Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 Episode 20: The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice, Part III

I’m extremely upset. Extremely upset. I thought last episode killed me, but this episode was even worse. And it’s probably gonna get worse from here because Dio showed his stupid face at the end. POLNAREFF YOU FOOL.

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc - 44 [1080p].mkv0041Iggy, you wonderful dog you. I thought Iggy was a shitty little dog in the beginning too, but I learned to like him too. Right before Vanilla Ice was to suck him up, using his last bit of strength, Iggy used The Fool to grab Polnareff and move him out of the way. With that last bit of his strength, he died. And just to show the people that like to pretend that character deaths didn’t happen (like me), after Polnareff easily killed Vanilla Ice with sunlight when realizing Dio turned him into a vampire, we saw both Avdol and Iggy’s souls ascend into the sky. And let me tell you, I almost started breaking down. That part…hurt me a lot. And it was just so good to see Polnareff beat the crap out of Vanilla Ice, and then break the wall open for the sunlight to get in. But still, seeing their souls leave…fuck. Fuck. I hate this. They both were stubborn idiots, but great friends that you could have depended on no matter what. They were taken away too soon. Not wanting to waste time and cry, Polnareff leaves to find Dio. Which we see in the post-credit scene that he does. Problem #1, Polnareff is alone and he’s probably going to get his ass killed. Problem #2, he doesn’t know Dio’s powers. Problem #3, Dio’s immortal. And Problem #4, he’s not totally immortal, they just need the sun OH YEAH THAT’S RIGHT THE SUN IS SETTING. Without the sun, I have no idea what they’re going to do. They can pulverize Dio all they want, but that’s not going to do anything. And like I said, Polnareff is alone. Please…don’t die.

Shifting gears for a moment, we’re suddenly transported to Japan. Suzie is in Japan to visit Holly, acting like a total weeaboo. And for some reason, she’s carrying a huge turtle. Just…a turtle. Anyway, they make a stop and Suzie goes to videotape things and eat udon. Rosas and someone else who I don’t recall talk, Rosas in turmoil on the inside because he still hasn’t told Suzie that Holly’s about to die. Suzie believes she has mild pneumonia, so it’s hard to break it to her, especially now that they’re so close to the house. And plus, he’s been serving Joseph and Suzie for 30 years, so he really cares about Suzie and doesn’t want to see her depressed.

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc - 44 [1080p].mkv0069But he doesn’t have to worry about that. Before Suzie can get beat up by a guy for being a weeb, Rosas drives for the Kujo house. Suzie knows Rosas is hiding something from her, and she knows that Holly’s condition is worse than she thought. Even though everyone was telling her different things, she somehow knew it was worse than everyone was telling her. Call it a mother’s, and wife’s, intuition. She knows her daughter and her husband better than anyone else, she’d know when something was wrong. Her thoughts must have been confirmed when that one time Jotaro answered her call in the submarine. Well, she’s not mad at Rosas for not telling her. And sure she’s scared for her daughter, but she believes in Joseph. And she said one thing that made me pretty happy for a second. She’s been with Joseph for 50 years! That’s so sweet. And she believes in him and loves him so much, that she knows that Joseph will save Holly, because she’s never let her down before. So all that she can do right now, and everyone else, is believe. Believe that Jotaro and Joseph will save Holly, and they can be together as a family again.

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc - 44 [1080p].mkv0080

Suzie heads inside, and stays next to Holly’s side. We haven’t seen Holly in so long, but we can see how bad she is. She’s pale, looks exhausted, and her voice is barely above a whisper. Seeing the mother and daughter pair was another emotional part in this episode (almost cried again), but I’m glad we got it. Family is a big theme in this series, for obvious reasons. The Joestar family has a curse placed upon them, but even so they fight through it and are there for each other. Maybe Holly will have an extra bit of strength with Suzie next to her. Stay strong, Holly!

Back to Egypt, Joseph and the others are rushing up the mansion when suddenly a woman exits a door, crying and shrieking not to kill her. They reassure her that they’re friends. Friends…

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc - 44 [1080p].mkv0096

“…of justice.”

