Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions Episode 4

This was hands down, the most BORING Utapri episode to date. It was so boring I just wanted it to be done with. There was literally nothing special about this episode, it was a filler character episode revolving around Quartet Night’s Ai. It contributes to absolutely nothing.

Surprise, surprise! Ai is a robot! …Well, it didn’t surprise me a bit since I knew about since the second season due to having read in-game spoilers, but I imagine anyone who didn’t know about it in advance was probably thought, “How much crazier is this show going to get?”. Anyhow… we learned Ai is an Idol Robot which Shining had created. He only knows about being alone and lack the ability to depend on others, and doesn’t get the whole gooey friendship feels.

Today’s project was filming for a movie with Ai, Syo and Natsuki. Ai kept on going on about how he couldn’t understand the meaning and feelings behind the script or what, “Thank you for being by my side…” meant. He was taken aback by the support Natsuki, Syo and Haruka had readily provided him. Thanks to them, he was able to understand what that line meant. The awkward part however is that we have this robot acting perfectly during the filming, but he actually doesn’t relate or get anything about the script. He only learns once he gets closer to others, which he was able to do today.

But here’s the thing, while I understand we were supposed to feel happy for Ai being able to experience all this, it still all felt flat. That the primary reason for the dullness of the episode. I couldn’t care less about the “OH YAY! FRIENDSHIP SUPPORT AND RAINBOWS!”. Ah, I hate having so little to say but it is something I have been concerned about for the past two weeks. With so little happening in these episodes I know the key part of the story doesn’t necessarily start to heat up until around episode seven or so. Truthfully speaking I am not entirely certain if I will continue blogging this series, both due to the lack of content to discuss and my health condition. I will give it one more episode to see whether or not I will continue my coverage of this season of Utapri, so here’s to hoping next week will be a more entertaining episode to talk about.  I really don’t want to have to drop it… ;____;


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  1. Noc says:

    I have to say Eva, it was reading to your wacky blog posts for previous UtaPri seasons that made me give this series a proper chance. I marathoned the first two seasons last summer, and just as I suspected, it was utterly ridiculous and over the top and…definitely not something I would be able to watch with others in the room, but I really did find it enjoyable, and not just because of the silly theatrics to it all.

    Sadly this season has been disappointing so far- I’ve managed to watch the first two episodes but they fell flat for me- was I just not in the mood? I’ve been peaking at your posts in search of something to get me excited and ready to watch again but there’s nothing yet. Granted Ai is probably the most dislikable character to date for me (which is odd since I normally love cold/inhuman characters learning about stuff, but with him its just UGH) so I don’t think I’d enjoy this episode even if you did…at this point I might wait until this season is over and then marathon it like I did the first two- easier to digest that way. I hope things get better for your enjoyment as well as mine, but don’t push yourself to write posts if its too taxing either ^^

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