Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions Ep 12

Utapri S3 Ep 12

Let’s cut straight to the chase: Once again, this week’s episode was a whole lot of nothing. It is really too bad because I tried to be optimistic about the writers dishing out something good, but at the same time, I wasn’t holding my breath for it. The only true charm of the episode was seeing Haruka acting professionally when Quartet Night asked her to re-arrange their song again. I was worried it was going to put her in an awkward position because she really wants to help STARISH succeed, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her accept the task without any hesitation or internal conflicts. I was really impressed with her passion for her career when she said: “Turning the singers’ emotions into a song is my job.” Sure, she has a special bond with STARISH, but she is not closed-minded enough to be bias towards another group who are her friends’ rivals.

Another point I want to make (and I will be sure to repeat this in next week’s finale): Haruka being more involved with the projects is the only good thing about this season. Unfortunately her role is not enough to be this season’s saving grace, so it’s a real shame that the time she finally gets to shine in the spotlight for simply doing her job, it’s a shitty season. Perhaps it would have been better had there been more focus on Haruka altogether, and less on the rivalry and the “revolution” ambition Shining had set STARISH on. Who knows, regardless- the script was the fundamental problem as we have seen in Season 2: A good script and a smart way of pacing the episodes will produce a stronger season.

Utapri S3 Ep 12 img 01So at the end of the day: It wasn’t love or anything on STARISH’s part that was left to complete their revolution, it was all on Quartet Night’s response. Shining wanted to see STARISH improve to the point that even their rivals, the Quartet Night acknowledges their growth and takes their side to persuade Shining to let them join the Triple S event. Personally I found it super anticlimactic so of course I was not impressed. So STARISH are like super hyped up and happy about but then Quartet Night returns to their bad attitude of, “We didn’t do it for you, but for ourselves.” shit because they want to prove on stage they are superior to STARISH, when in truth they were feeling threatened by STARISH’s Maji Revolution song and that’s why they asked Haruka to re-arrange their song to try and beat it.

Now here’s the thing, if you thought perhaps their re-arrangements made it to be amazing (as it should have been to begin with), unfortunately I felt nothing. And that’s the problem. We are so late into the series now, the semi-final episode, and so I am at the point where I am simply done with this shit. I can’t even bring myself to care about their song, and it certainly doesn’t help that their re-vamped song can’t even change that opinion. It just shows how much they screwed up this season.

Next week is the final episode, and since Quartet Night have already performed (but just watch, they will probably repeat the entire performance). ONE MORE WEEK GUYS AND THEN WE ARE FREE!


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