Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode 7: Izayoi Seeing

I felt like this episode was a bit all over the place. Most of the episode is occupied with Eruna being gross, she and the drama club planning a party for Asuhi, Otone being weird, and little glimpses of Seisa’s past.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 07 [720p].mkv0031Soooo…Otone is completely different than what I thought she was going to be. She has two different personalities, which Eruna appropriately calls her White and Black personalities. In the end of the match, Shigure comes on stage to interview her, but she shuts him down and shows much arrogance in saying that the match was just a warm up to her. When Eruna finds Otone at the flowerbeds, she’s crying. She hates how she says mean things when she’s nervous. She shows a completely vulnerable and innocent side of herself, and she’s just…really weird. Probably just as weird as Eruna. When speaking with Eruna, she switches from the shy and cute to the mean personalities, and she gets all creepy on Bimii. Really, I don’t know what to expect from her. She’s so strange. She also is not in any club as well, so she’s in the same boat as Eruna. Otone actually wasn’t the main focus of this episode, sadly. All we know about her is that, she’s weird, powerful, and not in any club. In the end of the episode, she saw Seisa use her ability, so that makes me think we’re going to learn more about Seisa next episode.

I sure hope we do, because all these little glimpses at her past is annoying. We know she hates club battles, she was defeated badly in a match. But from the flashback in the beginning, it was the girl from the photography club she was talking to. It looked like they were friends, or at least really close. They wanted a fair fight with each other, but it looked like the fight was too much for Seisa. I’m also still confused as to what her ability is. What she did to the sky to make the rain stop looks too OP. I don’t get it.

The main meat of this episode was wasted on boring stuff. Eruna being a gross pervert, dumb misunderstandings taking place because Eruna worked Bimii too hard. The clubs wanted to make a surprise party for Asuhi seeing as how he looked down from what the newspapers were saying about him. They want to throw a party for him on the roof under the stars, communication problems take place, it rains, Seisa uses her Killing Art, and yay stars. The end.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 07 [720p].mkv0103We learned a bit about Asuhi as well, and why he loved stars in the first place. He was bullied a lot as a child, he made a wish on a shooting star to become stronger, and then he fought back against his bullies. Since then they never bothered him anymore and all was well, that’s how he came to love stars. I guess this was a nod to his character song in the song series, but it was really…underwhelming. The same thing with Kuzuryu, they kind of just rushed it all and didn’t dedicate the episode to him. Which they could have done, or at least to Otone, since everything else was bland and dumb. They could have taken out the dumb comedy bits (Eruna isn’t really growing on me), and spent it more with his character or Otone’s. Or even Seisa’s. I don’t know, this episode was a bore. Let’s hope next week’s is better.


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  1. Wanderer says:

    Where to begin?

    Otone: She’s sort of like a tsundere in that she acts in ways she doesn’t mean. Her coldness is a defense mechanism. Whenever she’s nervous she doesn’t know what to say to people and she’s afraid she’ll embarrass herself, so she ends up instinctively being rude to them even though that sin’t what she really wants.

    Seisa and her past: the girl from the photography club was supposed to fight her “tomorrow,” but we clearly saw her attacking Seisa at night. Moreover there were no crystals in that battle: every one of those attacks was aimed directly at Seisa, and we saw a few episodes ago when Seisa was in the bath that she has scars all down one side of her body from that. Conclusion: that girl who Seisa admired, respected, and trusted, ambushed her at night BEFORE the battle was supposed to start and tried to either seriously injure or kill her. Seisa either had not yet awakened her power, or was unwilling to use it in those circumstances against someone she cared about.

    I read about Seisa’s power off of TVTropes if you want me to talk about it. Simply put, yes it’s OP. It’s as OP as OP gets. Why do you think everyone freaked out when Eruna challenged her?

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