Punch Line Episode 6 (The Plot Strikes!!)

Well well, here we are, at episode six, and the series is FINALLY starting to make a lick of sense. What could possibly have happened to have made this show make ANY  sort of sense? Well let me give you the run down.

So the episode picks up immediately where the last one left off. Masked guy gets superpowered and starts to attack the masked guy. Strange Juice then appears and joins in, but they’re no match for the guy in the mask who seemingly has the same super power as them. That’s when twist #1 appears.

Twist #1: We learn that masked guy can actually see Yuta’s spirit form

He tells Yuta to take over Rabura’s body and he uses his own power to defeat the masked guy.

Ah. I see Yuta went to the Hulk school of fighting

Ah. I see Yuta went to the Hulk school of fighting

Twist #2: After unmasking him, we learn that the guy was actually Ito’s teacher. Aka the one that gave her a ride him and the kids made fun of her for. He said he did it because he loved her and the girls had to pay. So he

Twist #3: Let the spirit of the guy who’s in charge of the “Destroy the world” plot take over his body to use for his vengeance.

Isn't murder just so sexy?

Isn’t murder just so sexy?

The reason the spirit has to jump between bodies is because

Twist #4: It turns out that using this super power puts an immense strain on your physical being and if you do it too much your body gives out and you die (which is why Strange Juice girl has to take those pills)

After that all wraps up it’s the next day and everyone begins to have a New Years Eve party. Here it’s revealed that

Twist #5: Yuta is actually a girl. Honestly this one seemed to come out of left field for me. I was like…wait..what? Yeah. go figure. The main character that has nosebleeds around panties is biologically female. That’s…something I..didn’t..expect (shifts eyes back and forth confused)

(scratches head)...really?

(scratches head)…really?

However, it turns out that there really is a meteor coming for Earth. Before it can be destroyed,

Twist #6: masked guy reveals himself to Yuta and we find out The masked guy was really Yuta all along.

Obvious things are obvious

Obvious things are obvious

He gives Yuta the book Yuta’s been looking for all this time but all it says on it is “U-turn”. The meaning being that he/she has to go back in time and stop this from happening. And so, the episode ends with Yuta jumping back into her/his body back in episode 1.

Daddy! Teacher says, every time a ghost goes back in time, an angel gets its wings!

Daddy! Teacher says, every time a ghost goes back in time, an angel gets its wings!

Get all that? Hope you did.

Wow. This episode. All I gotta say is, geez they shoved a lot of stuff into this episode. It’s like the first 4 episodes were completely nonsensical and weird, and then five put in some plot, and this episode was like “HERE! HAVE ALL THE PLOT!” Still, I must say, for the first time since this series aired, I’m actually slightly interested on what’s going on.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still PLENTY of things wrong with this show, but for the first time, I actually feel like I want to know what’s going to happen. A few of the twists I knew was coming, like, masked dude was obviously Yuta’s possessed body, but some of them were lackluster. For making the book such an important plot point, simply making it say “U-turn” was kind of lame.

Still written better than Twilight

Still written better than Twilight

Some of these characters are mildly interesting, but they still fall into the same trap they were in before. For some reason they don’t feel like real people. They feel like…shells. And it’s weird. I can’t relate myself to these people but I do want to know what’s going on. I’m hoping for a somewhat sane answer, the problem is, in this show, I don’t know if i’ll get that.

All in all, better episode then they’ve been and it’s keeping me interested so…there’s that?

Episode 6.5/10


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