Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode 3: Not Quite A Heroine

After her first win, Eruna has gotten a little bit of fame at school. She gets pictures taken and gets interviewed by the school’s newspaper, she gets better meals (but still sleeps in the sleeping bag), and gets praised by people. As we already know from Eruna, she’s really full of herself. Extremely full of herself, that she goes to Seisa to be praised, but is surprised by her response.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 03 [720p].mkv0045Knowing Seisa won’t let her into the mansion just like that, Eruna comes up with some…really dumb plan to get in revolving around Himi being a hamster or something. Whatever. The maid lets both girls in, because Seisa wanted to share her thoughts to them both about their match. Once Eruna’s in Seisa’s room, she gets all creepy and pervy and then she spots Seisa, who’s asleep. Asks her to praise her and all that. At first, Seisa pats her head and tells her she did a good job. But then she says that the only reason that she won was that Himi had let her guard down. Eruna doesn’t believe it and thinks herself as the school’s hero or whatever, and she’s being overly confident. She even says that she could probably beat Seisa. Well, that’s stupid. Seisa then proposes a practice match between them, and if Eruna can destroy at least one of her crystals, then she can officially be part of the club and live in the mansion with her. But if she loses, she’ll be kicked out of the club. Like an idiot, Eruna agrees.

Eruna was always the wacky character, and I found her funny at first. But now she’s becoming a little irritating. She’s pretty immature, impulsive, and too into herself. And she can be a little creepy, like when she was sniffing Seisa’s leggings. Like…stop that. I mean, she doesn’t love Seisa for any good reason other than she thinks she’s beautiful. That’s why her fascination with Seisa is a little whatever, I guess a little shallow. I just hope something more comes out of it, and Eruna can be a little less irritating.

Well, we all know that Seisa is the strongest in the school. She has a rare ability where she doesn’t even need an item to use, but so does Eruna. But even so, her ability is still incomplete, which she learns from Kuzuryu (hot art guy) and Bimii after her loss against Seisa in the practice match. The match didn’t even last long, and we didn’t get a clear idea what Seisa’s ability is. But Eruna lost, so now she’s not part of the going-home club anymore. So Bimii suggests she start her own club, since she didn’t like the other clubs either. If it at least has 3 members, it’s a club. But after her loss againt Seisa, it’s going to be hard to recruit people. But hopefully she can gain points and status again after the rookie battles.

[HorribleSubs] Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 03 [720p].mkv0025Speaking of, there’s rookie battles. Rookie battles are battles against new students. So far what Bimii explained is that these battles determine the power structure of the school. We meet some characters we’ll be seeing in the battles, the only ones of which were part of the Akama’s drama club. Eruna wants to do well with the rookie battles, and hopes to fight Seisa once again, and make her see how much she’s grown. So good for her I guess. We got a little look at the drama club, mainly Akama. He has some sort of vendetta against Asahi (astronomy cutie) for some reason. We saw that last episode, but mainly in this episode. We’ll probably get into that some time later in the show, but it makes me wonder why he would hate such a cute little guy.

Again, I also wonder about Seisa. We saw she has strange markings, or scars I would say, from that battle we saw in the first few minutes of the first episode, her against the photography club representative. It looked like she was beaten pretty badly, and maybe because she’s the daughter of the prinicipal, that loss must have put a damper on her reputation, so she really takes these battles seriously. She may seem cold, but at least she showed kindness to Eruna when inviting her to sleep in her mansion to stay out of the rain. So that’s something!


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5 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    I found myself getting annoyed by Eruna as well. Then I read somewhere that this series, by which I mean the light novels, was originally a set of vocaloid songs/videos, and I followed a link to them off the series’ TVTropes page out of curiosity. Watching those videos significantly altered my opinion of Eruna (and several other characters, but especially Eruna) for the better. I’m not going to try to explain why: you should watch them for yourself and find out. Also the one time I tried to explain the person I was explaining to just laughed and said it sounded cliche. >:(

    I would post a link, but from my experiments this comments section doesn’t respond to either HTML tags or BB tags, so I’m at a loss as to how to do so. Just look up this series on TVTropes

    • Wanderer says:

      …Stupid post comment button. I wasn’t trying to click on you.

      Ahem. As I was saying, Just look up this series on TVTropes and there’s a youtube link on the main page for this franchise that’ll take you to a playlist with all five songs, all of which have been translated (after a fashion).

      • Berry says:

        Yeah I heard about that but I always forgot about looking them up. I’ll make sure to check them out soon.

        Another song series turned into an anime? This is reminding me of Mekakucity Actors (which I didn’t even finish because it made absolutely no sense). At least I’m liking this show more.

  2. Like you said, Eruna is getting a little annoying. She’s way too overconfident for a newbie, thinking she can beat the longstanding champion right after awakening. I still don’t completely understand what her power is.

    Also, have you noticed that the animation gets significantly worse during battle scenes? I was hoping it would improve after episode 2, but the problem persisted in episode 3. Dx

    • Berry says:

      All I know is that her power boosts her agility, and she uses her finger as a gun. We’ll probably see more since she still doesn’t really know how to use her powers to their full extent, and hopefully she’ll grow as a character as she practices more. And I hope we get a good explanation as to why she also can use her powers without an item, like Seisa.

      Yeaaaah, it looks pretty bad. I was hoping they were going to put more effort into the fight scenes, but instead they took a step back.

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