Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions Ep 2

After last week’s exhausting repeat of introductions, I’m sure many were hoping this episode to be… a little bit more eventful.
It wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t good either. It is somewhere in between. There were occasionally good gag moments, the best one probably being Shining telling them to wait till later after building the suspense around the Cross-Unit project.

The episode wounded up dull and uneventful due to the type of activity they were performing. STARISH and Quartet Night were doing some shoots together for a television program, and that was it. That’s the episode. Ultimately the point of it was for STARISH to realize they still have a lot more to learn from their seniors and aim higher than ever. STARISH also made the resolve to try and take advantage of the Cross-Unit Project in hopes to persuade Shining to let them participate in the Triple S event.

It wasn’t until the end of the episode when we learn about how they were going to be grouped up. Shining reveals a fairly interesting combination of personalities. Team 1: Otoya and Natsuki, Team 2: Ren, Syo and Cecil, and Team 3: Tokiya and Masato. Out of the three teams, team Otoya and Natsuki will probably be the most fun, simply because how how bubbly their personalities are (that is until Satsuki comes out… and I expect to be seeing him again). However for Team 2, Ren, Syo and Cecil may end up butting heads due to their personalities clashing, and I imagine Syo may be the one caught in the middle of it due to being a bit more level-headed than the other two. As for Tokiya and Masato, I more or less suspect they may butt heads every now and then, but they will probably be more or less on the same page.

I was surprised to hear them bring up HEAVENS (rival from Season 2), but it appears it was simply to point out how they have basically gone MIA from the spotlight ever since their defeat. I enjoyed their STARISH’s rivalry with them, so I do hope we will be seeing them again, especially since the boys would like the opportunity to compete against them once more.

Haruka was absent for pretty much the entire episode. She is suck back at the academy composing music while the boys do their work. I will confess I am a bit worried about how much presence she will have this season, but I’m hoping it will be balanced alright.

As for the OP Theme for this season, I have to say I enjoy it far more than the ED Theme. Not it’s not not my favourite one of the series, but I still found it to be better. But when I think about it, I find it really sad that even after watching the ED Song this week, the song still didn’t charm me- and we know it’s going to be their big song in the season finale (that is if they continue with how they have done it for the past two seasons). So here is to hoping their Cross-Unit songs will gains some musical points because Utapri has always had a strong Original Soundtrack, as it rightfully should since it’s a music show.

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  1. Berry says:

    To anyone that’s into drinking, this should be a fun idea for you. Take a shot for every time someone in this damn show says revolution.

    And yeah, I’m not too crazy about STARISH’s new song. I like the chorus, but the rest is whatever. Damn.

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