Punch Line Episode 9 (DAYYMMNN)

You know, for the first time in a long time, I can actually say the phrase “You can’t judge a series by the first few episodes.” I hardly EVER say that as the first few episodes are usually a good representation of how the rest of the series is going to be. And honestly, the first few episodes of this show were pretty terrible. But the further the series goes on, the more intense it gets. And let me tell you, a LOT happens this episode. I seriously better just get started.

So the episode starts up with the girl from last episode having collapsed. Our main dude knows where her pills of because of the whole time travel shenanigans. She asks how he knows and he reveals that he’s really the boy she knew from childhood who switched bodies with her, Pine.

Jesus is that....emotion i'm feeling?

Jesus is that….emotion i’m feeling?

She’s happy to finally be reunited and tells him that the guy who originally helped them escape took care of her for about a year until the organization found him and blew him up.

(featured in background, him blowing up)

(featured in background, him blowing up)

Meanwhile, Pine sees on the tv that nukes wouldn’t be able to stop the meteor as there’s no atmosphere in space and nukes wouldn’t do a whole lot. He runs around verifying this with scientists and physicists around Tokyo. So now he knows that the so called “American Agent” that visits Rabura is lying.

If i confirm there's no atmosphere in space, will you get the hell out of my classroom?

If i confirm there’s no atmosphere in space, will you get the hell out of my classroom?

The cat however reminds him that in order to keep the future the way it needs to be so the girls can all be friends after the big fight, Pine has to dress up, get beaten up by Rabura and the giant fish and the agent has to escape.

This time around however, he tells him “There’s no atmosphere in space”. Hearing this, the agent runs away, but in this timeline, Pine catches up with him and makes him tell him what’s going on.

Apparently the nukes aren’t enough to destroy it, just to change its course to Earth as it originally would not have hit Earth. The agent really isn’t an agent as he has one of those face makers from the previous episode, and his real face beneath it, is actually Pine’s true face as it is revealed that the true leader of Qmay, the group who wants to destroy the planet is the third member of the body swap, the one who has Pine’s body. The plan being to use Meiko the robot to hack into the security to launch the nukes to make sure the earth is hit by the asteroid. And the episode ends with Pine being drugged and knocked out, left unconscious in the river as the time that will decide everything is fast approaching.


Hot damn. This series. I didn’t think it was possible for this series to pull itself out of the insane hole it put itself into, but I am honest to god actually enjoying the plot now. Everything is actually starting to ramp up. The only real issue I have is that a few of the characters seem incidental such as Rabura, but other than that, I’m liking where this is going.

The twist of who the true villain was, was actually incredibly interesting and i’m really looking forward to how this plays out.

The further this show goes along the more sense it makes. The only issue with that is trying to convince people to watch past the first few episodes. Up until everything is explained about 2 episodes ago, this series is a jumbled mess. But once you get past that, it’s actually quite interesting.

Also, apparently Pine is really a bishonen. Who knew?

Hmm....i'm trying to imagine this face freaking out over panties. it's weird.

Hmm….i’m trying to imagine this face freaking out over panties. it’s weird.

Everything is beginning to be wrapped up together and all the seemingly separate things that don’t make any sense are finally starting to do so. I’m not sure how this story is going to end, but i’m interested in seeing how they do it.

All in all, i’m impressed with how this show’s working out, I still think the whole panty thing is unnecessary, but overall, I’m excited for next week. (geez I didn’t think i’d ever say that about THIS show… good on you show)

Episode 8.5/10


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