Houkago no Pleiades Episode 3


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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    From the alien’s speech this time it sounds a lot more like the Many Worlds theory is correct. More, people who make… important decisions, choices that set their lives on specific paths that shape their future, it seems, are somehow expending some sort of energy that the alien finds useful. Our girls here are the versions of themselves who did not make those choices. In some universe, for instance, a version of Subaru chose to switch schools. That choice shaped her life, and expended some of her “potential” (and resulted in leaving our version of Aoi behind, because that version of Aoi did not make a choice, and did not expend her “potential”). Similarly, in another universe a version of Aoi chose to switch schools, leaving behind our version of Subaru who did not make a choice.

    The alien gathered all these people, these people who had, for some reason or another, NOT made all the various life-shaping choices they could have made, and thus still had all the potential for their future that the alien found useful. Those people are our girls. They seem to have come from multiple different universes, but until Aoi and Subaru met here there was no way to confirm that because they hadn’t known each other before, so no one could check to see if anyone remembered anything differently than anyone else.

    …Does all that make sense?

    Anyway, looking forward to actually getting to know the other girls next week, because like you I can barely remember who they are.

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