Charlotte ~ Episode 5 [Camping Trip]

Well while it wasn’t the heart wrenching episode I was hoping for, it did fall a lot more on point then the previous one. The episode begins with some students taking Tomori out behind the school and beating her up. Why? Hell if I know, like, why would anyone do this? Much less, why would anyone turn a blind eye to it? Like, why aren’t the other members of the student council doing anything to help? Even if she tells them not too like when Misa offers to beat the hell out of her assailants in turn.

I don’t care what your wishes are in this case, like seriously. Allowing this to happen is not alright, please let this be addressed in later episodes! I hope that Yu takes one of them over and assaults one of the other girls instead! Now, i’m sure the idea here is that you shouldn’t respond to violence with violence. So maybe i’m on the wrong track, but I can’t stand seeing Tomori just stand there and take it.

So anyway, they get a notice from the helper that there is an ability user with the ability of flight. Of course, Tomori is all over this and already has an occult article of a guy seen up in the mountains. Her plan? to stake him out as long as they need too, which means living on the mountain until he shows up. So they get tents, corn [lots of corn], meat, and vegetables [which only Yu eats].

I have to say, it was a fairly clever plan. I mean, he’s not going to attempt to fly when he knows that there are people around. So he does, after about three days show up and ask the if they intend to stay. If they’d gone home, for even a bit. He might of never shown himself to them. I’ll give ya this one Tomori.

The episode itself was fairly cute with a lot of important foreshadowing. I enjoyed the part where Yu and Tomori talked with one another and shared the music she was always listening too. The visuals for this part were stunning. This part of the episode coupled with the beginning of it help improve my overall general opinion of Tomori. Not that I hated her or anything and episode two was an eye opener, but seeing her pass off on Misa’s offer to beat up the bullies, and be nice to Yu even if she was a bit of a tsun about filming him.
It was nice.


The music, given to him by her also triggers another memory of his lost sibling. I’m just saying, the sibling looks like Takajo. I’m not saying that it is him, but it kind of looks like him from the small bits of him that we’ve been able to see.

The episode ends with Yu’s sister being sick and hopefully the permanent end of the Pizza sauce gag, she’s run out at last and the security guard wouldn’t let her go out shopping. Yu tells her that her food without it is absolutely delicious.
So if this pizza sauce is so important to their family, and it needs to be passed down through the family line…what kind of cooks were their parents?! I’m not going to think about it.
This episode was cute, but it didn’t push the plot too much further. It gave us just enough hints to tide us over until next time though, I’m looking forward and dreading the moment that everything goes to hell in this series. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.



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2 Responses

  1. Since Ayumi is sick, I suspect that she may be developing her own powers. Just speculation, since I’m already wary of the fact that she’s missing at the end of the OP song. :/

  2. Shuwen says:

    If I’m reading between the lines correctly, Tomari got in fights with a few of those girls’ friends and beat them up. Yu made note of how she can be impulsively violent at times, and the girls that beat her up said things like “this is for so-and-so.” So they’re presumably beating her up to “get even”. If the other members of the student council interfered, it would just escalate the whole affair, resulting in more and more people getting involved, and getting in the way of the student council’s real work, which is the last thing Tomari wants.

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