Houkago no Pleiades Episode 9

This episode, was SO worth the wait!

Resuming my coverage of this series was the BEST DECISION EVER. I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT I GAVE THIS COVERAGE A SECOND CHANCE. HOLY SHIT, MY PERSEVERANCE  PAID OFF AND THIS EPISODE WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT. Hands down, best episode yet. Like WOW, I never saw any of it coming. It played with my emotions like a fiddle, destroyed me, made me happy and cry and my shipper heart was screaming “KISS” and they probably kissed (THAT’S MY OTP!)  and then they TOOK OUR HEARTS AND RIPPED IT RIGHT OUT OF OURS CHESTS AND CRUSHED IT IN FRONT OF US and all because the precious fated connection Subaru and Minato share were erased from their memories, not just once, but fucking twice- and the second time was even more painful because they remembered the bond their shared when they were little before Minato had disappeared without a trace and knew they were about to forget again. FUCK THAT SHIT.

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So here’s what is up! When Subaru was little, her mother was ill and had to stay in the hospital so she and her father would visits her frequently. One day during her visit after feeling down, she saw a room filled with dazzling stars and there she met Minato, (the boy who she did not know his name at the time) who was playing with his Planetarium Projector, and who then shared he could use magic and the two of them when on a tour in space together, but the price is that they wouldn’t remember. However regardless of forgetting about the adventure they had, they still developed a friendship and Subaru would frequently visit him whenever she dropped by to see her mother and the two would discuss about space. However one day, he disappeared without a trace. Since then, Subaru couldn’t help but wonder if it was only a dream or an illusion, but it’s the truth as Minato too thought the same. It was just so bittersweet to see the two finally remember the bond they shared when they were little which had obviously developed to the next level as it was implied the two of them kissed. I’d like to think they did since they just had to fucking tease us with that bloody blast of light engulfed them.

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This episode was exactly what Houkago no Pleiades ever so desperately needed to make it all so worth sticking through for the past eight weeks- heck possibly make it worth to recommend as a summer marathon. Many people dropped it early on because of how slow and boring it was. It only found it’s stride three weeks ago, but this shows us this show is getting better. I hope it keeps soaring because this plot-twist of the unique relationship Minato and Subaru share with each other, just made this show so much more interesting (and don’t forget, Minato is STILL shrouded in mystery, there is still so much to learn about him). Strangely enough, for the first time I actually don’t want to dig into the speculation about the silhouette we have seen behind the fountain, Minato, and the Dark Star who the girls has been fighting against. It is still up in the air whether or not there are two individuals, or simply a duel personality or something else entirely. Nevertheless I am so excited to find out more about Minato now that all the sudden, having walked up to pick up the key, the Fragments suddenly reacted to him, and after being surrounded and touching one, his earrings glowed and then all the sudden his expression changes- but it’s not a straight up evil face, it’s mixed reaction, on one hand he is thrilled the Fragments are now in his hands, but at the same time he is sad he has to say goodbye to Subaru. Anyhow I am dying to know why he needs the fragments and it looks like we may just find out next week! (I can be patient for another week too, this episode made it worth it).

The only thing I do wonder however is whether Minato had truly forgotten their exploration in space. He may have very well forgotten just as Subaru had, and like her, only has that sense of longing and loneliness without her as the sole unknown proof of their bond. I eagerly await the fight between Subaru and Minato, it’s going to probably be heart wrenching whenever – I mean come on, they have to remember by the finale- right? RIGHT? GIVE MINATO AND SUBARU THEIR HAPPY ENDING DAMN IT. DON’T YOU FUCKING SEPARATE THESE TWO. THEY ARE TOO PRECIOUS TO BE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS!!!!

I think one of the lesser appreciated charms of the episode was how the girls were determined to have Subaru and Minato admit they are dating. They intended to take a hold of the opportunity to enter them in the Best Couple contest for the Culture Festival, had Nanako secretly take pictures of them like a paparazzi photographer, and next they were planning to ambush them with an interview (photo and interview is required to enter). However while they were all busy and getting flustered with the idea of accidentally witnessing something… indecent, Minato and Subaru were busy having a tour across Space, so when they finally decided to step into the Astronomy Club room, neither of the two were there. Unbeknownst to them, having a romantic secret rendezvous.

There’s no preview so damn it all, we have to wait till next week! IS IT NEXT WEDNESDAY YET?!?!?!



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4 Responses

  1. Mangaka-chan says:

    Thanks for continuing to blog this show! When I first saw the previews for the show I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in watching it, so I’ve been following your posts to decide if I want to watch it later on. So far it seems very promising, and I like stories with the type of romance element we see in this episode. :)

    I just hope Gainax will give us a proper ending by episode 12 and not a “to be continued” in a movie/OVA type of ending, which seem to be a common thing with anime nowadays.

    • Eva says:

      My pleasure! I’m really happy it is finally hitting it’s stride! It makes the patience worth it even more considering how excited I was when the TV series was announced. ; v ; Gosh I hope we get a proper ending too, I will probably flip table if they end with an open-ending. To be continued wouldn’t kill me as much if a second season was confirmed since there’s potential for more story to be told, but I would certainly understand the general frustration.

  2. I was happy for this episode for there was progression in their relationship! I shipped them so hard! Then I had to pause..an I was having a tantrum in my friends room. Why you ask?! Because I paused at the part where he informed her that she would forget it all! I’m like the hell! But so much damn progression! Plus we could’ve had a damn kiss scene! i flipped my tablet across the room when i hit the credits & ending theme song! man i swear if they don’t remember that bond they made later imma be so pissed to the very end! They belong together damn it! Persevering face

    • Eva says:

      My exact sentiments. They just kept on TEASING US all while ripping our hearts out. MY EMOTIONS CAN’T HANDLE THIS!

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