Go! Princess Precure Ep 10

Today the girls went out to search for the dress up keys after Kanata revealed to him his staff had sensed their location. The only hint they had was, “Where Dreams Florish”. The dress up keys were hidden inside the tiles of a shed located in the academy’s secret rose garden, that is supposed to be kept a secret until they graduate. Once they do so, they are given a tile to write down their dream and it will be added to the many others on the wall along with planing a rose for every graduate. (It’s quite a beautiful concept!) Shirogane, the dorm mother was the one who started it all, as she was the first one to put it up. However Close discovers the location and takes the dream house under hostage, turning it into a powerful Zetsuborg. It was interesting to see however since he didn’t take Shirogane’s dream, but the entirety of the house itself solely based on the energy put into dreams.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 10 Img 0027It was a surprise to see three dress up keys, but even more so to hear (if I understood correctly) it’s an upgrade item. Elegant Dress Up Luna Key, Elegant Dress Up Ice Key and Elegant Dress Up, Rose Key. I am going to assume they will be used in similar purpose as either the Pre-Cards or Shining Make Up Dresser like we had seen in Happiness Charge. Kanata also intends to entrust three rods to them as well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the two needs one and the other to work properly.

I am quite taken aback how quickly they are progressing with the plot and power-tool upgrades. I am so used to it taking ages yet here we are at episode ten and we are getting some major development. Of course that is not at all a bad thing, but it certainly makes me wonder how this story is going to progress based on the present pacing as well as what else will be in store for them.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 10 Img 0004Amidst the sweetness behind the concept of the graduates’ secret garden, there was also a bitter feeling. I felt really bad for Yui this episode. When she and Haruka were discussing about the rumors surrounding their dorm mother, Yui offered Haruka to join her in the morning to tail Shirogane to find out where she disappears off too. However because Haruka is doing a Precure Mission, she backs out and does it with Minami and Kirara instead. So Yui decides to tail them and eventually ends up spotting Close who she recognizes as a threat. She ended up getting caught int he crossfire and spraining her ankle and Haruka and the others have no choice but to reveal themselves as Precures. But by the end of the fight, it felt as if Yui was still forgotten and left out and it made me sad. It certainly doesn’t help that all the sudden Dyspear appears and shit is about to unfold into the next episode, and once again Yui will be caught in the crossfire.

I will confess, I was a bit disappointed to see Yui not get one of the Dress Up Keys (though I wasn’t holding my breath for it to begin with). More than anything I would really love to see her find a place within the Precure group like Seiji had in Happiness Charge. She doesn’t have to be a precure warrior, just being part of the group would be nice.

While this episode was simply sweet and basic, it was okay to watch. I am looking forward more to next week’s episode just to see what Dyspear is going to do with Close. Apparently she is making him more powerful and he is going to transform and stuff, so there is bound to be a lot of action next week!


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14 Responses

  1. Anatee says:

    You mixed up Close with Shut. Shut’s the formal looking villain, Close has the spiky hair. :)

    • Eva says:

      Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll fix it right away! Too bad their names have to be the same synonyms, makes it harder to remember who is which. Looks like I will still need the Character Names Cheat Sheet for a while longer. XD

  2. Wanderer says:

    Stealthy Precure are stealthy. (love the sunglasses)

    I’m not too surprised that the keys are upgrades, I’m just surprised they’re getting them now. Although I suppose I shouldn’t be. In Fresh and DokiDoki, for example, the girls had started getting upgrades by now, so who knows?

  3. Keiko says:

    I have the same sentiment as you Eva-san because I already know what kind of person Yui is from week 1 of the show, and the OP proves it very well! And yes, looks like Seiji would be the last one to almost have a baton pass as the Pretty Cure helper because Lovely was already took her responsibilities to Flora and Blue-sama was already converted his spiritual abilities to Prince Kanata. The Noble rose garden was a big surprise for me but it showed to us about flourishing dreams no matter what type of consequence has, and Minamin refer it to as “under the rose,” a term meaning that a stuff will kept secret from anyone else, plus the windmill (Puff loves to take a bath there, hihi!) and when the house’s internal area with the wishes of students, it turns out to be a huge blink. Wow, just wow!

    Damn that Shirogane-san, when she appears out of nowhere meant that she got close to the gals but when disappears… Well that was just it. She’s completely mysterious after all, though I have a sense that Shirogane-san will realize about the Princess Cures’ identities but not tell to the whole Noble campus about it unless do so at the right time.

    To be honest that Kanata can be more useful royal adviser than Blue-sama (sorry, mwahahahaha) and I hope he should keep it till the finale. Looks like my internal body is ready for Close’s ultimate form. Dyspear as usual, she’s just ain’t real in scolding the general himself. I hope that there’d be a scene when Yui would met Kanata who’s also Haru-Haru’s longtime friend then explains about that fateful meeting to her. Now that our (almost) new Cure helper was already discovered the identities of Flora’s team, surely she’d be surprised that Puff and Aroma were actually from the Hope Kingdom.

