Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode 9: Derailed Scandal

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 09 [720p].mkv0036The entirety of this episode is Eruna and Otone trying to recruit people into their club. Eruna, as usual, comes up with dumb ideas to get people to join. She’s just making up scandals for the newspaper club to believe and interview people, and then Eruna and Otone will hold up signs in the background of the videos or photos to join their club. Like subliminal messages. It’s pretty dumb, but Eruna is very desperate. But what’s even more dumb is that Eruna still doesn’t know what the club is going to be. Also, she needs to hurry the hell up. Bimii explains that she needs to get at least one member before the midterm battles because the battles test the clubs’ abilities. So if Eruna doesn’t have her club ready by then, she’s just going to have to give up. So now with that deadline on her mind, she needs to hurry.

We have the problem of Otone. Eruna is her first true friend, and Otone is afraid that if people join their club, Eruna will make more friends and that’ll distance her from Otone, leaving her alone again. There actually have been people interested in the club, and they all have gone to Otone to ask about it. But Otone purposefully pushes them away, challenging them to a match to join. Of course, being the winner of the rookie battles, people back out. In one instance, Eruna catches her in the act and Otone shares her true feelings.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 09 [720p].mkv0071And she’s a lot more similar to Seisa than I thought. Funnily enough, when she’s sharing her feelings to Eruna, we get a short shot at Seisa. Seisa probably feels the exact same way. Seeing Eruna with Otone in the last episode, for some reason Seisa looked hurt. Seisa probably thought of Eruna as a good friend, the only person that would approach her and speak with her, but now that she’s made many new friends and is with Otone to start up her club, Seisa has been alone. She’s feeling the distance between them, and when Kurumi-meido asked if she would be sad when Eruna would leave the mansion, she said she was fine, though we can see that that’s not the case. Honestly, I thought Seisa would have chosen to join Eruna’s club. If she’s having these feelings, then I think she’ll join her club sooner or later. I was actually thinking that Seisa was going to be the third club member, and not Bimii. Speaking of which…

Bimii’s human form is super cute. What the hell. After finding a large empty classroom and claiming it as their own, Eruna and Otone are challenged by the girl from the newspaper club. Their club needs the room because their other one is crowded, but Eruna wants it anyway. So they battle, with the power of extreme embarrassment newspaper girl looks like she’s going to win. And honestly the secrets of Eruna’s life were amusing, all of them related to Shigure and how much she loved him. I wonder when the switch came to be?

Story short, Otone helps Eruna cheat and Eruna wins. Bimii arrives in his human form and officially joins Eruna’s club as a last resort, and ta da, they got the club and the clubroom. What’s the club’s name?

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 09 [720p].mkv0111

How the hell was this approved? I feel like everyone is just letting Eruna get her way. So, whatever, she got the club. She doesn’t know what it’ll be just yet, but she got the club. Bimii as a human is cute and everything, but isn’t this cheating? Could he get fired for this? I mean, even though he’s some sort of magical cat thing, he’s still a teacher. So this is cheating, right? And since he’s a teacher, he’ll be part of the battles too, right? So I’m guessing he’s strong? So…cheating. That’s cheating. And why is he so attached to Eruna? Out of all the people in the school, he’s always around Eruna, and for what reason? Because of her family name, which is apparently amazing, which he mentioned in the first episode but was never explained since? Is anyone else as annoyed as I am?


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2 Responses

  1. mii says:

    it’s because of the fact that Eruna is from the Ichinomiya lineage, which is quite important to the school, they didn’t explain it in the anime (not sure if they’re going to in the next few episodes) but, slight spoilers ahead (not a big spoiler or anything, just slight differences on how things going from the anime) :

    This week’s episode doesn’t really follows the novel, in the novel, both Eruna and Otone ended up going to meet the Headmistress of Mikagura to have a talk about her new club. There they meet the “projection” of the supposedly Headmistress (in the form of human Bimii) At first Eruna’s still going with the idea of making the “Spoiling Eruna-chan” Club, but the Headmistress rejected her, saying that it has nothing to do with cultural activities. The Headmistress then realized she’s talking with a girl from the Ichinomiya lineage, she asked Eruna about a portrait in the Headmistress’ room. Eruna quickly noticed the portrait being the girl she saw back when she awakened her power in the battle against Himi.

    The Headmistress explained that the girl is Eruna’s ancestor, a miko who set up the magic barrier in the school, so she’s a pretty damn important person. Eruna was shocked but saw this as a chance to get the Headmistress’ permission, she finally decided on her Club’s name, which was accepted by the Headmistress, but only temporarily, Eruna still has to find one more member. The Headmistress also assigned Bimii to train Eruna since Seisa told the Headmistress that Eruna has an overwhelming power she hasn’t awakened yet, THIS is where Bimii finally got his human body back.

    • Berry says:

      Wow that all sounds a million times better than what the anime is doing. What you explained to me answered lots of questions and made a set up for a very interesting plot. While the anime doesn’t really have much of a plot and they bring up things without answering them. That’s such a shame. I don’t know what the anime team was thinking when changing things up like this but it’s just not working out. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it!

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