Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 30: Unravel


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. “The lyrics of Unravel actually fit Haise so much more than they do Kaneki.” Ah, what a perfect start to this review as I’d pulled up the acoustic version of Unravel to listen to as soon as I saw this on the home page :D However, I never did think about how much more it fits Haise, so I’m glad that you made that point.

    “Haise has always mentally blocked Kaneki out of fear and denial, forcing him down into the recesses of his mind as an evil, unstable entity – but now he has recognized that Kaneki may not actually have been a bad person.” Very true and while reading the chapter, I loved how this went hand-in-hand with the theme of ‘the world is wrong’, rather than pinning it all on one person. I love how consistent that theme is in Tokyo Ghoul!

    I do have one question… How do you know it’s Floppy (whoever Floppy is)? I must have missed something ._.

    • Vantage says:

      I don’t! I just guessed. And based on the spoiler raws out for Chapter 31 so far, my guess was… only partly right. The hype is real, though!

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