Show By Rock!! Episode 8: Crimson Quartet

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 08 [1080p].mkv0078As we saw in the end last week, a weird gooey substance stuck into Aion’s foot. The darkness in his heart was the fact that the songs that he composed would be considered “lame” by Crow. I guess this is a good worry, but I felt like it wasn’t a very strong point. Crimson isn’t the focal point of this show, so we haven’t really gotten much time to really learn about them, and to see how they interact. Maybe this episode would have felt stronger if we had really seen how Aion was really affected by Crow’s words. His Melodisian Stone was tainted so that means his words really did have an impact on him, as dark monsters take advantage of the darkness in people’s hearts. I guess I just wasn’t feeling it too much. Also maybe because Aion doesn’t totally stand out amongst the group, as Crow is the one that’s yelling 24/7, and Rom is the most level-headed of the group and takes charge. I actually think that maybe this whole type of situation would have been stronger with Plasmagica, Cyan getting possessed because of the secret she kept about herself, but maybe that would have been cliche. Anyway, one thing they didn’t even explain was the hair thing. The tuft of hair that kept pointing to the sky, did that mean anything? Was it like an antennae pointing to something?

We got a tiny glimpse into Syuzo’s and Rom’s pasts again, as Syuzo was the one that told Rom where Aion was. It wasn’t anything too major, but the reason why the two broke up was because they both wanted something different, even though it looked like their dreams were the same. Syuzo really jabbed a sensitive topic at Rom, and it makes me wonder if they’ll ever be on good terms again. I don’t know if the show is going to do anything with their past later in the show, though I think there are more important things to worry about as the show is past its midpoint. So we’ll see.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 08 [1080p].mkv0013Though they played a minor role again, Plasmagica has their own problems. They’re confident with their new song, but they can’t perform in the Grateful Rock Festival because they haven’t completed one qualification: having a real live performance. Which actually confused me, because they did perform once live, in the battle of the bands against Criticrista. I’m just wondering, is it because they didn’t win that they didn’t complete the live point? Well, they’re going to have another battle of the bands with Criticrista, and they’re pretty confident. They need to do that first so they will be able to qualify for the rock festival. But yeah, that little detail doesn’t make sense to me. They performed live before…and I’m wondering why that didn’t count. Anyway, the battle of the bands rematch should be exciting, as that performance is going to make or break Plasmagica, and I want them to win so that fake-cute Rosia gets pissed. This was an okay episode, but definitely the weakest one, at least to me. Let’s hope Plasmagica wins next week.


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  1. zekiradrake says:

    It’s most definitely not enough, not because they lost, but because it was just one live, and it wasn’t even a major event. It was a newbie’s concert (Criticrista was also relatively new at the time) so that doesn’t really have as much live points, although yes that does get Criticrista more points for it. Even worse, if they DID perform in Future Indies Band’ Concert, they would’ve gotten in.

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