Junjou Romantica 3 ~ Episode 3 [Kyo Ijuuin]

Welp, now we have the conclusion of the Mizuki arc and the marked beginning of the Kyo Ijuuin arc. What do I mean by that? Well, in this episode we get to go to Ijuuin’s signing. In which Misaki and his friend see that when Ijuuin-sensei is cleaned up and not half dead from overwork like he was when Misaki met him last season. He’s actually pretty hot. [He looks like Takano, if i had to say anything about Nakamura-sensei’s art is sometimes her characters look a little similar. It can become strange when the colors aren’t in place to help tell the difference.]
Also, another missed opportunity for a Sekai cameo! They were RIGHT in Marimo books where Yukina works. You’re killing me here Junjou! Killing me!


After that scene, Ijuuin runs into Misaki and his friend in a nearby cafe and thanks them again for the cookies they baked for him and talks with them. He shows that he remembers and values his meeting with Misaki from before. As Misaki goes to tell Ijuuin he loves him [as a writer], Usagi shows up. Well, uh, that’s awkward. In particular if you know future plot lines with this group.

So being part of the same company, Usagi and Kyo introduce themselves to one another but you can pretty much feel the hate between them. Like, neither of them say it but you can feel it off the animation.

Usagi tells Misaki later that he’s jealous and Misaki tries to explain that the love him feels between them is really different. He also shows that he’s the cutest boyfriend ever, he gives him cookies that he baked for him and they have less sugar and more ginger because he knows Usagi doesn’t like sweets. KYA, MISAKI WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?! Wishing you could date the boys in yaoi anime [first world fan girl problems.]


Also in this episode, Misaki decides where he wants to apply to work. Well it’s at Marukawa of course. Of course just because he applied doesn’t he mean he’s going to be accepted. It’ll probably be his connections to not just Usagi, but with Ijuuin liking him as well that gives him another recommendation.

The final plot point that needed to be wrapped up, Usagi’s two unwanted house guests. They both go to the airport and take their planes out of the country at last. Mizuki admits that he’s in love with the girl. See, not every guy in this show is gay. He just was pretending to be gay and be super clingy to his cousin because he’s a spiteful jealous A-hole like that.
The Usami family and their personality issues.


Well with this arc over, that means that we’re pretty likely to move onto another couple now. Please move to the Egoist pairing, please? I would like that.



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