Show By Rock!! Episode 11: Grateful Rock Festival

In which Darudayu is a total badass!

The day of the Grateful Rock Festival has arrived. Everyone is excited to participate in this famous and life-changing festival. Cyan and the others brace themselves for the dark monsters, as well as Crimson. Tsurezure prepare themselves, but they also do not want to forget why they are there, and it’s to spread music from the Far East. Because there’s no way they’re going to let Dagger mess with the music. We see some past band members meet up again with Plasmagica and the others. Everyone is happy while Cyan is worried. She’s also worried that Berry hasn’t talked to her.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 11 [1080p].mkv0022Most of this episode was just a set up for the big finale next week. After so much time trapped in that little room, Grateful King has forced himself to write the best song for Dagger. From Dagger’s reaction he’s extremely pleased, and thinks that the song will overcome Cyan. Things are going his way and he anticipates the festival. He didn’t keep his end of the deal though. He was supposed to free Grateful King when he would write the song, but Dagger just leaves him there. Grateful King seems to be in a really bad condition, though I think he’ll be saved really soon. Angelica and Maple didn’t accompany Plasmagica and Crimson to the festival because they needed to handle some “business”. The business I’m guessing is busting Grateful King out of the studio he’s trapped in. They made it pretty obvious when Angelica and Maple reacted to Cyan saying Berry hasn’t talked to her. So I’m sure right before the show ends, we’ll be seeing Grateful King out in the open and not as a shadow. Also, Angelica looks really hot in leather. Maple…just looks funny.

The festival begins and Trikronika performs first, followed by SHINGANCRIMSONZ, then followed by Tsurezure. Everything is going fine and well until the first few seconds of Tsurezure’s song, and that’s when things went wrong. Tsurezure, Trikronika, Crimson, and Plasmagica were sent to smushy CGI land. Darudayu tells them all to prepare themselves when a giant moth monster attacks. The monster sends out these electric orbs that captures everyone except Cyan, Syuzo, and Darudayu, like Dagger wanted.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 11 [1080p].mkv0099Darudayu is so cool. She’s just way cool. And very knowledgeable. We know she spoke to Angelica about Dagger and Grateful King, and she told Cyan and Syuzo to stay back so they could handle the next monster. So it’s like she just knows everything. She, Angelica, and Maple have been hiding a lot of things and for some reason the rest of the characters don’t know a thing. And it’s kinda like Darudayu has done this before. She calls forth that cat costume/doll thing, which is actually more like a mecha, and she fights the moth monster with it and she’s just really awesome.

Like I had been wondering, earlier Chuchu mentioned Criticrista’s absence. As Darudayu fights the dark monster and punches it, Cyan hears a voice coming from it screaming “help”. Of course, it’s Rosia. Just like I thought, Dagger turned Rosia and probably the rest of the band into a dark monster, or multiple monsters. Knowing this, Cyan tells Darudayu to stop and not kill her. And that’s where it ends.

I had a feeling the big monsters would be Rosia and the rest. I didn’t think Dagger just outright killed them, but Darudayu was about to. Darudayu is handling this monster on her own, because she says a bigger monster is going to appear after this one. Cyan and Syuzo are going to have to work together to defeat that one. We’ll see next week just how difficult that will be for them. And hopefully, Grateful King will make his appearance then.


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