Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions Epsisode 5

Ren, Syo and Cecil were assigned to come up with a concept for a smart phone commercial. Ren’s concept, was about a Passionate Latin Dance, and insisted the Sound Quality was the strongest feature. Syo’s concept revolved around Strength (durability and long battery life) and said they should go for a powerful commercial. Surely enough, it involved Super Heroes. On the other hand, Cecil was drawn to the phone’s elegant design, and his concept involved Elegant Princes- claiming it’s true though, because they won a major contest and that makes them all Princes.  Unfortunately as expected, they were all stuck on their own ideas and are not willing to compromise. The sad part was how even though they were each individually optimistic that they would be able to work things out, they struggled to convey their honest feelings and communicate with each other properly.

The episode was definitely stronger than last week’s, and was in ways better than the first Cross Unit Project featuring Natsuki and Otoya. What made me like this particular episode more was how Haruka had a more significant role. Haruka is supposed to be the heroine and so it bums me out when she doesn’t get to participate or engage in a meaningful way until the plot needs her to. It pleased me to see Haruka be the one to solve the problem by composing the commercial’s theme song piece, harboring each of the boys’ honest feelings, combined all of their ideas with it and provided them the inspiration they needed to come up with the lyrics. And I have to say, the song was really good and has quite a catchy tune that makes me want to listen to it over and over again- something this season very much needs after the lackluster OP/ED and the so-so first Cross Unit song. I enjoyed how the melody is slightly different from what we usually hear from STARISH, but that is exactly what Shining wants- he wants them to evolve further, bring something fresh to the table. But most of all, it surprised me how well their voices meshed together, fitting the tune of the song.

It is probably strange to say I am getting a kick out of the small mentioning they have failed to address in the previous two seasons bits by bits. They finally mentioned about Syo having a twin brother named Kaoru, something only those who have read the game spoilers/review or played the game knew about. I wonder what other little sprinkle of information they may or may not drop in the future episodes. I await to find out if there’s anything left! (Been too long since I’ve last read the game’s in depth review).

Cheers to hoping next week will be just as solid or better! I’m willing to bet though it’s going to revolve around one of the Quartet Night’s boys- that is if they intend to make it a pattern.


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  1. Anjolique says:

    I actually really liked how this episode also demonstrated that though they may have stubborn personalities, they have have an understanding they’ll eventually compromise with each other from the start. They didn’t need someone to remind or assure them they’ll figure it out. I feel a lot of other anime just allow characters that have been together for so long really get upset and consumed by petty disagreements as a trope. This episode on the other hand showed their mutual respect for each other and really representative of how irl friendship ought to be and often are. So for that, kudos Uta Pri! I approve of this episode after the previous lackluster ones.

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