Bikini Warriors Ep 5 [ Resale ]

We return to a slightly more humorous and less disgusting pattern with the show as all the girls realize they need to sell things in order to afford their amazing great new gear. I love when the show starts off with legitimate rpg issues because it makes me feel like I’m not a pervert scumbag who is only watching to see these beautiful women wear bikinis that might as well be thongs.

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This episode really did remind me that I watch this show for it’s absurd lampshading. Everything they did and said this episode was something I’ve done in a video game or that you can expect to happen to you. Long story short, they sell everything they have to buy an expensive item and it screws them over. Who needs elixirs anyway? Everyone, guys. Never sell your rare elixirs because you’ll always need them. And what happened? They needed them.

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Then the best thing happened, the best lampshading, the best foreshadowing of gloriously horrible RPG incidents: they find the item they sold everything for in a chest. The worst part is this always happens. And if you’re a serious RPG enthusiast then that’s the second time you can find it, buying it is always a decoy because it’s usually somewhere in a chest and then later it’s usually in a chest. Steal it from a boss to get it early, buy it if you’re a masochist who doesn’t need money. But it’s always in the damn chest!

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If every episode is like this I’ll be happy. It’s hard to shake an episode where they’re so desperate for fanservice they let a dog eat you out, but hey. If they keep to this then I won’t mind, just remember show we all put up with you because we’re trying to hide our horrible shame and guilt at being absolute disgusting perverts who love RPGS.

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