Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode 6: Junk Innocence

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 06 [720p].mkv0039Was this supposed to be Kuzuryu’s episode? Was it? We got his backstory, got some drama, some emotional strain from him in the beginning, but he wasn’t the focus of the episode even though we were given backstory on him. So Kuzuryu is an extremely talented individual. He’s great at basically everything. He and Eruna’s cousin Shigure were actually in the sister school of Mikagura. Instead of cultural clubs, they focused only on sports clubs. Kuzuryu never was in any one club, but he was a ringer that helped out each club. It’s amazing really, but because of this, people were extremely jealous of him. They spoke badly of him, and Kuzuryu heard a trusted friend of his doing the same, and so he closed himself off from everyone. He then transferred out of the school and into Mikagura. Shigure shortly left after, not liking the school either, but now knowing that Kuzuryu also transferred to Mikagura Academy. Sadly, they aren’t on the overly friendly terms they had before. We didn’t get more of that as Shigure cut the story short. Kuzuryu looked pretty stressed in the beginning, but he was smiling and happy in the end when he painted the portrait (and I use that term loosely) of Eruna, saying she helped him get his groove back. We didn’t really get much out of him, and what drove him to make that painting for Eruna. Was it the fire in her eyes, her determination? Also we didn’t find out why he joined the art club. When we saw in the flashback of Shigure talking to Kuzuryu in his room, there were notebooks with hasty scribbles all over them. I would think that he joined the art club because he can express his emotions in an abstract and calming way with art, seeing as he looks like the person who doesn’t share them out loud. But I’m sure he still must have the “being too talented” problem with art as well. I hope they touch on this subject more in the next episode, or really soon.

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wow look at that lovely face

I guess the most exciting part of this episode were the battles. AND I’M IN LOVE WITH TONKYUN. HONESTLY, HE WAS THE HIGHLIGHT THIS EPISODE OH MAN. Eruna wins her matches, she heads to the semifinals. She learns at her pep rally that Tonkyun is going to fight the band bitch that beat Usamaru, and we watch that fight. He rode into the area on a panda for some reason, but he took off his mask and that’s when shit got real. Band bitch got to a high area and used that gravity-trumpet attack, but she can’t control the gravity in a wide-open area, so Tonkyun dodges and does well. But he winds up getting hit by it. But then he starts trash talking her, and saying he’s going to win. She gets angry and dashes at him, knocking out two of his crystals. Right when she’s about to hit the third, he grabs her ankles. He figured out that she only has a certain time to use her ability, and she has a resting time until she can use it again. Time passes, and while she can’t use her attack Tonkyun defeats her easily. AND YOU KNOW WHAT WAS CUTE? Eruna and Usamaru were right there watching, and when the battle ended, Tonkyun took off his hood and rabbit ears popped up. He wore rabbit ears in honor of Usamaru, how sweet is that?!

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“Notice me, Usamaru”

In the semifinals, he actually had to go up against Eruna. It was a nice fight, and they were evenly matched. Until Eruna…somehow got a new ability. Toy Bayonet. I have no idea how that was triggered, but she’s got a new weapon. With her new weapon, she was able to beat Tonkyun by catching him by surprise with the bayonet’s blade. I just really want to know how she was able to get the Toy Bayonet. It was just Ooh Toy Gun! Oh…Toy Bayonet…okay then. So, she won. She’s doing pretty well. I don’t know how serious she was about the “Eruna Being Surrounded by Cute Girls Club”. Anyway…it turns out in her next match she lost. And we didn’t even get to see it. I’m sure that would have been nice to watch, but it was just “Oh haha I lost oh well”. Very…underwhelming.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 06 [720p].mkv0113But at least we finally got introduced to the purple-haired girl! Sort of. After meeting up with Kuzuryu, she went off to see the finals match, which she came to late. All she saw was Asuhi on the ground and the purple-haired girl standing beside him, declared the winner. Her name is Otone Fujishiro. I’ve been curious about her for awhile now. And this is why I was a little worried about Kuzuryu getting more screentime because since we finally see her in the show, we’re probably going to focus on this girl more. Well, it’d make sense. We’re probably going to learn her abilities soon and just who she is. I mean, she won the entire rookie tournament?! And she had all three crystals and it looked like she didn’t even break a sweat. She looked calm, she was twirling her hair, and everyone in the audience was shocked. Who knows how powerful she is. Maybe she’s a contender to be Seisa’s rival, with that same stoic attitude.


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4 Responses

  1. shi says:

    This week’s episode is pretty good and about Eruna’s fight with Haruka being skipped, they also skipped it in the manga (well the manga ended with Eruna about to face off with Haruka but in the next chapter they skipped off the entire battle)

    what troubled me was the moment when Tonkyun won the battle, in the manga the mangaka portrayed the scene as an emotional one, with Usamaru crying and all but in the anime it’s just Usamaru getting emotional for what Tonkyun did. there’s also a scene in the manga that got skipped, it was the part when Tonkyun saw Usamaru crying after his battle with Azumi, which made him wanted to get revenge in the first place

    Can’t wait to see more Otone in the next episode, though!

    • Berry says:

      Oh really? Well that’s a shame, I don’t know why they would cut those scenes out and change them. Those emotional scenes would really deepen the friendship that they have, also how we could have saw how affected Usamaru was by his loss. It would have made me feel the revenge part more. Oh well.

      Oh, well they skipped it anyway. Still underwhelming. :/

  2. Wanderer says:

    I really would have preferred seeing Eruna help cheer up Kuzuryu the same way she did in his character video, but I suppose this was well enough, if not as touching. It does stick with the theme of her helping people just by being herself. She isn’t really intending to help thse people: she’s just being who she is, and in the process she’s somehow affecting people’s lives.

    • Berry says:

      Yeah, Eruna being herself is what cheers people up. But still, in the character video, I feel there was more to Kuzuryu that this episode didn’t convey. There has to be more to him, and I hope later in the anime they’ll touch on it, because if not I’m going to be pretty disappointed. Kuzuryu’s video was my favorite personally, and I was excited to see an episode dedicated to him. Plus, we never got the reason why he joined the art club, so I’m wishing.

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