    And oh yeah, a little off topic! Did ya watch the Happiness Charge movie? How was it?

    • Jankenpon ♪ says:

      i agree, even tho i loved Blue he really didn’t help as much as my Kanata-sama is the time.
      And as a long watcher of Precure i really enjoyed having minor characters play a role in the development of the anime like kasuke (i think thats his name) from fresh or miyuki too!!!

    • Eva says:

      Yes I have watched the happiness charge movie! It was so cute! I did start up writing the entry about it, but I found it a bit difficult to write so I decided to pass on writing about it. There were moments when someone was cutting the stupid onions because I was tearing up. Poor Hime, she was so excited and the next thing she knows, her love is unrequited and can never be! LMAO!

      They say Shirogane is a descent from a ninja clan! ;) And good point out about her knowing about their identities. She’s so chilled so you’re absolutely right about that. It will be interesting if there will be a time in the future where she would need to reveal it. I wonder what kind of situation would make that happen?

      Dyspear is such an awesome evil queen, I love how she doesn’t cut any slack towards her generals. Mwahahaha!
      I actually have a feeling that Yui just might meet Kanata next week and be the one to have to bring the rods to the girls- unless he is able to make it appear right in front of them. It doesn’t look like the rods are the type to fly to their users like the perfumes! LOLOLOL!

      • Keiko says:

        Back in the HnCPC movie, man when Blue-sama takes the first hit (and turns into a doll), my inner side was so happy! However when it comes to Seiji, SAIARK AMBUSH INCOMING and poof! Becomes a damn poor plushy also. The short dancing moment of him and Megumi made me gone wild once again (ALL HAIL STILL FOR THE MEGUJI SHIP!!!) and even Himewa and Prince Zeke. Oh, Super Happiness Lovely is ugh damn cool to be honest although I was wonder that in a scene when Lovely was about to receive her upgrade with the Shining Make Dresser, man it should used during the season finale fights vs Red but anyways, very cool for her.

        Moved on to GPPC, there are two or rather, three things about what would happen to Close after purifying: 1. He’d be disappeared so early but came back as a human (or like Phan-Phan, a mascot from the Hope Kingdom this time). 2. He’d just dissolve by a blink or light till before the season ends and 3. He’d be another new ally of Flora’s team apart from Yui.

        Speaking of Yui, somebody was mentioned about the damn brainwashing scheme of the Cure helper that we’ve already seen back in Happiness Charge. So I think that she’d do that same fate as Seiji – receiving a dark form by an evil force and fighting against the Cure leader who’s deeply cared about – which would happened in the last episodes of GPPC.

        • Eva says:

          //Speaking of Yui, somebody was mentioned about the damn brainwashing scheme of the Cure helper that we’ve already seen back in Happiness Charge. So I think that she’d do that same fate as Seiji – receiving a dark form by an evil force and fighting against the Cure leader who’s deeply cared about – which would happened in the last episodes of GPPC.//

          I have been keeping that speculation in the back of my head for a while now. I HAVE THE BURNING NEED FOR IT. >:D

  4. Keiko says:

    I’m getting excited much about the Princess Crystal Rods to appear as well and the new Elegant Dress Up Keys, mark my words! No regrets and doubt until the black princess will come in more than 2 weeks.

    • Eva says:

      BRING IN THE DARK PRINCESS! 8D Really looking forward to meeting her! I wonder if she will secretly infiltrate or is already in Noble Academy. FUFUFUFU!

      • Keiko says:

        Or maybe she’s just from Dys Dark since her ears are similar to Close and Shut.

  5. littleshogun says:

    Comment About Your Review

    – I like your review so far.

    -If possible, could you write for precure live journal too? If not ……

    – May I borrow your link to post there? If not then that’s okay too.

    – Frankly speaking this is first PreCure that I waiting to watch every week.

    – Just started since HaCha, but first episode give me bad impression about Iona so I just read the review and waiting until several episodes.

    Sorry and thanks in advance.

    • Eva says:

      Thank you! <3 I'm happy to hear that!

      As for the invitation: It is strictly against the rules to re-post entries/content from our blog elsewhere, it is something all our writers have to comply as well.
      You may share the LINKS to re-direct others to this page/ series' archive, but that would be it. Also be sure to make it clear you are not the one responsible for writing up the review. Making it clear that you are "Sharing" / "Recommending" will probably help.
      If there is an community on Tumblr or Twitter, you can also reblog/retweet the links directly from our page on Tumblr/Twitter.

      I will also ask of you to send me the link of the Precure Livejournal community to: wanna.be.a.writer.aab@gmail.com (our main email is not working right now)

      Happiness Charge is a great show and is one of my favourites to date. I am sure you will come to love it soon enough. I can tell you it took me a while before Iona grew on me ;) Just give her some time to grow and you will be able to overlook her past not so pleasant moments.

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