instead, for some odd reason, I drifted tot he speculation that the mystery girls were actually a manifested form of our girls’ keys. Of course that was quickly debunked when Lock put on a show of gaining energy of despair from the girls’ Dress Up Keys, fulfilling not only one, but two gauges in an instant. But I will get to that in a little bit.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 29 Img 0027Within this dream/illusion event, the girls found themselves facing against Dyspear and her powerful Zetsuborg. However even without their keys, the girls made a resolve to stand up and fight, regardless of being empty handed. The result gave them a moment of surprise, to experience and witness how as long as they have hope, and as long as they want to protect their dreams’ and others, they will have the strength within them to do so. Or at least, that’s how I understood it.
While they did get new Dress Up Keys, those keys were only the ‘add-on’, meaning they still cannot transform without their main key. I am actually extremely relieved they have chosen to do this because I want to see the girls be challenged in a different way, not be given the easy path of suddenly obtaining a free, brand new power. And guess what? That is exactly what is about to happen. Lock decided to come to them along with his ultimate dream fortress, formerly Hope Kingdom’s castle now turned turned into a massive Zetsuborg. Who needs a special door when you can just smash through realms with a flying fortress?

Go! Princess Precure Ep 29 Img 0011As I explained just a moment ago, Lock managed to successfully make use of the Dress Up Keys to provide an astonishing amount of despair, fulfilling two gauges in a blink of an eye! In fact, while this is all happening, Shut looks absolutely horrified. Rather than the horror of the Dress Up keys being used in a such way, I think we can all agree he is more terrified of just how powerful and cunning Lock truly is. Lock himself is a force to be a reckon with, and Dyspear is watching every move. We don’t know yet whether or not she endorses his actions, or whether or not she considers him a threat. But I can tell you right now I am very curious to find out of her opinion of his actions. A fight within for power will certainly shake things up, and to make matters even more complicated, the future generals and Shut may be forced to pick sides. Now that may be a bit too political for a show like this one, but considering we still have about twenty episodes to go, I would say there is definitely more than enough time for some crazy stuff to happen.

Without their keys, and Lock now invading their realm, the girls now have the opportunity to get into the fortress, but there are going to be some serious risks involved. I do look forward to seeing how they will break through without their keys, solely with the assistance of Towa who appears will be taking on the duty to protect Yui at all cost. We see in the preview how the girls somehow manage to get in the castle, so I look forward to seeing how this fight will unfold! Lock couldn’t have said it better: Let the game begin!


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13 Responses

  1. Ayal92 says:

    Lock has an even bigger death flag than Shut now he has become so competent and Dyspear is stalking him. I wonder if his clones have a mind of their own or they’re just extentions of the original.

    The former precure were alright but I would have liked to see their default cure forms. And the girls now will have to recover the keys without any power whatsover, I can’t wait for it.

    • Eva says:

      O____O I would hope not. It would suck if we lost Lock and it would be horrifying if his clones had a mind of their own.

  2. This episode is good, interesting and again it has surprises!

    Especially Lock’s plan! He’s mad all right! I was afraid from the preview that it would burn or destroy those Dress Up Keys, just like in (SPOILER ALERT)[spoiler] episode 22 from Happiness Charge when Phanton burns the Cure Fortune’s PreCards![/spoiler]
    Well, glad I was wrong, but oh my God, Lock sure has become an astute and terrible villain in this series! Never thought those keys can provide a good use for evil deeds. And yet, I was like: “Oh no! the gauge”!, you know what that means…

    And poor Shut who’s indeed terrified by his plot and power! Again, I feel pity or bad for him even though he’s an enemy. Let’s see what he will do in the next episode, shall we?

    As for the other part of this episode, I like the three warriors being taken to the Hope Kingdom and meet the three girls. I was kinda expecting that those mysterious girls were the previous Flora, Mermaid and Twinkle (I think I’ll call them the “previous princess trio”, while Haruka, Minami and Kirara team will be the “new princess trio”) and that this episode would be about some kind of a trial or a test to teach the warriors. In this case, what’s trully important to them and what’s their power.
    And about their worries combined created the illusion of Queen Dyspear was a good warning for teaching the “new princess trio”.

