Aoharu x Kikanjuu Episode 7: We’ll Have to Crush that Hope

The battle begins with the two teams and things get tense pretty fast. Masamune devised this plan where each of them would go after each member of Hoshishiro depending on their strengths. Yukimura would handle the other sniper, Ichi. And naturally Masamune would go up against Midori by himself. So that left Hotaru to go up against Fujimoto, the Assault Destroyer. And her little match with him was hilarious.

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How the hell do you leave the safety on during an important match?!

Fujimoto carried a minigun, which I think is a stupid name because that gun isn’t mini, it’s huge as hell. It’s an extremely large and heavy gun that shoots hundreds of bullets. And really I ask myself if this sport is safe because when Fujimoto just started firing that thing, he wrecked a bunch of the trees. Like…those poor trees were ruined. Now imagine if Hotaru were hit repeatedly with that thing. That’s ridiculous. It’s said that the minigun is a silent killer, because you don’t feel the pain of the hit until later. But I’m sure you’d be able to feel that pain…he massacred those trees.

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Tree killer

Hotaru has her little face off with him, before being told to just forfeit. Fujimoto tells her to forfeit because she’s a newbie and going up against his team in the first round would traumatize her. Well…of course she wouldn’t forfeit. She speedily made her way towards him, stepped on his minigun so there would be no way for him to shoot, flipped backwards…and didn’t do anything. Because she fucking left the safety on. But Fujimoto accepted his loss, so there’s one member of Hoshishiro down already, which I’m actually surprised by. We did get something interesting to think about. Hotaru thought Fujimon’s behaviour was weird and nothing like what Yukimura told her. He wasn’t manic or evil or anything. He was actually giving her a chance to quit, though I think that’s an insult considering how far she’s gotten. She’d never let her team down. So she thought he was tricking her, asking what his deal was and how different he was from what she was told. And Fujimon brought up…whether Yukimura had lied to her. Did he? I’m not too sure really. We see how twisted and sadistic Midori is, and we’ve also seen the same with the other member of the team.

[HorribleSubs] Aoharu x Kikanjuu - 07 [1080p].mkv0036Ichi. On the outside, she’s pretty and calm. But she really has the same sadistic bloodlust like Midori. As we see her run around trying to take down Yukimura, we see that she’s intelligent and calculating. She explains why she adores the sniper. She loves being in the background helping her allies when they’re in trouble. Also, she loves seeing her victim’s faces up close when she snipes them. She also feels this same twisted adrenaline rush when she “kills” them up close. She’s not as innocent as she looks. So I don’t really think that Yukimura was lying. I was going to say that maybe Fujimoto wasn’t on Hoshishiro when that incident took place, but that’s not true as Masamune gave Hotaru a run down about him before their match, so they’ve been up against him before. Or maybe Fujimoto wasn’t part of that torturous “murder”. Or this fuck is too engrossed in wanting Midori’s dick that he thought that what Midori was doing was justified and went along with it and feels no remorse. Maybe that.

So while Hotaru handled Fujimon, Yukimura handled Ichi. It was a battle between snipers. Where snipers hide, where the best spot would be, tricks, and all that. Ichi made it seem like she was on top of the hill but instead left her sniper there and pulled out her pistol to face Yukimura face to face. Yukimura did the same thing, but Ichi retaliated with kicking his wrist to disarm him and she ran away. Yukimura’s wrist is in pain, and he sits and waits for Ichi, trying to think what she could be doing. Thinking she knows what their plan is, Yukimura thinks she went off after Masamune, who’s wide open as he confronts Midori, so he runs off after her.

[HorribleSubs] Aoharu x Kikanjuu - 07 [1080p].mkv0048

This is part one of the fight. We’ll next see Midori and Masamune face off, and I’m sure we’ll be treated with more psychological and emotional trauma on Masamune’s part. Oh boy. :’)


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