Tribe Cool Crew Episode 37 (Kumo’s Toe)

So once again we delve into the world of dancing that is tribe cool crew. Man…man this show just keeps on trucking along. Just like me. Well, I do have to say, I found something out today that made me happy. You know how I talk about how I like Kanon’s friend Ayumu?

You know, this chick

You know, this chick

It turns out that she’s the voice actress for Kodachi from Daitoshokan (aka the greatest character to date since I started reviewing on this site)

Gah I miss her so much!

Gah I miss her so much!

Well, just thought i’d throw that side tangent out there. Besides. That random tidbit is more interesting than what happens in the actual episode. Ah. See…see what I did there? I made the two connect! Ok…no..No i didn’t. What do you mean I did that soley to be able to put in a picture of Kodachi? UP!

So the episode starts out with Kumo showing off to the group. (Nice segway there Hideki) After he finishes his routine he ends up tripping over a loose piece of cement and breaking his pinky toe.

Yes Kumo, for real, that's the plot of the episode

Yes Kumo, for real, that’s the plot of the episode

Unfortunately with his toe like that, it means he won’t be able to dance in the next part of dance road. Because of this, the group has to figure out how to do a four man show without him.

Meanwhile Kumo goes back to his father’s house and begins to work for him, doing easy work until his toe is fully healed.

Yep, there will be a bunch of Kumo pics in this review.

Yep, there will be a bunch of Kumo pics in this review.

The two ex gang members of Kumo’s happen to have a job along the same lines as Kumo and see his acting oddly, spacing out while at the job. Worried about him, they tell the rest of Tribe Cool Crew about it.

Like there's a reason for your characters to exist?

Like there’s a reason for your characters to exist?

The rest of Tribe Cool Crew go to check on Kumo only to learn that he was zoning out because he was thinking of ways that the group could do the dances without him.

The episode ends with Kumo telling the group to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Once again, this recap was short. The biggest reason for that, is this episode had a lot of non-sequiturs.

First, the group can’t find Kumo so they think he’s off training with a monkey at a hot spring (not sure why that’s their first thought)

I would say it makes more sense in context it doesn't.

I would say it makes more sense in context it doesn’t.

Then the two guys talk about Kumo’s family and how strong they are and gives two examples.

What's that? Describe their exploits? Don't mind if i do!

What’s that? Describe their exploits? Don’t mind if i do!

And that’s pretty much how the episode runs. It’s a whole lot of filler. Basically all you need to know about this episode is, Kumo breaks his toe, and now he can’t dance in the next round of Dance Road. That’s really all there is to this episode. Everything else is just pointless filler padding.

Is this episode bad? No…not really. But it isn’t good either. Really, just like most filler episodes, it’s just kind of there. It’s interesting to finally see Kumo’s family, but the problem is, they’re not interesting enough to warrant the attention spent on them.

The only thing that I can say about this show is that there’s no lack of seeing what the group does on their off time. It elaborates on all five of the main characters and gives them their own episodes. It’s fair to all of them and doesn’t just focus on the main two. For that, I have to give them credit.

Oh well, next episode we’re back to dance road, and i’m actually excited to see how the group dances without Kumo. It should be interesting to say the least.

Episode 5/10



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