Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode 8: Unidentified Treasure

This show has been on a slow decline for me. There’s many things that are bothering me, for instance, this treasure hunt. This treasure hunt is an annual event for the new students. They get paired up, and…I guess follow a trail and get to the end of it. Or something, they didn’t explain it. And for some reason, Eruna had to face some “challenges” along the way set up by the drama club members. They didn’t really add anything, so…okay? Instead of a treasure hunt, this was more of a race. The only treasure they could win would be at the goal, and it wasn’t even a good piece of treasure either. So, they should have named it a race. Treasure hunting is when you get a list of stuff to look for. Also, what was even the point of this treasure hunt? It’s just something fun for the students? Sure, I guess. What…just what the hell was up with the mecha Bimii in the end? Why did that even happen? Why?

All we got in this episode was Eruna and Otone. I guess with last week, it was supposed to be Asuhi’s “episode”, and we got his past and everything over with. It wasn’t as strong as in the song series. Really, you can’t even compare them. You took out a potential ship and making Asuhi a deeper character, and actually making me like Eruna more because right now I’m just…not. And this episode solidified the fact that Kuzuryu is done and over with too. Which is disappointing. Though I did get something I wanted this episode, and it was a look (sort of) into Otone’s character.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 08 [720p].mkv0076So throughout the episode Otone is ignoring everyone. Not surprising because this is anime, Otone gets paired up with Eruna for the treasure hunt. Eruna tries hard to get to know her and be her friend, but Otone doesn’t want to. And she hates seeing Eruna having fun with her friends. But really, she wants to join in on the fun too. Otone has a really hard time opening up to people. When she does, she says mean things and pushes them away. She hates that she does that and starts to cry. When taking Eruna to the really random cute house in the middle of the forest (really, why was that there?), she almost admitted that it was the place she would go to to cry alone. Also, she lives there because she doesn’t have a proper room, because like Eruna she’s not in any club. And it shows that Otone really wants to have a companion, as she has two of everything in the house. Tea cups, chairs, cakes, etc. Because she had those ready in case she would have a teatime with someone else. It’s a little strange for her, but she enjoys her short time with Eruna. Otone puts up this persona of her, I suppose as a shield against people, even though she hates it. But with Eruna, she’ll slowly open herself up more and maybe become friends with Eruna’s friends. Maybe because of the circumstances, it was hard for me taking the treasure hunt seriously, I guess maybe this part didn’t feel as strong. But with Eruna’s personality of egging people on, and just being weird, she was able to get closer to Otone, and now they’ll partner up and open a club together.

The rest of the episode was standard stuff. Eruna is still a perverted creep that I just don’t like, Kurumi-meido is awesome for beating her up, and Seisa is mysterious as always. Each episode teases at something related to Seisa, and I thought this episode they would talk about the mini flashback we got, but nope. Of course not. Let’s just drag this on more. For some reason, she’s pretty friendly with Eruna. She went to go look for Eruna and help her when she didn’t make it to the goal. She was about to use Killing Art to save her, but Otone used Anticomplex, a very cool ability that makes her shape her ribbons into whatever she wants (snakes, a bridge, etc.), and she saved herself and Eruna. Which seems to have bothered Seisa. Maybe she wanted to save Eruna herself, or maybe she just doesn’t like Otone because she figured out what her ability does?

Which is reshaping space. Wow. That sure is something. Now, I want to learn more about Seisa. Maybe dedicate a whole episode to Seisa. And less Eruna. Yeah, less of Eruna please. She gives me headaches.


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  1. Wanderer says:

    I’m also disappointed by how they’re rushing through the matierial from the songs, because there’s a lot of value that’s being lost. A lot was done in those songs to add depth to the individual characters, and to Eruna herself, but instead the anime has just skimmed over it, leaving everyone feeling shallow. Eruna in particular suffers from that, because on the surface her personality is not very likeable. It’s mostly thanks to the depths she showed in those songs that I came to like her.

    Anyway. Seisa. As I said last week, Seisa’s power is as OP as OP gets. TVTropes would (and does) call her a Reality Warper. It would not be entirely inaccurate to describe her power as “godlike.” It’s hard for me to imagine anyone who could really compete with her.

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