    This interesting episode has two side stories, what’s happening to Lock and to the “new princess trio”. Glad to see Pafu being the “key friend” of them in this episode as well and guided to them to the trial. :)

    And Dragon’s caramba, what a terrifying ending for this episode! I’m not sure about what the queen would think about Lock after that, but we’ll find out afterwards.
    Can’t wait for the next one, wish a great luck for the Go! Princess warriors! Go Scarlet, protect Yui! Go fairies, do what you can! Go “new princess trio”, reclaim the Dress Up Keys!!! Ganbatte!!!

    • Eva says:

      I am truly going to laugh Shut decides to sabotages Lock’s plan with the keys not for the Precure sake, but for Dyspear. XD Poor guy, doesn’t know what to do anymore. He is stuck in the middle.

      • That would be amusing to see Shut do something like that, Eva. :)
        And yeah, I also think that he’s lost or unsure on what to do afterwards. Let’s find out in the next episodes.

  3. Brian says:

    I really enjoyed this episode and cant wait for the next. I wonder how Dyspear feels about Lock using the gauge (that I heard was supposed to bring her back) for his own reasons. I mean, if he was succesful at using it to defeat the cures, I doubt she would mind but we all know, thats not going to happen. The only thing I wonder is if the girls are going to defeat Lock with their new power up or just injure him and Dyspear gets rid of him…guess we’ll find out in about 5 more days!

    I never knew there were two gauges, I always thought the one Shut was using was the same as Locks, now it makes sense how Dyspear will be able to come back

    Out of the 3 previous princess cures, my favorite would have to be the previous Cure Flora, shes sooooo pretty except for that big two shaded bun on the top of her head, lol

    Its obvious Yui is going to play some type of role next episode or they wouldnt have included her and I bet it has to do with their power up. Shes always been the groups foundation especially for gaining new things, so Im willing to bet that SPOILERS AHEAD [spoiler] her picture book becomes that diary that the cures use for their new group attack “Princess Palace” something [/spoiler]

    Im excited!

    • Eva says:

      Well if Lock abuses the gauge for his own games, Dyspear ain’t gonna be happy about that, and will surely take matters into her own hands- even if it means sending someone else in to put him in his place and do the job properly.

  4. Wanderer says:

    There is now a key-count discontinuity. There are only supposed to be 12 dress up keys. 9 were stolen by Lock. Towa has 3 fakes, and 1 that has to be real because it simply makes no sense for Dyspear to have created and hidden a 4th fake around just like the regular dress up keys. That’s 10 keys located prior to this episode. Now this episode gives us 3 more. 13 real dress up keys. Something’s off.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah this is something I have been scratching my head about too, but I’m not going to try and think too hard about it until later on because it’s only going to make my head hurt! XD

  5. Keiko says:

    I must say that this week’s GPPC episode was damned intense and should I say, giving-the-gals-a-test-of-courage-slash-tightness-in-protecting-something-important type of game.

    The ancient Princess Cures, Chieri, Yura and Sei are just… SO BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT in my honest opinion and I was surprised (to much of the surprise of Haru-Haru’s co) that they’re just actually that. But one thing that we can get from those three gals was we should not let our worries turn into despair, no matter how big or small it is.

    Wild Lock is wild, as usual and I’ve been affected by Shut’s horrible shock while seeing the Hope Kingdom castle turning to a Zetsuborg. O_O Oh dear, Yuki Kaida, you made my mood even more awesome!

    Then… I’ve been already predicted that Yui-Yui would gonna do her own style (that the other Earthling Cure helpers didn’t have) again, this time in receiving the cheat code item for our four dear Princess Cures… It could be the hand-holding thingy back in episode 11 of the show! But let’s wait and see what other strategy our resourcing aide could have. I’d say, “Dammit, Yui-Yui, please just do it!!!” >_<

    Also, the part when Dyspear gets a non-dialogue appearance that made me gasp, wow! :o And the crow, I am suspecting that it could be a hint for Close's unexpected return. Hmm…

    Anyways, I found the Sakura, Sango and Ginga keys quite nice. These three and Scarlet's Sun Key will be used for their group finisher along with the Princess Palace. Yet, looking forward to see that.

    • Eva says:

      = v = It would be nice if Close could return… TT v TT;;; But I think it was just Dyspear keeping her eyes on Lock’s actions.

      • Keiko says:

        Hehe, more like we wonder what things will go on in the remaining episodes of GPPC! Damn, this is gonna be intense.

        • Never thought of that bird being Close, I thought too that it has to do with Queen Dyspear absence. We just have to wait and see what that dark bird of despair really is. The plot thickens indeed!

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