Aoharu x Kikanjuu Episode 5: I Don’t Want to Leave the Team!

Hotaru’s inner conflict begins. The conflict of making Masamune mad ended pretty quick. Hotaru was just being stubborn and didn’t realize that Masamune was trying really hard to fully bring out Hotaru’s abilities. Being on the opposite team, she was able to observe her senpais and just see how teamwork is done, and just how amazing Masamune is taking his observation skills to the max. Also, Captain Sagara is a babe.

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Now the thing with Hotaru’s gender…well, I knew this was going to pose to be a huge problem the moment she joined Toy Gun Gun in the beginning without telling Masamune she’s a girl. Hotaru found it weird that Sagara wasn’t in team Toy Gun Gun as she’s plenty strong. Also she was in charge of the entire red team in the matches so that just says a lot about her strength. In fact, if she were in Toy Gun Gun’s team they’d probably be one of the best and would fly through the TGC. But there’s the problem that she’s a woman. And it’s not that Masamune thinks girls are weak or anything, he just saw a traumatizing scene.

[HorribleSubs] Aoharu x Kikanjuu - 05 [1080p].mkv0090Before in their first TGC team, Toy Gun Gun did have a girl on their team. From what Yukimura said, it sounded like she was a pretty good player. But all of a sudden, she was being chased and given the worst possible “death” you could give someone in these survival games. A team came up to her and just…tortured her. We didn’t get any details of what they did, but I think you can get an idea. Masamune mentioned that knife attacks and physical contact are allowed in the TGC, even if they don’t count as a death. So you’ve got knives (which I assume are plastic RIGHT?), physical contact like pushing and etc, and guns. So you can imagine just how they tortured this poor girl, I just hope they didn’t pulverize her. But it was so bad that the girl left the team without saying anything, and it completely traumatized Masamune and made it so no girls would ever be on his team. Now…I get how that would mess with his head. But all of that could have happened to a boy. If it had happened to a boy, what, Masamune would just stop playing forever? I don’t know, I just think it’s a bit much to just ban girls from his team because something like that happened. It can happen to anyone. Unless that certain team are sexist assholes and just hate girls playing survival games, even though there are a lot that play. But I don’t think that’s the case here because…

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These damn doctors are most likely the one that hurt the female player. The nurse is on the team too. Yukimura and Masamune seem to have bad ties with Midori (and most likely the others) because, ding ding, they’re the ones that caused that incident. That’s really scary to think, because they work in the pediatrics, so like…they’re super sweet with children one second and then go on a killing spree the other. Damn.

Knowing all this, Hotaru has no idea what to do. If she tells Masamune and Yukimura that she’s a girl, she’ll be kicked out of the team, and she doesn’t want that because she’s having so much fun. Also, it’s only a few days from the TCG, so she’d ruin everything for the team. But, if she doesn’t tell them the truth, she’ll just feel guilty for lying to them all this time as this goes against her sense of justice. So she has this terrible internal conflict going on and she can barely concentrate on the water gun training. But I don’t think she’s going to be the one that’s going to tell them. Nope. It’ll be Midori. When he performed that body check on her in the gun store, he knew that she was in fact a girl. I mean, he’s a doctor, he would know. So either he’ll bump into Masamune and Yukimura next episode and tell them, or worse…

he and his team will do the exact same thing to that one girl (which I assume they did) and attack and torture Hotaru and then reveal her gender. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like that.


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