Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 62

It is jailbreak time, and you can’t have that without a riot now can you? The ‘duel festival’ wasn’t originally supposed to be a part of the ‘distraction plan’, but rather Crow and Shinji taking advantage of the event to do their break out. I was hoping we were going to find out why Crow is indebted to Shinji, but we didn’t. My guess though is: In the past Shinji had used himself as a decoy so that Crow could get away. Their initial breakout plan only consisted three people. They were Shinji, Crow and another acquaintance, Damon. But it gets more complicated when Damon mistaken Yuuya for Yuugo, and goes on about how he seen Yuugo and Yuzu putting up flyers, in desperate attempt to warn the public of Academia’s invasion.
Yuuya realizing it is Yuzu he is referring to, panics when he hears how the security has their eyes on them and becomes desperate to get out to find her before the security do. So when he catches on how Crow will be participating in a break out, Yuuya is dishearten how Crow isn’t allowing him to join them and is keeping his distance.

They made it very clear to understand why Crow’s character did 360 and tries to create distance with Yuuya. In the beginning of the episode, we were seen an example where an inmates who was friends some guys who were planning a jailbreak. Even though the individual was not participating in the plan, everyone who is connected to the culprits are collectively punished by being dragged off somewhere and never seen again.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 62 Img 0017I do find it both cute and funny how similar both Yuuya and Yuzu are to each other. They react in similar way when in a difficult situation which involves their closest friends. Yuzu was down for a long time when she was in doubt and confused after encountering Yuuto, unable to comprehend at the time why he has the same face as Yuuya. For Yuuya’s case, he lost his spirit because his anxiety was eating him  up inside. He was trying to figure out what to do, how to get out, how to find Yuzu as quickly as possible. Fortunately Gongenzaka caught on why Yuuya was acting weird, and demanded answers from Crow, who filled him in. Gongenzaka was able to bring back Yuuya’s spirit, to ensure him they were all going to participate.

And sure of that was the case. Shun who was separated from the group had his own jailbreak planned out. Being the badass he is, he hid in the darkness, taking advantage of the narrow cell and made it so it looked like he had already escaped. Then he dropped down on the security and kick his way out. Funny enough, Gongenzaka had gone to help him, but Shun was already out by the time he arrived, so he didn’t have to do much.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 62 Img 0022However there is a bit of a problem. They couldn’t escape in the same route, Gongenzaka and Shun are going one way, Yuuya, Sawatari and Chojiro (I don’t get how he can fit inside but whatever no point making sense of ANIME LOGIC!) are crawling through the ventilation system with Crow, Shinji and their other bro, and worse of all- Dennis is the one to get Selena out.
Now I will always be in doubt with Dennis is involved with helping Selena or Yuzu escape, because he could call Yuuri or take care of the matter himself at any time. That’s why I don’t like the two being alone, but by the look of the preview- everyone should be meeting in the same place regardless of taking different exits- so hopefully the group will not be divided again.

In the meantime, Yuugo submitted the application for the Friendship Cup, including Yuzu without her knowing, claiming she will be able to take advantage of the big stage to warn the public of Academia’s Invasion. However, it wasn’t a good call since he and Yuzu are fugitives, and Jean intends to capture them at the Friendship Cup, and while he’s at it, set an example to the Commons. Oh joy, whatever he has in mind can’t be good…

Speaking of the devil, Jean was seen going somewhere in a limo, but there wasn’t quite any follow up of where he went. He either went to the Prison Camp, or is off to see Jack.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 62 Img 0008Overall the episode was a very fun one and I enjoyed ever minute of it. There were a lot of precious moments, such as Yuuya’s Hippo being so excited to get an awesome outfit on Sawatari’s boat, but was heartbroken when Yuuya ended his turn without doing anything! Another one was the Dancing Hippos serving as a blockade to the officers, bless you hippos, and lastly, seeing Yuzu in a change of outfit AND her hair down! she looks really pretty with her hair down, I wish we could see her with that style more often, heehee. Am I the only one who is hoping she will pick out one of Rin’s clothes and switch it up again? It would be wise since at this point there isn’t much gain wearing Selena’s Academia’s outfit.

Next week, the escape attempt continues!

Random Note of the Week: Oh Yuugo you precious dork!


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10 Responses

  1. 75chaosflare says:

    After watching the episode it seems like Yuya’s greatest weakness is Yuzu in general. This was about the second time he became obsessed with wanting to save her while forgetting anything else and the two people so far who called him out of it were Reiji and Crow. If this continues Yuya may end up like Season 3 Judai where all he thought about was saving Johan, granted his friends chose to come along with him regardless of wanting to go alone and still get blamed.

    It’s was that which had Yoko duel him try to calming down so Yuya wouldn’t lose sight in what he truly believes in. Without a doubt I find both Yuya and Yuzu as one of my favorites for various reasons, mostly because they give each other support that’s really noticeable and how much they likely depend on one another whenever they need them. To me the difference of Judai and Yuya would probably be that Yuya recently has friends and others around him who are actually effective in reminding him or keeping him in check while Judai’s friends were slowly regretting their decision to go along with him to save Johan ending up as Darkness fodder.

