Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 63

Uhhhhh okay, so this week’s episode fairly strange. Ultimately the breakout was a complete failure due to the security knowing the plans. Just as they were about to be sent back to the prison, a higher authority known as the Administrator Board is revealed, and escorts Yuuya and the others to their facility where Jean tries to persuade the board to keep them imprisoned. Then Reiji shows up with the grand entrance as always, who have already spoken to the board and provided an explanation.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 63 Img 0020Now here is where it becomes a bit bizzare, as well as more complicated. Jean is clearly trying to reign control and maintain the vast division between the Tops and the Commons. It feels almost as if he himself is planning to overthrow the board, because surely whatever plan he had hinted a couple of episodes back, is not something he had shared with the higher authorities. If anything, Jean most likely is keeping many things under wrap, and that is his way of reigning control. I also believe he is playing dumb about not knowing about Academia. He definitely knows something about them- or worse case scenario: potentially working alongside them (but that may be a far fetched at the moment).

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 63 Img 0028Ultimately, the board decides to have the Lancers participate in the Friendship Cup to show off their abilities. But the second Yuuya mentions Yuzu, Jean immediately takes advantage of that and points out how she will be participating as well. Why he goes out of the way to say that puzzles me. What he had conveniently left out was his plan to arrest both Yuzu and Yuugo. Whether or not that plan is still in place and how it will affect the others, we will have to wait and see.

But it wasn’t the end of it. Jean also picks out Yuuya of the entire group to face Jack Atlas for the exhibition match against the present king. He claims he had chosen him because (according to his observations) his is the most familiar with Pendulum Summon of the entire group (which is true). I don’t know how to react honestly, I simply do not trust Jean, and I feel like he has another plan up his sleeve in order to find a reason/excuse to have Yuuya and the others arrested. The one thing I am confident about, is that Jean has a grand plan he is waiting to put into action, and I get the sense based off his plot to capture Yuugo and Yuzu, the Friendship Cup is most likely will be playing a key role in his plans.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 63 Img 0019

He may appear as a sweet old man, but I am on the fence of whether or not he has good heart and can be trusted…

It was unexpected, but we learned a bit of about the origin and purpose of the Friendship Cup (also the reasoning for its corny name). The board created the Friendship Cup in spirit of Chojiro (or so they say) and hoped to find a way for the Commons and Tops to be able to reconcile/improve their relationship by competing for the chance to duel and defeat Jack Atlas, who is considered (by the boards at the very least) the mutual King for both the Commons and Tops. However for some in the Commons such as Crow, doesn’t perceive the Friendship Cup the same way Yuugo and Rin does. It shows us not everyone sees it as their ticket to a better life, but to ‘entertain’ the Tops.

Aside from the puzzling turn of events, the highlight of the episode was of course seeing Shun lay the law against the security force worth a one-shot like the badass he is with Raid Raptor Rise Falcon! Ahhh I miss that. It was especially amusing since Sawatari failed big time (as always), Yuuya only joined the fight to help them escape with his monsters, and then Gongenzaka joins the fray thinking he got this, having missed the memo where the opposition’s monster will take control of his- so Shun makes everything battle by single-handily taking care of the oh-so powerful security force. Yeah he had the advantage with his XYZ monster not having levels, but that’s the enemy’s loss.

Next week! Yuuya will be going up against Jack- ON A D-WHEEL! I can’t imagine how difficult it is going to be since riding a D-Wheel will certainly add to some complications for Yuuya’s entertainment style since he’s the type to run around the field. I also do wonder about how Yuzu is going to react when she does see Yuuya participating. You would think it would be easier for them to meet up since they are in the same stadium, but you just watch the security will probably do whatever they can to prevent them from meeting.

Also Golden Rule: Never trust Sawatari’s institution, ever.


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8 Responses

  1. partner555 says:

    Looks like Jean may not be acting in the Board’s interest, huh?

  2. Becs says:

    I quite liked this episode. That was an unexpected plot twist with the council coming in and i never thought i would actually squeal in joy to see Reiji appear. His appearance was just at a time where whether you were neutral or not to him you would be overjoyed that he appears. Yeah, you could see Jean was wavering slightly under the elders, he clearly wants as much control over the city as possible. And he’s suddenly placed in a situation where he has to fight for control over issues he normally has no one to argue against him.

    Shun jumping in and kicking butt was a fangirl moment for me! It was just so cool how he jumped in like a complete badass and wiped the floor with them!

