Go! Princess Precure Episode 24

Go! Princess Precure Ep 24 Img 0006This week’s episode of Go! Princess Precure turned out to be a lot more milder than I had anticipated it to be. There is nothing wrong with that of course because they still managed to deliver the charms. Last week I had thought Kirara’s and Towa’s personalities were going to clash, the independent VS the dependent, but instead it wasn’t he case at all. Instead, we saw Kirara have great patience working with Towa, encouraging her to ask questions when she doesn’t understand, covering up for her when she tends to speak too honestly about herself. And it is admirable especially when we were seeing Kirara facing her busiest schedule to date. Her success at the runway had provided her many new opportunities, including one where she was scouted to be the star model of a new magazine. But the result of her havoc schedule was catching up  on her, and Kirara was absolutely drained. So when we see Towa have some mess ups, it was assuring to see how Kirara had the ability to control her expected grumpiness. It makes me excited to see how their friendship will blossom.

As the episode went on, we were able to see Towa slowly but surely adapt to her new environment and lifestyle. It was entertaining how her habits would kick in, and even more so when she brought up about having attendants get her lunch, and two of her newest fans did just that.
But while Towa had her own struggles adapting, we were able to see the kindness we weren’t able to see when she was Twilight. She was concerned about Kirara’s well-being, she wanted to help her when she was tired (calling Aroma and Pafu to bring tea in the middle of class). It’s that side of Towa we haven’t been able to see before because she was Twilight, and I look forward of seeing more of her true heart as the show goes on.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 24 Img 0003Aside from the focus on Towa and Kirara, there was one key plot detail that was brought up today. The girls now have twelve keys, but… Towa explained to us that isn’t actually the case because the three keys she has were created by Dyspear, so that means her keys cannot be used to save her Kingdom. With the three remaining true keys left to be found, I am a bit at loss of how they will be divided or used since there are now four of them in the group. It also makes me wonder how does Dyspear’s purified keys which Towa is using right now will affect her ability to become the Grand Princess. Would she swich keys or would there end up being a forth member to the team? Could it also be only exclusively distributed to the original three, pr will the remaining three keys either face some sort of peril? There are still 25 Episodes left, so there is certainly more than enough time to throw in another member coughyuianyonecough– but at the same time, the longer it remains missing the sooner it will become a race against time

Overall, this was a strong ‘quiet’ episode. The pacing was set just right. Anything slower or anything faster wouldn’t have felt right. My favourite scene however, was Shut facing grown up Lock for the first time. What I loved was how Shut was smart enough not to do anything stupid. He was quick to pick up that the Lock knew is not the same was the one he is now facing, and sitting on Dyspear’s throne. I am sure he has a million things running through his head, so I wonder how he will handle the second round of turn of events. Well luckily for us, Shut will finally be back in some sort of action next week. He is seen holding Dyspear’s Despair Container, so it is a possibility Lock might send him out into the field. Here’s to hoping he and Towa will get the chance to talk (but it might be too soon for that).

Next week, although the girls are going over to Haruka’s house for a sleepover, it appears it may be a Minami and Towa central episode.


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4 Responses

  1. You know, I felt something similar watching this episode too.

    I thought that would be a big rivalry or arguments between Kirara and Towa and that Lock would bring the tough battle of Zetsuborg (I was like: “That’s it? How quick”! Oh well, at least Lock got a bit to fill the gauge, which is not good at all).

    But still, I like this episode.I find it funny when Towa was being too honest at her introduction shocking Aroma, Pafu and Kirara (that reminds me when Ellen was being too honest to her new colleagues, but Hibiki and Kanade shouts to distract them at episode 28 – yet, this is another similarity between the corrupted warriors turned into Pretty Cures)! XD

    I noticed that Kirara (on her model business) was forgetting to be happy at the last time, glad she figured it out while talking with Towa. Even more, they both helped each other to remember to “smile”. That’s wonderful. And Kirara tickling Towa is cute to watch. :)
    Furthermore, I believe I’m not the only one who remembers Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy everytime I hear a happy precure saying “smile”, like Haruka did. :D

    I’m eager to see the next episode. Besides the next friendship making of Towa, I hope Shut has his chance to appear as well (despite he said to Lock that he changed, but Lock said he didn’t, I’m having a feeling that Shut is the one who’s changing).

    • Keiko says:

      Yeah, that part is just too cute. :) And Haru-Haru’s smile was so nice.

  2. Ayal92 says:

    Kirara turned to be a lot more patient than I thought she would be, even if she is the same blunt girl as ever. She is a really entertaining character, I enjoy her a lot. My only trouble with Towa arc is I always feel really embarrased with the “fish out of water” kind of scenes. It happens to me with every single anime and things like Towa introducing herself as Hope Kingdom’s princess or asking for tea in the middle of the class make me cringe. No the anime’s fault but it’s there.

    Lock’s comment about his puberty cracked me up and Shut has the ” death by change of heart” flag and I’m very sorry for him. He looks so depressed and miserable in the preview I wonder what Lock did/said to him. If he survives and joins the precure team I’ll be happy.

  3. Keiko says:

    Pretty enough to say for Towacchi (ah snap, I even called our third reformed Cure that heck nickname! Oh well, as expected from Kirara.) that she needs more knowledge and attention about Earth’s customs, especially the hows on doing the usual stuff on her own. I’m a bit shocked that Towacchi’s intro on her first class day got almost crashed but Kirara managed to pick it up. Even in the cafeteria, she even has her own “maids,” in which Yui-Yui said that Towacchi already has fans. If I were in her situation then I should do the self-service thingy on my own.

    However as a princess of another dimension, Towacchi even shows to everybody else in Noble that she can do anything – from ballet to playing the violin and even solving math problems (thanks to a tutorial from Minamin). Yet, the dilemmas for both her and Kirara have been into a test because Kirara herself lost her concentration on her model work due to oversleeping as well as for Towacchi that she needs to learn the laundry work, so Shirogane-san took up for our blazing princess The bonding at the lake was my favorite part of the episode when Towacchi reminds it of the one in the Hope Kingdom, which that’s also the place where she was always at Kanata’s side.

    Lock’s grown form was just… Is it just me or he’s just undergo a major sudden puberty stage? I didn’t expect that he was just hiding something although this bad hood dude is taking charge for Dyspear. That despaired gauge sounds really suspicious to me because if ever when fills, oh goodness this might be dangerous for the Princess Cures as they’re about to get their ultimate powers very soon!

    Next episode will be another interesting one as Shut steps in this time. But right now, I have a strange feeling that he’d be encountered Towacchi once again.

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