    As for the recent issues regarding Dennis, to me I find it doubtful that he’ll try to capture or call Yuri to get Serena regardless of the opportunity due to the earlier episodes when separated with Gongenzeka he tried to make some communication but it didn’t work which could imply that since they went to another Dimension their communications won’t effective work well including that fact that Yuzu never contacted Yuya while she was in Synchro Dimension with her duel disk. Meaning as for the moment even Fusion Dimension doesn’t know where they are but they’ll likely guess.

    Overall, I loved this episode and the top-tier animation Ebina done. It’s funny when Yugo did applications for Yuzu he almost wrote her as Rin and kinda displayed Standard then crossing it off.

    • Eva says:

      You nailed it on the head. It is really good that Yuuya has friends like Gongenzaka who catches on to him not being himself very quickly and rather than be passive, takes the initiative to do something about it. Gongenzaka could have easily stayed still, but he’s not that type of character. He sensed something was up and went to demand for answers.

      I consider Dennis a threat mainly because we don’t know what Academia’s technological capabilities are. They have been in the Synchro Realm before, so I would more or less expect Dennis to have a way to contact them. The matter is whether or not he chooses to do so or not since the others (particularly Shun) are growing suspicious of him.

      Yuugo is hilarious. The form had be cracking up real good, the strikeouts were golden! XD And the way he gushes about Rin, gosh he is so head over heels in love with that girl even though he refuses to admit it. XD What a dork!

      • 75chaosflare says:

        To me, it still probably yet to be shown based on the preview and since the only person residing from Fusion who went to Sychro was Yuri during a secret mission of kidnapping Rin as well as a way of getting Yugo and Yuto to kill each other (Misunderstanding in a nutshell: http://i.imgur.com/PgLYjNu.jpg?1 ) while he had his Academia duel disk and Dennis recently has Standard version.

        By all means Reiji likely knows what’s going own but he has a known habit screwing around with people.

        Lastly, is it just me or does it make Arc-v alot more likable when Yuya’s mostly treated as another member of the group like all the others, rather than being the leader with hanger-ons clinging to his heels, and we all know how the latter situation ended up for Judai or Yuma. As well as having the main rival being the leader (or he’s supposed to be).

        • Eva says:

          You’re right, and I feel the same. I never truly identified Yuuya as a leader, I only seen him as another member of the group- and honestly it is SO refreshing. And on top of that, by not being the leader for an exchange, it allows Yuuya’s character become more flexible than his past predecessors. He doesn’t have that burden we have seen from his past predecessors who slipped into the leadership role from the get go where they are in situations when an asspull/plothole has to happen in order to let them win- because they are the one and only savior.

          I think because of the way they set up the storyline, particularly with how they utilized Yuzu’s character to play such an engaging role in this series, made it so Yuuya and Yuzu are two halves to a whole (if that makes any sense). They are both mains, but they each have a different and important role to play. So when we these two characters who are playing such significant roles in a unique way, it makes it so one can’t overshadow the other by being a part of the group rather than the one who hogs the spotlight/being the standout.

  2. captainmarvel4ever says:

    I wasn’t as much of a fan of this one, it was better then last week’s, and it was nice to see more of Sawatari’s deck (I’d still like to see him in a serious match though) but over all I wasn’t nearly as entertained by this episode as I was hoping I would be. Like I said though, it feels like they’re saving the A material for when Jack finally shows up, which is fine with me. On the bright side I can defiantly say the stuff with Yuzu (who I’d also like to see duel some time soon) and Yuto was enjoyable and got me this awesome gif http://www.comicvine.com/api/image/scale_super/4653143-5810000759-tumbl.gif :)

    • Eva says:


      Did you mean: Yuugo? XDb Gosh I love their interaction are so funny to watch! XD Yuugo you precious dork!

      • captainmarvel4ever says:

        lol, I get the feeling I’m gonna make that mistake a lot

        • Eva says:

          ;) Well to be fair, the “T” and “G” keys are very easy to mix up while typing. XD And don’t worry, I’ve mixed up the names many times while doing my notes for the episodes!

          • captainmarvel4ever says:

            It can be difficult to keep track of names in a franchise about characters who all have extremely similar names. Heck in my head I keep on accidentally calling Yuya “Yuya Tsukumo” and Yuma “Yuma Sakaki” At least Yuzu and her counterparts all have different names so I’m not screwing that up too :)
            lol, Imagine if there was another Bonds Beyond time style movie with every protagonist and Yuya’s counterparts, that would be a nightmare… a very awesome nightmare (pretty sure that’s the one time I will ever use that phrase).

            • Eva says:

              Omg, now i have the mighty need for it!!!!!!! IT WOULD BE GOLDEN! I mean come on, if Precure can make freaking All Stars movies featuring which includes all the past and latest heroines (and I lost count how many there are at this point), I think YGO could pull it off. XD

              /RUNS AWAY

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