World Trigger Episode 39 [Let’s Stop and Chat a Bit…]

If you couldn’t tell from the title of the episode, yes. This episode is about as exciting as what that title entails. There’s a lot of talking in this episode. A lot a lot of talking. Granted, some of the stuff needed to be said. Still…lot of talking. Well, speaking of talking a lot, I guess I better just start the recap, huh?

So the episode starts out with Jin talking to that guy that brought Wet Blanket to the meeting so he could have a chance to defend himself. Jin asks why he did it and he responds that everyone should have a chance to defend themselves. However, it turns out that after his speech, even though a few dozen agents left after the attack, people wanting to join border has jumped up about five times. Not only that, but more sponsors wanted in as well. This is because the people are fascinated with the recovery idea and want to see them save the people who were kidnapped.

Where are my pupils you ask? Pupils are for nerds

Where are my pupils you ask? Pupils are for nerds

He then tells Jin to look after Wet Blanket.

We then cut back to the Tamakoma branch where the gang is congratulating the three main characters for winning the first round of the ranking wars. (Gasp!) Does that mean Konami’s there too?!


And of course, she’s as hilarious as ever.

Yes I'm posting another picture of Konami. I don't get to do this often enough

Yes I’m posting another picture of Konami. I don’t get to do this often enough

Now the fun part of the episode begins. Now by fun part, I mean the three of them looking into their future competition and determining what would be the best strategy. Wait. What? That isn’t fun? Well obviously you’re just not trying hard enough then. Because this stuff is-



WAIT WHAT?! HUH? What…what was I doing? Oh yeah. The review.

And really…. this is a large chunk of the episode. First the gang investigates what the two teams are capable of, then we cut to the sniper group they have to face and they’re doing the exact same thing.

"Hey do we even get names?" "Yeah, we do, but no one really cares what they are" "ah. okay"

“Hey do we even get names?”
“Yeah, we do, but no one really cares what they are”
“ah. okay”

And then we cut to the other guys. But these guys we actually know. It’s that group that kept the akatsuki reject busy while in the HQ

You know, these guys

You know, these guys

The only other thing that really happens in this episode is Wet Blanket takes it upon himself to worry ridiculously about how to plan accordingly to make sure they win in the next match.

However, that does lead to a very amusing scene of both Konami and his mother forcing him to relax.

Oh Konami, we love you

Oh Konami, we love you

oh we love you too Wet Blanket's mom

oh we love you too Wet Blanket’s mom

He can’t think of a good plan however as one’s a group of all snipers, and the other is more balanced. He is then forced to go on a bike ride to relax and clear his head. On it though it looks like he comes up with an idea.

And that’s where the episode really ends.

Yeah, if you couldn’t guess, this is a pretty dull episode. The only thing that really happens is Wet Blanket is a Wet Blanket and worries about stuff. It is a lot of talking about thinking up strategies about the next battle, but nothing really comes of it. We know how these guys are going to fight in what is really a throw away fight as I’m pretty certain these guys are going to win. Because…well..they’re kind of the main characters of the show.

I don't know...somehow I don't see Duckface losing to Anime Brown haired Ron Weasley here.

I don’t know…somehow I don’t see Duckface losing to Anime Brown haired Ron Weasley here.

If you’re looking for an episode to skip…You’re really not going to miss much here. They’re going to battle some people and Wet Blanket is worried they won’t win. There you go. I just saved you twenty minutes.

There’s nothing inherently bad or offensive about this episode it’s just kind of…there. The only really good thing about this episode is that it gave Konami more screen time while keeping Bitch face out of the episode. So that’s always a bonus.

All in all…

Episode 5.5/10

So….back to the Rank wars next week maybe?

Also…yeah. We’re 39 episodes in and the wiki says this show is 50 episodes? There’s no way they can wrap it up in 11 episodes. Either this has to have another season, or it’s going to leave a LOT of questions unanswered.


Duckface Counter: 12

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  1. storm says:

    They actually announced recently that WT is goin g to have another season. It’ll be an anime original arc judging by how close we are to catching up with the manga x3

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