Show By Rock!! Episode 5: maze of DESTINY

Drama kicks in as the important plot point returns to us: Cyan having to destroy all the monsters attacking in Midi City. And more monsters have been appearing as of late, and there’s a pattern to the attacks. They’ve only been attacking the most popular bands, like Trichronika, and just now Tsurezure. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, but Darudayu took a hit.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 05 [1080p].mkv0062The girls hear this news as they were told by Maple that they would be performing in an Indie concert, as well as our crimson boys. The topic of Cyan defeating the monster that attacked Trichronika is brought up again over and over in the episode, which Chuchu thinks about hard. She’s been suspicious of Cyan since the beginning. Not telling them where she’s from, not knowing the popular bands, etc. She’s also the one to peek into Cyan’s room when she’s having a conversation with Strawberry Heart about her mission. Chuchu overhears everything, but she can’t believe it. She tries to find time to talk to Cyan about it, but she doesn’t know how or when to bring it up. Chuchu is the one to know first that Strawberry Heart can talk, and she’s been perceptive enough to know that Cyan was hiding a lot of things from them.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 05 [1080p].mkv0042What I didn’t realize until now was that Strawberry Heart has the same exact voice as that Grateful King guy that Dagger talks to. Well, I’m not surprised at all really. “Strawberry Heart” was really pushing Cyan to fight the monsters. He’s obviously behind Cyan going into that world, and helping her raise her music power. Of course she thinks its to save the world, but it’s actually what we know, to dominate the world. The rumors of band members disappearing and the attacks on popular bands are definitely connected, and now Berry (…das me) is pushing Cyan to fight. Now, whenever there’s an attack, Cyan has to go and fight it. As she and Plasmagica were about to perform, another monster attacks nearby, and Berry forces her to leave. That’s when Chuchu confronts her, but Berry rushes her anyway. When they make it to the other concert area, the monster is already gone. Afraid the monster went to attack Plasmagica, Cyan runs back. Luckily, it didn’t. But still, she missed her band’s performance.

This is when Cyan finally tells the truth to everyone of Plasmagica and SHINGANCRIMSONZ, about everything. Everyone is surprised that she’s from a different world, and Moa shoots a quick glance at her band members because she’s in the same boat too (well, different planet). And this brings up the topic of Cyan having to leave them one day, and this piece of news hurts Retoree the most and she runs off crying, leaving Cyan to cry as well and apologizing. But really, everyone is hurt and shocked.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! - 05 [1080p].mkv0037We saw this episode that Retoree is really opening up, to Cyan. She invites Cyan to her room to do some research on the monsters, so that’s one sign of getting closer to her. She shows her her computer, threads about bands, and other things. Retoree shows her a post someone made about Cyan and that one time she defeated that monster. Cyan gets excited and blurts out “meow” again like she always does when she’s excited, and Retoree just…loves it. Interpret it as you will, but I honestly think that Retoree has developed a crush on Cyan. Like, she’s totally in love with her. That blush, those sparkles, and her lips quivering like that. She’s totally in love. After that, they have snacks and fool around on the computer and hang out. Compared to the other members of Plasmagica, Retoree is probably the closest with Cyan, even though Cyan barely got added into the band. Cyan just has this sweet charm about her, I’d fall for her too. So now that Retoree finally feels close enough with Cyan to finally call her a friend, and develop feelings for her, just to learn that one day she’ll have to leave….yeah, that’d hurt. I get why she’s upset.

The girls are going to have to patch things up soon, and in the preview it looks like they do. I think this would be the perfect chance for Moa to mention her situation too, but I think it’ll be easier for Moa. She’s from a different planet, but she’s still in the same universe. So she can go home for a bit and visit, then head back to Midi City. But Cyan is in a completely different world, so that’s tougher. I’m glad they brought back the monsters again, I kinda wanna see the battles again.


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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    While I can, I think, understand Strawberry Heart’s behavior, it has ended up being counter-productive. He dragged Cyan away from her responsibilities to the band, and to her friends, to try to fight a dark monster, and yet she didn’t accomplish anything. If he’s just going to make her run back and forth across the city whenever they hear about an attack, she’s not going to ever manage to get there in time to save anyone, and she’ll end up ruining her relationship with the band, thus destroying her ability to properly level-up her guitar skills. Also ends up leaving her vulnerable to those villains who are looking to snap her up. Strawberry Heart is undermining his own objectives with his behavior in this episode. I get why he acted this way, but that doesn’t mean it was the right decision. They need to work out a more effective response.

    In other news, I didn’t even catch it, but you’re right that there is a very strong similarity (at least) between Grateful King’s voice and Strawberry Heart’s. I’m not quite ready to commit to them being the same just yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye/ear on it.

    Poor Cyan! Poor Retoree! Cyan never meant to hurt anyone, but Retoree’s heart was hurt anyway, and I don’t think Cyan’s pain at the end was because of Retoree’s rejection but because she knew she’d hurt her friend and she couldn’t think of any way to fix it.

    Please, girls, don’t let this tear you apart… :(

  2. zekiradrake says:

    Actually, I’m more inclined to believe that Strawberry Heart is actually trying to help Cyan save the world, and free the musicians that have fallen into the hands of UVM, Grateful King included…

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