Gunslinger Stratos Ep 11 [ Teamwork Wins! ]

This week on Gunslinger Stratos is the conclusion. . .or at least the penultimate episode. The way it’s paced, however, feels like we’re definitely at the ending. All of the fighters from each timeline meet up, the white timeline in order to kill the black timeline and the black timeline to defend the future. Godammit kids can you stop fighting for ten minutes? That being said, they eventually do, and it feels way too rushed.

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In the same episode that begins with everyone fighting each other in order to ‘win’, the white timeline concedes and has to fight with the black timeline. white!Tohru concedes he must help Tohru and they combine their timelines energy cubes in order to come to a final battle with the timekeepers. What results is some thorough development for White!Tohru.

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We can kinda see from the timekeepers mind fucks that white!Tohru is very human, and underneath all that angst is a heart that cares for his friends. There’s nothing like starving and it seems all of them did in his timeline. I genuinely tend to like white!Tohru because he has charisma even when he’s brooding, but I worry for the kid. He gets a lot of badass scenes.

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The timekeepers do seem to be ‘defeated’ this episode, and it feels very.  .quick. Every part of it feels genuinely like a very interesting concept is hiding inside of it just waiting to get out, but it only shows about halfway. Ultimately it takes both the Tohru’s, and a death fakeout, to make sure the bastard goes down. As underwhelming as that might be, you know what made me feel passionate?

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Of course white!Tohru turns on black!tohru at the end and wants the timecubes. Of course. Of course he wants what will make dead end happen. White!Tohru loses his appeal when he shows he is a giant dumbass so determined he is being fucked over he wants to fuck over the future. I can’t with these people. I want to punt them in the face.

[HorribleSubs] Gunslinger Stratos - 11 [720p].mkv_20150614_210844.484

Next week, let’s see if white!Tohru ruins fucking everything! Hooray!




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