Gunslinger Stratos Ep 10 [ I was wrong! ]

Aw man, purple haired girl ISN’T related to Tohru. That’s lame. She’s just super young for no reason, then. Is it bad I’m immediately like “Why create a super young person if they’re not going to be someone’s kid and need to be young in order to do so.” Oh well, it would’ve been cool, but we learn that this girl’s desire to advance medicine basically caused the creation of Dead End. Woops.

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Tohru’s magical future baby or not (what, those parents look like tohru, maybe they’re his parents too?!! naw…), the girl adds a lot of cool feelings to the episode. I certainly felt invested in what she lost more than I cared about Dr. Odhner and even half of the cast. I guess that’s because the ghost has been showing up so often and the other characters weren’t. Hah.

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All the character’s meet up in order to determine how to defeat Dead End. Given that Olga is the main reason, along with Kumi, that they could defect, I get it. . .but that whole ‘who defected and why’ thing was completely fumbled and portrayed badly. Ultimately the result is the same: the pace of the anime is so quick I end up not caring about a great many individuals who are supposed to be important. Olga’s still hot though.

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I looked into the game recently and I have to say, the animation does not do the beautiful game justice. I feel kind of gipped having seen it, and it’s even worse when this episode Tohru and Kyoka go on a date and the animation never quite captures any beauty. Mostly, it’s just the same low quality animation.

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I did feel something when it seems we see Olga’s motivations: though it was poorly explained when they met up before, Sidune and Olga are sisters, and Olga betrayed Odhner and WENT TO HIS BASE TO FUCKING KILL HIM because he didn’t give a shit about her sister’s death. Then we move on to why the ghost girl is very relevant: the pattern written underneath help me is significant. . .

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It’s a time portal in order to get them to that huge energy cube. Yeah, the end of the series will be in two episodes, and what we’re being led into is an all out fight for the energy cubes. Given that no one but Odhner has really died since Xi (no one that made me cry) I’m anticipating a huge blow out and people are going to die. I’m scared.

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All in all, knowing just how pretty the original game was has let me down on this show. The original game is a stunning production and well. . .in comparison, this anime has been mediocre. Let’s see if they can get some budget rolling for the finale, right? I can dream.




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