Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works ~ Episode 22 [Mana Transfer]

The question we’ve all been asking ourselves this entire route, how is Ufotable going to handle the ‘Mana transfer’ scene. Will we get CGI Dolphins, or soft core Rin’s magical thighs? The answers too all this and more in this episode of Unlimited H-scene works…er blade works.
Alright, for people who aren’t familiar with the story of the visual novel. This is the part of the story where Rin transfers her magical crest to Shirou. Through an H-scene. Back in the original Deen adaptation. There is the infamous bad CGI Dolphins that took the place of the H-scene.


Well we didn’t get Dolphins or soft core thighs. What we got instead was, um, well I’m gonna be straight with you I have NO clue what these things are. I’ve used this as a ink blot test all day, I’ve gotten some…interesting responses out of it. Well, most of all it’s Jellyfish or a metaphor for sperm. Along with the animation of the sperm fish, we get some flash backs of Rin’s memories.

What do YOU see?
What do YOU see?

To her fathers funeral and Kirei giving her the very knife he murderer her father with. To her mother in the wheel chair, to a younger Rin watching some dork keep trying to jump over a high bar. [Hint, the dork is Shirou.]
Even if he doesn’t seem to realize it’s him, good job Shirou…


This small action surprisingly takes up a lot of the episode. Otherwise the beginning of the episode is a lot of talking and planning on how to take down Gilgamesh and stop his plan to use the grail to kill off a massive amount of humanity. Gilgamesh’s biggest counter? The power of the MC, or Archer’s reality marble. The unlimited blade works.

Now I hate to nitpick details but doesn’t Gilgamesh have an ability to get rid of reality marbles? Oh well, who cares. Shirou’s the MC and he gets to do cool things like fight Gilgamesh. Faker or Worthy Mongrel?


The only thing in this episode of note other then the metaphor for sperm mana transfer scene. Is Gilgamesh and he newly made Shinji grail, and DAMN. Uh, um….That’s freaky looking. Like, the giant statue thing with Shinji’s ugly mug at it’s core. Then the giant black sun in the sky. You have to wonder to yourself what are the normal people living in Fuyuki thinking?
Like, the Archery club girls or Issei or any of the other normal students and their families. Like, you wake up one morning and the sun is black and there’s a giant ugly ass statue at the town temple.

I thought Shinji couldn't get more ugly.
I thought Shinji couldn’t get more ugly.

I would be a little concerned, I might move…because that’s just freaky. I mean, I guess with all those crazy ‘Gas leaks’ people could say they’re hallucinating but I just don’t know.
Other then the mana transfer and the showing of the grail and Gil’s monologue there isn’t a lot going on. It’s a very small amount of content dragged out into a full episode. I’ve mentioned it before but the largest issue with this series is it’s pacing issues. So we were left with a boring episode, I mean we didn’t even get soft core porn…There better be soft core porn on the blu-rays!

Rin's calling me a perv
Rin’s calling me a perv

Oh well, we boil ourselves down to the end.
It’s time to hit up Ryuudo temple….

WAIT, RYUUDO TEMPLE. THAT’S RIGHT, WE’VE COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT ASSASSIN. Since his master is technically the temple gate….he still has something anchoring him to this world even without Medea around. WHOO Assassin fight.
Well I guess they had to have someone for Saber to fight while Shirou fights with Gilgamesh. Well now they have to destroy the grail and save the world from all of the sin that it will vomit out….seriously Gilgamesh. Find a better way to phrase your plan, that’s just disgusting.


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“Now I hate to nitpick details but doesn’t Gilgamesh have an ability to get rid of reality marbles?”

Not unless someone made up some nonesense for Fate/Zero. If so, then that’s just yet another plot hole the fools created by insisting on making a prequel.


But it looks like a giant fish to me and in the the end the mark on shirous shoulder is like a fish swimming from his shoulders down his arm but thats just me.
So now we have a dragon for fate, a fish for UBW.. what are we going to have for sakura in HF.. an entire zoo?

What ability to get rid of reality marbles?


You’re thinking of Ea, Gil’s super-duper hax Anti-World NP that nobody else can use (and Archer/Shirou can’t replicate). The thing is, that’s Gil’s biggest gun, and he doesn’t bring it out casually. He won’t use it unless he’s fighting someone he considers worthy of using it on, or if he’s desperate. From his perspective, using it on someone like Broskander the awesomesauce, or Saber his future queen is one thing, but to stain one of his greatest treasures with the blood of some mongrel faker? Inconceivable!

It also helps that Rin and Shirou don’t know about it.


Ah, Ea. You broken piece of crap. Yeah, that’s probably what she was thinking of. . . and no one knows about it, lol.

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