Charlotte ~ Episode 9 [Wait….WHAT?!]

We’ve known for a while that Time-Travel was going to play a part in this story, what none of us really expected though. Is that we have time traveled before this series ever started. When Yu passes out at the concert and reality splits at around six minutes into the episode. We begin the episode with the concert, it’s happy and it looks like nothing bad could happen.
Now though, she goes to premiere a song that she’s singing for the first time in Japan but for some reason, Yu seems to already know it. That’s when he blacks out and he’s listening to music in a research facility next to Ayumi and….WAIT WHAT!?


Research facility!? For power users? You mean that thing that we’ve been fighting the entire series to prevent? Why is Ayumi alive? WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU MEAN THAT TAKING OVER PEOPLE FOR SHORT PERIODS OF TIME ISN’T HIS FULL POWER!? Slow down series, please explain to me in small words what the hell is going on in this episode.
This episode was filled with information that was a little hard to handle. Not only did it drop the time travel bomb on us, it introduced the ‘helper’ as a full character and we get to see him when he’s not soaking wet. He’s pretty cute.


It also drops Yu and Ayumi’s brother on us. Who is the one with the power of time travel. So you’re telling me, that in order. This families powers in order are Time-Travel,  taking the powers of anyone he takes over, and Collapse which is so strong it’s destroyed good chunks of buildings. Well then, the Otosaka’s seem to have a good power pool.
So the older Otosaka brother went back in time to prevent the research facility from becoming a thing. He’s the important person who changed Nao’s view on life and set her on her current path to keep the ability users from being too public.


So I guess, based on the hints that they dropped this episode that we are going to be time traveling again to save Ayumi. So what, was he waiting until Yu got part of his memories back? Like, would he of continued to let Ayumi be dead until Yu remembered? Why didn’t he step in like, last episode or something? I mean, i guess forcing the memories to come back could of been an issue or something.
I’m sure the next episode will provide a lot of answers to the questions that this episode left. Good job keeping us on edge again Charlotte, as i’ve come to expect of P.A. Works.



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