Charlotte ~ Episode 4 [Play Ball]

We take a much needed pause in ripping our still beating hearts out of our chests for a baseball episode. Wait a second, I remember the Angel Beats baseball episode, is this going to be as depressing? The answer, no thank goodness. The student council’s special helper finds them a guy at a near by school with telekinesis that is using it to help his baseball game. Of course, such a dangerous use of power can not be allowed to continue on so it’s the student council on the case.


Honestly, this episode didn’t have much to offer at all. It was a lot of the same jokes we’ve seen in previous episodes. Yu’s sister can’t cook with anything but pizza sauce, Takajo is a helpless fanboy, Misa is a pyro. The only real new material we get in the way of knowing anything about the main characters is Yusa’s magic spells from the television show she’s been on. There are like, 67 of these little song and dances?
Too much cute, can’t handle the adorable, I might die!

Also, am I the only one amused a girl named Misa is possessing a blonde haired idol? Just me? Okay.


If I had to call this episode anything, it would be filler. It’s not a necessary watch to continue on with the series. Of course, since this is Charlotte. It can’t leave us behind without leaving us with some sort of feeling.

So at the end of the episode, we find out that he wasn’t using his power to further his own career at all. Instead further the career of his friend, the teams catcher. Who is apparently pro-league material. It’s a sweet sentiment, however, as Tomori says. If he has the talent that his friend believes he does. He’s bound to be picked up and then there will come a day where he can stand proud and go “That’s my best friend.”


It was a nice, non-selfish use of his powers but still, it’s highly dangerous. Not to mention, like forgetting the scientist for a second. If any pro-league had noticed what Tomori noticed just by looking at a video. It would be labeled as cheating and all of the winning games would be thrown out. So it’s even more damaging in the end.

While this episode was cute, it’s not much of anything in the grand scheme of the show. Not that I mind, I love the characters in this show and just seeing them derp around could be fun in it’s own right. I’ve still got my eyes on you Takajo, stop being so happy!



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2 Responses

  1. Shiki says:

    Following how this show is and you reminding me of angel beats basebal scene, maybe our baseball guy gets abducted next episode
    And what did our little girl found out after he used his ability at the end of the episode?
    And i am so glad misa is our troup now.. i like her

  2. Tenshi says:

    So far, I really like this series. It has so much potential, and great animation, music, and characters. But all that aside, can they please stop with the pizza sauce joke? Because it’s really not funny. Maybe it was humorous the first time, but now it’s jus annoying. I mean, who uses pizza sauce in everything? And what kind of pizza sauce is sweet? I’m part Japanese and I’ve never heard of that. Or is that just like a Japan thing where they call everything sweet. Maybe it’s a chef thing? In all those cooking shows I watch plus cooking animes. they always call carrots and stuff sweet. I don’t know.

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