Go! Princess Precure Episode 18

OH SNAP, Twilight wasn’t playing around today, she was on the mission to absolutely DESTROY THEM. Man for a second there I thought she was able going to get away with burning Haruka’s beloved Flower Princess picture-book, but I don’t know whether or not I am relieved or disappointed about Haruka managing it snatch it back. On one hand I am relieved because that would just stomp on the children’s hearts and they would probably be crying over it, while I am internally screaming, “OH SHIT. THIS BITCH. YOU DON’T TOUCH THE PICTURE BOOK.” Like seriously, I was freaking out. And all while this is happening, I was also kind of excited at the idea of it happening. Anyways it’s a weird battle in my heart, but ultimately the scene was freaking awesome. This is also the most assertive we have heard of Haruka yet. When she was explaining to Twilight how she wants to become her own unique princess, I have to say: Haruka had a presence she didn’t have before. Her tone, her convictions, it instantly made me think she speaking like a true princess. Haruka’s Miracle key Lilium came out of her precious picture-book and I found that to be perfectly fitting, and I am also thrilled to see a different flower being used and the meaning it possesses as well.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 18 Img 0014The highlight of the episode was without a doubt, was simply the epic fight scene. I loved how agile Twlight was, the way she fought was so badass to watch, it was actually exciting to watch her single-handily kick their ass all on her own. She even took on a 3 VS 1 attack (before the Trinity Upgrade: Trinity Explosion). And damn, that moment when she literally punched Haruka in the face, that was nuts! The girls all had their share of pain, but still put up a fight, but even then Twilight was not done with them. Twilight was so irritated, she was determined to put them in their place, to get it through their heads how they are not and cannot be princesses. Only she is a legitimate princess, only she has the official title. But unfortunately it didn’t do her any favours, especially having targeted Haruka’s picture-book because Haruka gets her new miracle key, and fucking destroys her Dark Rod with a one-shot! Now Twilight is absolutely humiliated by her defeat, furious and vows she will never acknowledge them as Princesses. When you have a dark princess who is absolutely livid, either the defeat will destroy her from the inside or it might even make her stronger.

Dyspear entrusted her daughter their own Miracle Key and provided her a badass rod to go with it. In a way, I am glad they have not truly explained the origins of the Dark Keys because it keeps it unexpected and shrouded in mystery. I am itching to find out whether or not they are counterparts or simply a corrupted edition of the existing keys.

The final thing I wanted to touch on was how awesome Mochizuki Yume is. I loved her answer to Haruka’s question of whether or not she will write the ending and the Princess will eventually meet the Prince. The author explained she is not planning to draw an ending to the story. She had decided to leave it with an open-ending so her fans can all have their own unique ending to the story. If you didn’t think she was already awesome as she was, well get this: She was right under everyone’s nose the entire time! SHE IS THE FREAKING HEADMASTER OF NOBLE ACADEMY. *MIND BLOWN*

Go! Princess Precure Ep 18 Img 0003Another nice touch was the parallels the Flower Princess shared with the core plot. The Flower Princess’ villain was a bird who was jealous of the princess which we can interpret as Dyspear and the gang. It brought her to scary forest but the princess did not blame the bird and the bird reflected on its action and the princess forgave him. The key quality from the princess was to have the strength not to be afraid of the witch, to be kind, which leads us to Haruka, who now realizes her dream is connected to the Grand Princess.

NEXT WEEK, Damnit. the preview is teasing me. I really hope we will be seeing more of Kanata because I have the MIGHTY NEED. BEEN TOO LONG MAN!


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20 Responses

  1. Your writings are great, Eva, like a professional Anime critic. And you add really good screenshots of them too. I enjoy reading your texts of this series that I’m watching. I’ve been thinking, and made a decision, so this is the first time I’m writing a reply for you. Greetings, Eva. :)
    So far, the series is going so well, to me it’s being like TLoZ: Skyward Sword of the Pretty Cures franchise. Now, about this episode, it really has many surprises, even unexpected ones. I like this episode, and the battle was really awesome and surprising to watch. We viewers shall see the fate of Princess Twilight ahead when the time arrives. We’ll stay tuned.

    • Eva says:

      Greetings! And thank you, it is a great pleasure of mine to blog and it makes me happier to know people enjoy it.
      You’re right about the TLoZ: Skyward Sword similarities, I see a little bit of it myself (ex: Twilight with her hair down reminds me of Zelda LMAO).

