Tribe Cool Crew Episode 30 (The Return of LuiLui and MoeMoe)

First of all, I just have to say…wow. I seriously cannot believe I’m at episode 30 of this show. I never imagined it would be this long. But man, with no end in sight, it’s been a hell of a ride so far.

So what’s been going on this week? Well believe or not, it may not be dance road, but it’s plot relevant. What do I mean by that? Well I’ll tell you.

So the episode starts off with the gang heading off to go dance in the park just to practice and have fun. However, when they get there they see that their old pals LuiLui and MoeMoe are performing on a stage in the center of the park, and the crowd is loving it like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

Feel our dancing footwind yo!

Feel our dancing footwind yo!

The dance is apparently so amazing and powerful that it’s called “Crowd High” and it is considered Taboo by most dancers because of the strain it puts on your body.

The two challenge Mizuki and Kumo to a rematch and leave, heading into a van where it seems they’re doing some sort of weird tests for scientists, more than likely why their bodies are able to handle the strain so well on the dancing.

Don't worry. I'm a trained no-named scientist

Don’t worry. I’m a trained unnamed scientist

Everyone else seems to be very worried for some reason as this dance is freaking everyone out as it doesn’t coincide with the type of dancing Jey is trying to convey and therefore not in their “Master plan” of world peace through dancing…or something.

The next day arrives and the four have a dance battle. However, this time, LuiLui and MoeMoe beat the pants off them. And for once, I actually understood why they said they won. I could actually see it for myself. And that’s rare.

Come back when your dance has red wind circles kumo

Come back when your dance has red wind circles kumo

Kumo tells them to be careful of this new dance and that’s basically where the episode ends.

This episode was…for lack of a better word, interesting. I always thought Luilui and MoeMoe were interesting characters and it was nice to see them again. However, I’m not sure i’m digging the moral of the episode here. Basically what I gathered is “Oh, these two lost dance road so they shouldn’t find their own way to become famous because it doesn’t coincide with OUR master plan of Jey’s.” I know the idea is that we’re supposed to believe that they’ll hurt themselves if they keep doing it, but honestly, I more get the feeling of sour grapes. Like, “hey, you lost OUR contest so you shouldn’t be popular in your own way! You can only be popular in JEY’S way!” Which I think is a little childish honestly. I know that probably wasn’t the intent but I got that vibe.

well fuck you too lady

well fuck you too lady

This episode I actually DID root for Lui and Moe because well….to me they kind of seemed the underdogs. They were kicked out of dance road and they’re trying to make it on their own despite that. True¬† they’re probably using some sort of experimental something or other, but hey, you gotta admire their tenacity.

The funny thing about this episode is that it had an adverse effect on what I’m SURE they were going for a different elicitation than what I gave them. This episode for me was a “Yay go Lui and Moe!” Instead of “Grr they’re using a forbidden dance!”

All in all, it wasn’t a bad episode, I just wasn’t very happy with a lot of the cast (Haneru especially) for being whiny jerks.

Ohhhh well if he doesn't FEEL it, that changes everything.

Ohhhh well if he doesn’t FEEL it, that changes everything.

And for the record Haneru, Lui and Moe’s dance went better with the music then Mizuki and Kumo’s. Sorry bro.

Episode 5/10


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  1. hey great job :D can u make a guess about whats going to happen in episode 31 just by looking at the preview i think haneru and kanon would be very cute together

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