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc - 44 [1080p].mkv0098

So this idiot here has the stupidest power I’ve ever heard. The thing is the back of his head looks like a woman, so he can turn his head around and pretend to be one. But this idiot forgot to turn his hands around and was found out easily, and Jotaro beat him up good. And honestly these guys know they can’t fall for anything in this mansion. Plus, there’s no way someone would be able to escape Dio. This guy’s a joke. Why did Dio hire this guy? Why did Dio hire a little kid? Why did he hire a baby? Why did he hire a sword? Why in the hell did he hire a perverted orangutan? Just what goes on through that head of his? I don’t know. Anyway, Jotaro doesn’t knock him out and uses the guy to show them where Dio is, and he agrees.

Next week, finally, FINALLY, Dio makes his appearance. But I won’t go FINALLYYYYY until Jotaro and the whole group are up against him. We’re almost there!


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4 Responses

  1. monsterenvy says:

    Well the Idiot is just a vampire he does not even have a stand. So the Face thing is just something he can do.

  2. dyingearth says:

    Dio finally makes his appearance after all this time. To be fare, he’s not even remotely his 100% at the start of the show, as Jonathan’s body is actively rejecting him. So he has minions going after the Joestars instead of doing it himself.

    I wonder how they’re going to do the next story arc, as Diamond is Unbreakable is absolutely unlike part 1,2,3. It takes place in Sendai (ok, call Morioh in the Manga, it is Araki’s hometown), and doesn’t go anywhere else. It’s just Josuke walking around town with his friends and getting into trouble and adventures.

    • Berry says:

      It’s like a slice of life, right? Well, from what I’ve seen and heard a lot of people love Diamond is Unbreakable. I don’t see why they can’t do Part 4. I don’t think it’s right that they would just stop at Part 3 and never animate the other parts of the series when they’re just asking to be animated. There’s 4 more parts after Stardust Crusaders completed, so they have a lot of material. I know Stardust Crusaders is really popular, but still y’know? I’m sure everyone is in the same boat that they want a Part 4 anime, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

      All I know is that I’m gonna start reading Part 4 when the Stardust Crusaders anime finishes (as I don’t like reading ahead while the show is airing because it ruins the surprise for me. especially since I’m so far in it.) :|

      • dyingearth says:

        I think Araki was trying to do something different with each story arc’s villain and hero. Jonathan was an Gentleman through and through with his foil Dio Brando. Starting with Joseph, each successive generation of Joestars are somewhat different from the previous generation. Joseph is a street smart wiseguy who wants to emulated his heroic father, but pretty much failed (he ONLY crashed 4 planes in his lifetime). He’s famous for cheating against overwhelming foe. In contrast, his grandson Jotaro is a stoic punk with a tremendous anger management issue. Josuke is a very easy going young man with somewhat of a gambling problem and prone to come up with get rich scheme. Giorno takes after his father, and is a very calculating and deliberate person, preferring to stand in the background amongst his allies. He jumped at the chance of actually joining a mafia with the aim of taking it all over. Joylene started her story going into prison, and for the first half of her story was rebelling against her father.

        Other than Jonathan, none of the Joestar got a stable father figure. Joseph’s father George II was murdered by one of Dio’s henchman, and his mother after avenging her husband’s death have to leave the country. Jotaro’s father was always away on his many tours, and his mother’s smothering personality really didn’t help. Josuke’s father didn’t even knew he existed until right before Diamond is Unbreakable. Giorno’s biological father was never in his life and his stepfather won’t win the father of the year award. Ironically, Jotaro’s work with Speedwagon Foundation means like his own father, he is also an absentee father.

        Also, midway through part 4, Araki have a change in character design, going away from Fist of Northstar physique into more slender body type. Josuke at the start of Diamond is Unbreakable looks like a complete different character. This is even more pronounced in part 5 Vento Aureo where every member of Bruno’s crew are pretty boy. Stone Ocean is the story where Araki decided to have the majority of his protagonist be female.

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