      • Good example! And you’re right! I haven’t made this connection until reading your grateful reply! :)
        I’m happy to see that you understand the similarities I saw/see in this series! Glad I wrote it. :)

        Oh! And you’re welcome, Eva! Keep writing for us viewers! :D

  2. Keiko says:

    To be honest that this episode of GPPC has already enlisted in my top brutal-ish fights in the Pretty Cure franchise and all the hyper, pressure and intense caused by it was really worth for. My kokoro couldn’t take all the intense and pain while watching the show, especially how Yui-Yui already got the same procedure as Seiji – trapped in a rectangular mirror this time around. On the other hand, Mochizuki-sensei was the big shocker in the episode, yes, the head mistress of the Noble Gakuen aw dang! :o Now that I already got back to the same thing of Yes! 5 when Otaka-san wasn’t just only the cafeteria lady but the head mistress of Cinq Lumieres as well (in other words, both were super shocking plot twisters indeed).

    And that 3 vs 1 fight which I dubbed as the “Princess Wars” was, again, brutal-ish and has a magnitude of over 1000% of pure blue flames coming from Twilight. I was shouted while she’s about to burn Flora’s precious book, saying, “Dammit, that book’s expensive! Don’t you know how cost it is?” But more than those pressured stuff I mentioned, a miracle has occurred as usual which leads to the appearance of the Lily Key, which is very, very, super very nice and happy to see that Flora has finally received her own Miracle Dress Up Key. ;) Actually the Lis Tourbillon was a good finisher, yet it seems to become much as powerful as the Rose Tourbillon.

    The Trinity Explosion *speaks French* for me was more powerful that the Trinity Lumiere, judging from my co-admin’s thought in the All Pretty Cure FB page and I intend to agree on that. The Princess Rods are now topped with ribbons (I forgot the name), which I’ve been already seen for quite sometime since the fight against Close.

    Angry Twilight is angry, yet I love to see her hair down plus that dark rod and another black key are, what should I say? Sublime, noble and beautiful as always. The weeks are getting closer for our dark princess and I might to say, her fate draws near…

    • Eva says:

      The fight sure wasn’t pretty, it was full out BRAWL (GOD IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES FOR THE FINALE FIGHT, IT’S GONNA BE SO EPIC).
      Twilight was simply so badass, I loved watching her, her smirks the way she twirled around with her awesome martial arts move, it was just beautiful to watch! Toei Animation animation team just keeps raising the bar every new series and I love how much they have evolved and have been experimenting with different angles and techniques.

      Ahahaha “Princess Wars” that’s a great title. I think the Trinity Explosion was meant to be stronger than the Trinity Lumiere to begin with/ I have no doubt in my mind Twilight would have been able to withstand the first level as oppose the the second level. And the fact is, she held back the Trinity Explosion even little, so had she had back up, just maybe MAYBE she would have been able to defy that too. It was a 3 VS 1 after all!

      Twilight looks gorgeous with her hair down, and I do prefer it as oppose to her pulled up style, but she’s still a beauty! XD I am honestly wary about what the future has in store for her. I adore her as a villain, so if she becomes the rumored scarlet, that would seriously disappoint me so I am in the process of trying my hardest to be open to that.

      • You know, I agree. Even though she’s a villain, she’s very beautiful with her hair down and her intimidating grudge or anger. Well, we’ll see about her fate in the next episodes. So far, as I remember, there two enemy members who became pretty cures. If Twilight really becomes one, I won’t mind, and I would like to see her experience with her news friends like the two did. And I like Higashi Setsuna very much (I had to say it! XD).

        • Keiko says:

          Don’t forget Ellen Kurokawa aka Cure Beat, the first and only Cure so far who is formerly both a bad guy and a mascot.

          • I didn’t. Well, I forgot her name, except “Seiren”. XD Thanks for reminding me, Keiko. :)
            That’s why I wrote “two enemy members who became pretty cures”, Ellen is very nice and funny too (especially when she’s angry, scared or surprised)! And I remember watching an episode and I got surprised when she became a pretty cure in the series.

          • Eva says:

            I haven’t watch Suite yet, it’s on my to be Watched list, but now I intend to watch this summer XD

  3. Tiffany says:

    This was by the best episode from the others. The fight scene was amazing with Haruka and the others against Twilight. Twilight is of course still badass while being graceful at the same time. I still find Haruka to be the most annoying one out of the three Precure Princesses. I actually wanted Twilight to burn the book so that she can suffer in despair so she can stop talking on and on (sorry I’m a sadist lol). I admire the fact that she is determined to be her own princess no matter what anyone says but she is still downright naïve and dense with her bubbly “go-happy-personality”. It might be her bushy eyebrows, short unfeminine hair, and bushy eyebrows lol But her Precure form makes up for her plain appearance, so I’ll probably forgive her. But I better not see her trying to save Twilight or Twilight becoming Cure Scarlet, which probably inevitable.