    I kept getting annoyed with Sawatari, he just kept being stupidly cocky and wouldn’t shut the hell up! I honestly hope that someone punches him in the future to shut him up. Also he keeps mentioning that he’ll complain to his father. Is he a bloody idiot? His father is in another dimension and therefore has NO power where Sawatari is! Yuya should’ve left his stupid, useless arse behind.

    As for the preview, my dream to see Yuya riding a D-wheel and wearing a riding suit has finally come true!! I’ve been fantasing this for ages and finally it’s going to become reality :’)

    • Eva says:

      Yeah Sawatari will probably be forever stupid. He is like Draco Malfoy with the whole “I’M GONNA TELL MY FATHER ABOUT THIS”. If he actually stops yapping about that at some point in the series, then props to character development, but until then, shut it Sawatari. (HELL HE HASN’T WON A SINGLE FIGHT (SOLO) – sure he had ONE good moment of saving what-his-name ninja but that was it. He just happened to pester Reiji enough to get in.)

  3. Timeskipper says:

    I actually liked the episode. It felt refreshing after the totally out of place goofyness that were the prison episodes. So, apparently we find out that the prison guards are purposefully chosen among idiots, IMHO probably since the Facility is considered so inescapable that you don’t need competent guards, just a bunch of untrained, greedy assholes that will harass prisoners for cards. Meanwhile, in the rare eventuality that prisoners might actually try to escape, they do have some highly-trained ninja cops, so ok. Goyo King was like the most overpowered thing ever. When I saw its full effect, I just knew that it was going to be Shun the one to kill it and beat the Arrest Corps, and he delivered, in the most epic badass Shun-like fashion… god, I love that guy.

    JMR is being even shadier than usual, it seems, I agree, he totally knows about Academia, probably works with them and is absolutely planning to overthrow the board. That guy is dangerous. The way he speaks about Commons sounds scarily similar to what Nazi leaders said about Jews, and he does seem to be planning mass deportations, and I have the feeling that if he could have things his way, he would already have, while for now he has to stick to jailing for life Commons who defy the social order by stepping out of their ghettos on false charges. This guy is totally a Nazi.

    I’m still curious as to why he wants Yuya to duel Jack… what’s his goal there? Humiliate Yuya? Gauge his potential? Is it a trap?
    Daaamn, I’m curious as hell! Despite the slow start, the Synchro arc seems to be shaping up to be one of the most interesting and important of the show… I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Eva says:

      Mass deportations sure sounds about right, especially with how the other prisoners disappear and is never seen again (trapped in cards anyone?).

      My speculation about his motive for Yuuya (in particular) to duel Jack may potentially be used not only as an opportunity to analyze Pendulum Summon even more from the one who knows it best, and also potentially use Jack to set an example to all of the Lancers. It would have been more dramatic had he chosen Reiji to duel Jack, but if he is with Academia, then he would surely know how strong Reiji is, and would want to avoid allowing him to shine. I would also like to find out whether to not Reiji himself will be participating in the friendship tournament, because if he doesn’t, then it would make me dislike him even more, because it makes him continue to be the chess-master and the rest are the pawns, just as Yuuya feared they would be treated as.

  4. Gigi Wong says:

    This episode was really exciting and refreshing for me! I’m actually really glad the whole prison mini arc is over because Yugioh Arc V is really all about change in scenery from time to time. I absolutely loved this episode for some strange reason. JMR is such a mysterious person and I really can’t wait to find out what exactly his motives and plans are. There’s a lot to theorize about him. And Yuuya is finally dueling Jack! This will be super intense I can’t wait. Also one thing that made me tear up a little was the way Yuuya always thought about saving Yuzu. It broke my heart when Yuuya was so determined to rescue Yuzu throughout this episode. Gaaah. I wish they would reunite! But knowing the way Yugioh is written, it’ll be awhile before they’re reunited. Yuuya’s concern for Yuzu just makes me go nuts.

    • Eva says:

      It was great writing. To provide them an opportunity to fail and be recaptured, but escorted to a higher authority to progress the plot was a smart move. Had they escaped without being caught, the Board may have not existed in this story, or it would at least be delayed until later.

      Yeah there is no way they are going to let Yuzu and Yuuya reunite that easily. Maybe Yuugo and Yuuya might be able to make contact, but it will be unlikely. Perhaps Selena might have better chance with her sneaky sneaky skills. She is after all an expert of sneaking around! (As long as she doesn’t pick fights!)

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