    • Eva says:

      I do wonder about whether or not the majority of the G!PP fandom are for Twilight becoming a Precure, or against it. I am hoping with all my might that she won’t become a Precure because I absolutely LOVE HER as a villain. It feels like it will be difficult to top a villain like her because of her graceful style.

      • Wanderer says:

        Young girls who are villains are ALWAYS saved somehow. That is the way Precure series work. (Dark Precure doesn’t count, because she was both an artificial lifeform and deliberately designed to evoke a sort of uncanny valley feel with her design). Someone is going to save Twilight. The questions remaining are simply when, how, and what she will become afterwards.

        • Eva says:

          Well i get that, but it’s more of delaying her ultimate redemption say like Cure Mirage for an example who “played” the role as the villain’s puppet. It’s inevitable, but it would be a bit of a downer for it to happen so soon

      • Tiffany says:

        I think there are some who prefer the way she is now lol There isn’t a villain who is calm and unfazed by the situation around while looking “beautiful and sublime”. Eas and Mirage have turned face. So I think many others including myself. wonder how Twilight will be converted without ruining her goal as being the top Alpha Princess lol

  4. DocAstaroth says:

    I agree that this episode was quite good, just by the virtue of Princess Twilight being quite the tough costumer. However, I’m quite curious, how they will introduce Cure Scarlet. [spoiler]She is clearly related to Twilight (Fire powers, violine, etc.), [/spoiler]but they can’t exactly doing it the same way like Eas, who was beautifully deconstructed as character.

    But Twilight… Well, it really depends on her relationship between her and her mom. For now, she clearly takes pride in being Dyspear’s child and that implies for me, that maybe Dyspear is the exception and not your typically abusive Big Bad Parent, that is going to drive her own daughter away.

    My guess: Dyspear and Twilight gets betrayed (by Lock?). Dyspear gets sealed/killed, while Twilight can barely escape and survive by transforming into a fairy. She allies herself with the Precures and uses Yui as a medium to fight as Cure Scarlet.

    • Eva says:

      Huh it would be an interesting chance of pace if an entirely different force came in. Lock betraying them- I wouldn’t doubt that possibility about I wouldn’t hold my breath for it either.

  5. HoHo says:

    Awesome episode! Fighting scene is superb. Trinity Explosion’s animation is more beautiful than previous attack. I really like the ribbon. Twilight is still beautiful as ever. She must really hate Flora. She admits that Mermaid is graceful and Twinkle has talent. Although, she still sees them as inferior to her. Flora does not have anything in her eyes but still calling herself princess. Twilight must really irritate by that to the point of wanting to hit Flora in the face. That’s so crazy! The main reason why Twilight is losing here is because her rod is just a handmade one. It’s too fragile. Next time please consult with Bandai how to make it more durable! lol

    I would love to see Twilight becomes Cure. I have expected that since the first time I saw her in the OP. But to tell the truth, I’m a bit worry if it will be done properly. Twilight is very good villain. I fear that the series may lost its momentum without a villain like her. My other concern is that I don’t want to see her gets nerf. For some reasons, the Cure who is strong and normally fighting alone looks weaker when she joins the team. The only exception is Cure Moonlight. As you can see, Twilight is so bad ass. She single-handedly beat the Cure in 3 vs 1 fight. Don’t even talk about one or two Zetsuborg. She shouldn’t have any problem at all. The staffs have done an amazing job so far. I believe that they will not disappoint me.

  6. HoHo says:

    There is a good speculation about Twilight and Dyspear. Twilight may be Kanata’s little sister.
    – Dress Up Keys are royal treasure in Hope Kingdom. Twilight has Black Dress Up Key. It’s possible that she may be related with Kanata as one of the royal family.
    – Twilight has pointy ears but what’s about Kanata? If you look at his ears, you will see that they are always covered by his hair. Suspicious?
    – In Episode 13, when Haruka asked Miss Shamour to teach her violin. Unlike other times when she was asked for help, this time she showed a bit of hesitation. She might be reminded of something in the past. She might think about when she taught Twilight to play violin.
    – In Episode 16, Twilight had a heartache when she saw Minami and her brother together. It’s very possible that it reminded her of her past. Judging from her words, it looked like she couldn’t remember so she might be brainwashed.
    If Twilight is Kanata’s little sister then Dyspear is also Kanata’s mother or mother in law. Or else they may be another branch of royal bloodline. In other words, they may not be a bad person but are brainwashed/controlled by someone. Yes, that person may be Lock if no new villain is introduced in the future.

    • Eva says:

      O____O That’s… a very plausible theory… Hopefully we will be able to see his ears next week! XD

    • Wanderer says:

      That would actually be a very Precure-esque sort of plot twist. I could definitely see that turning out to be the case.

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